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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

World Ablaze Feedback

Thrilled to see this thing up, been looking forward to it.

Great video package to kick off the show. Loved the whole theme of it and thought you fit all of the major issues in well with it, impressive stuff.

Really liked the detail you gave on the stage and the set etc. Gives you a great feel of what it’s looking like as it’s the company’s first PPV.

Hell of a match to pick in kicking off the show and one that I’ve had a keen eye on as you’ve done fantastically in recent weeks with the Mercenaries. Nice opening here with the two men trying to outdo one another, Burchill looking to weaken Benji’s shoulder was smart strategy. That Guillotine Drop onto the shoulder sounded rough! I liked the constant tagging from the Mercs, really made them feel a legit team here, taking it in turns, both getting their shots in and that Lariat/German Suplex combination was pretty sweetly done. The little trio of German’s thrown in afterwards was nicely done although I’m not so sure about Haas being so aggressive and breaking things up, not being the legal man etc. Strong stuff from Haas though once he was into this thing and enjoyed his little flurry of offense on Albright, almost a role reversal of Burchill/Benjamin with one man looking in such control. The little pep talk that followed from Burchill to his apprentice was nice and right on cue. Loved the Burchill/Benjamin action as the match went on a little bit, the Enziguri followed by the head butt onto that injured shoulder was nicely done, really playing up this injury to Shelton. The Royal Mutilation was right on cue here also and at one stage I really thought Benjamin was gonna go but the underdog fought back and fought back strong. Bit of a shock, almost out of nowhere ending but one that certainly leaves a lot of possibilities following on. Thoroughly enjoyable start to the show, WGTT come out of this looking like lucky boys though I must say, strong showing from the Mercs. Certainly didn’t expect what followed with the handshake, not all that sure what that’s about but we shall soon see I’m sure.

Christian in a police car is classic, cannot wait for that one later. Nice little segs here with he and then Van Dam.

Standard little interview here with Noble and Miz being his usual asshole self. Should be a good one with Noble and Star.

Chaotic start to this one with Star not holding back at all, impressive stuff from the newcomer. Really fast paced stuff here with Noble looking to wear him down but the Luchadore keeps coming back at him. The succession of pinfalls were nicely done and both men looked like they could end it early. Star’s arsenal of moves really are impressive and you’re gonna have no problems producing good matches with this guy, that standing moonsault senton sounded beautiful. It appered as though Star was in cruise control here but Noble turning the tables was great and that Fireman’s carry double knee gut buster just sounds extreme enough, god knows how that must feel. The little passage where Star hit the Sunset Flip Powerbomb only for Noble to hit the AlabamaSlam moments later was crazy, just shows the pace of this thing, although it may even be too fast lol. Superplex Smash from Star is again just madness from the man, he really is as high flying as they come it would appear. Noble putting Star away after that shocked me, I thought Star had this thing wrapped up after that but WHAT A WIN for Noble in a hell of a match once more, these two put on a show.

The aftermath was brilliantly done as you’ve just given Star everything back that he’s lost here tonight in defeat. Straight away you make him the talking point again even in defeat and that does wonders when a new guy is coming into play, you can’t stay undefeated forever but you can remain relevant.

I thought the Mercs/Hassan segment was ok. I liked the way you had Burchill tell Albright about his plan of getting a rematch, makes them look as devious as ever. Also liked the fact you had the Mercs refuse to do the job without getting paid, living up to their name there nicely. Didn’t really like the end though with Hassan promising to get the money back, then saying you wouldn’t leave it lying around would you? Well if it’s not just lying around, what are the chances you get it back? Slim to none I’d say lol.

Hassan/Storm was one that didn’t really excite me on paper so was interested to see what route you went down here. Hassan looked good from the off, didn’t back down from Storm like I thought he may do. Thought the small package from a Sharpshooter attempt was nice. Smart stuff following that from Hassan, drawing Storm out was well done and then the Camel Clutch. I really like that as a move for Hassan and would like to see it utilised a little bit more to be honest. Liked the little exchange with the Mercs during the match with Burchill bringing it up he still hasn’t paid them, was nicely done although I don’t like the fact Hassan keeps asking whether there’s any sign of Punk, if there was I’m pretty sure he’d know about it. And there we gooooo. Great stuff from Punk, coming in the other way and I really thought Storm had it when he hit the GTS but the Mercs did what they were there to do and the putting the foot on the rope was smart stuff. Pretty brutal ending there with the THREE STO’s, the added touch of forcing Punk to watch it was great and the right call for Hassan to retain. The match exceeded my expectations and I thought you did really well storyline wise here.

Very interesting stuff with Lashley and Jericho here. I liked the aggression of Lashley in saying he wishes it were Jericho who’d be gone and it’s really gonna be tough to call his and Christian’s match later on.

Enjoyed the HBK/Danielson set up here. Find it a bit strange Michaels would’ve never seen a match of his but if that’s the route you wanna go down, fair play. Whether this plants the seeds for a teacher vs. student type rivalry somewhere down the line I don’t know.

Brilliant video package here, surprised yet not surprised to see you hype this one so much. It has been a personal feud so that’s no surprise but yet I only expected that kinda detail for a main event, superb stuff.

Loved the start to this match, something completely different. I was expecting the two to go right at each other’s throats but Danielson ‘not biting’ before snapping was great. Danielson’s cocky attitude surprised me but made me laugh, the just warming up comment was gold. Really surprised to see BOTH men not capitalising when they held the advantage, instead allowing the other man up and making this a real ‘I’m better than you’ affair. The pace began to pick up following this and there were some nice sequences. Cattle Mutilation failing but then straight into the Dragon Suplex was sweet. Backflip into the overcast neck breaker from Helms was smoothly done also. We then got some serious business on the outside and that Sitout Suplex Slam to the outside sounded pretty damn brutal. Nightmare on Helms street had me thinking Helms was gonna pick up the win, I really did and I would’ve been stunned, that’s a big thing for Bryan Danielson to kick out of. ‘I have til five’ haha, love it from Danielson and a fantastic little counter there from Shining Wizard to Ankle Lock. I was stunned when Helms then pulled out the sitout straight jacket slam, I dunno where he found the resolve to get that move out just moments after that vicious diving lariat. Some huge stuff you’re bringing out here mate. The camera then coming into the match just added another dimension and the little comments from both men to Mysterio were fantastic. Danielson nailing the 619 was just wow, never ever expected to see that from him. Helms FINALLY gives in, FINALLY has enough in what was a fantastic match, the highlight of the night thus far. Really, really great stuff, all the action, the ending, the unique element of the camera being involved, Helm’s little toy, really impressed.

Wasn’t too sure on this whole Doane/Masters interview. Not sure why there’d be a whole lot of tension between the two. I know you said Masters has an injury and maybe you turn the two on each other and Doane ‘puts him out’, I don’t know, we’ll see.

Thought the Christian/Torrie segment was well done. Torrie really standing by her man but Christian sticking true to his word, really can’t wait for that one later on.

Again, magnificent video package here for these two. Your video packages are top notch, I need to take a leaf out of your book for my future PPVs.

Hectic start here with Christian on the rampage from the get go and I liked that you had the microphone out right from the off, Christian wanting this ‘truth’ to be revealed already. Some solid stuff from Christian in the early going but that one man flapjack from Lashley turned the tables beautifully. Microphone shots and ring bell shots this early on really does sell how intense this is gonna get and Lashley busted open already, this is set up to be big. Loved the two men on the mic again in these little exchanges ‘You’ll have to kill me’ from Lashley and then ‘I’LL SEE YOU IN HELL’ from Christian were both great. Some really vicious stuff here, that Spear from Lashley off the apron, a man that size delivering that would be insane. Christian being busted open now was no surprise after those steel step shots, nasty, nasty stuff from B-Lash. ‘Christian…please…if you stop now…there can be help’. This line really caught me and it suggested there IS a bigger picture here after all, I don’t know why but it just did. Christian spitting in Lashley’s face just shows how desperate he is at this point, all he’s got left. Spear through the barricade, holy shit indeed, good god. Pleased to see Christian manage to turn the tables here with that DDT on the steps, he needed the match to turn sooner or later and this was a nice time to do so. Wow is all I can say to this, the handcuffs were a beautiful twist and Lashley then just ramming Christian with that steel chair, showing no remorse, unreal.

“So…what’s it gonna be, Moonman?”


Loved this little exchange and it really was the symbol of the fans completely turning on Lashley and favouring Christian now. The ending was just absolutely sickening stuff from Lashley, really was. When Torrie came down you knew trouble was brewing but I still didn’t see that one coming. I didn’t know how this thing was gonna pan out but I don’t think you could have pulled it off any better. This solidifies Lashley now as the man Christian seemed to know he really was, while it would appear Christian’s ‘Saving the Company’ routine really is true. It just adds so many more questions. A brutal, brutal match and a hell of a storyline brewing here, great job.

Haha, great stuff with HBK here. Certainly adds a little twist to the match later on tonight and I get the feeling Jericho will have something up his sleeve, that little smirk at the end suggests so, just unsure what. The one step ahead line from Michaels was perfect following Jericho’s whole use of it of late.

Doane/Masters vs. Low Jack to start isn’t a bad way to go at all and seeing Doane and Masters go out so early on doesn’t surprise me after the news of Master’s injury. Now this was what I was hoping for! Loved seeing this from Doane and I thought you may even go this way during the match, afterwards though suits fine with me and this does wonders for young Ken Doane. I guess the match can now REALLY get underway and Low Jack versus The Hooligans I can certainly live with. Londrick looked strong in the opening with London on top of Evans but the youngster showed some fight in getting back into this once Kendrick came into play. Ki looked really bright on his arrival, loved the standing moonsault press from him, beautifully done. The double moonsault from Evans to the outside was the highlight of the match thus far and really was that big moment that Evans could use in going forward for he and his team, makes him look a star displaying moves like that. Ki’s kicks are brutal I meant to add, display them nicely. Nice tower of London and I thought that was it over with but Ki survives?! Ah Evans makes the save, smart stuff. WOW, did not see that one coming AT ALL. I had Hooliganz to win this thing, purely to set up one more match with WGTT and although I wasn’t confident, I didn’t expect to see Low Jack be the ones eliminating them. That is a huge victory for these two guys.

Sons of Dungeon now coming in surprised me, I thought we may see Samoan Fight Club rear their head first but alas, this should be fun once more. Loved the stuff from Joey Styles about Ki having fun for the first time here with a worthy opponent in Wilson. Some really nice action from these two men, doing battle with all they’ve got, some lovely exchanges throughout. The Double underhook suplex from the apron was pretty tasty I must say. The whole ‘Warrior code’ thing you’re portraying is great between these two teams also, I’m sure that may change though the longer this one goes. Really disappointing route to go down here to end it I must say. I thought we’d get something different and maybe they’d scrap the respect thing but a countout elimination if disappointing, especially considering they’ve just knocked off two teams already. I see why you did it, protecting Low Jack as well as giving SOD a nice win but still would’ve preferred something else.

Wow, this was absolutely destructive from Samoan Fight Club, you really are making these two look like legit animals, I love it. What I don’t love is them walking away. This is for a shot at the tag team titles, I know these guys simply love to fight, to destroy and whatever but they must still surely wanna wear the gold, have a symbol of their dominance. This then meant the ending was fairly predictable and American Made come in and pick up the pieces. It’s great for them and I’m all for these two going after the WGTT but I’d have liked to have seen it in another fashion. Great match ups throughout here until the end, on one hand I like, it, on the other I don’t.

Interesting stuff from Punk and Sydal here. Punk being given the 50k? Different, not sure anyone would just hand over 50k like that but I’m intrigued as to what Punk does have up his sleeve here.

Decent interaction from Van Dam and Joe here, pleased to see him finally back on the show after that hellacious match a while back with Finlay. Joe wanting a title shot? Wouldn’t mind that somewhere down the line. Guess this was all just a little pep talk though and it served its purpose.

Would’ve preferred a long video package for this one rather than the two you’ve already produced but I can live with a recapped one. Avenged Sevenfold playing is a nice touch for Van Dam and makes this feel big time for him tonight. Different way to start, that’s something I’ve liked about the PPV throughout, you’ve had different openings to every match. Good stuff with Jericho trying to leave and Michaels like a father dragging his child back to school brings him in before Van Dam sends them both flying, great stuff. Jericho using the Kendo stick was smart as it gives him a real foothold in the match, escaping Van Dams onslaught. Nice flashy moves from Van Dam here, that moonsault off the barricade was great, typical Van Dam. LOVED HBK counting slow now, changing it up after what Van Dam did to him, just shows that there may be twists to come in this with the Showstopper. Him then pulling the same on Jericho was nice although the reasoning not so solid this time around. Van Dam used that chair mighty effectively, the chair surf in particular, ouch. The Walls of Jericho followed by Van Dam using that Kendo stick was expertly done, brilliant strategy from a struggling Van Dam. “And stop them from beatin’ the hell out of each other? Then there’d be no winner. And then that’s just no fun.” Loved that line from Michaels.

OUCH, Air Van Dam missing and heading right into the announce table could well be a turning point in this one. Lionsault from Jericho was right on cue, that’s gotta hurt the challenger big time. ‘Shawn Michaels is shocked at how far these guys seem to be willing to go. Perhaps it is awe, but perhaps it is jealousy that he’s not doing anything.’ Fantastic line. The spot with Van Dam failing with the frog splash and Jericho shoving him back with the chair through the table was very, very innovative and something I can’t recall seeing before. Haha, Sweet Chin Music from the Showstopper!! Jericho pushing it a little too far and I’m glad we got at least one of those in the contest. Okay, maybe we do get a second one, wow, didn’t expect that, especially not so soon after Jericho’s. Triple jump moonsault from Van Dam had me thinking this one may just be done and dusted but great resolve from Jericho once again, he’s showed a lot of heart throughout this one. Bravo, bravo on the FrogSplash into a code breaker, absolutely epic stuff from Jericho there. I thought it was over then, wrong. I THEN thought it was over again when Jericho locked the Liontamer in but NO! Again Van Dam now showing all his resolve and heat, great stuff. Where the fuck did Wright appear from?!! I thought Van Dam had it here but Wright throws me off completely. Sweet chin music with the chair!! Love it, awesome stuff from Michaels and Van Dam to get the big man out the equation. WHAT THE FUCK?! LASHLEY!! Jesus christ, I had an inkling something was gonna happen but Bobby Lashley, dear me. The alliance is formed, the alliance has been there since day one perhaps, Christian was right!! Wow, what an ending. Jericho, Lashley, Wright, maybe even Heyman in the mix as well and that is one HELL of a group to have, one hell of a group to dominate AOW. What a main event and what a platform you now have moving forward. The commentary at the end was right on point by the way

I’m loving that ending, I really am, it caps off a fantastic PPV so well. You may feel you’ve gone overboard but I think it’s great. This little alliance now of Jericho/Wright/Lashley is gonna be unbelievable. How long it lasts, I don’t know but I’m sure it’ll be great reading. I’ve no doubts that Christian’s gonna play a major role in all this and eventually ‘Save this Company’. Van Dam, Michaels, Christian, Foley all fighting off this alliance of sorts could be golden. The PPV itself was excellent, really was. All the matches delivered in one way or another and the storylines now moving forward have the potential to be epic. Lashley/Christian, the main event and Danielson/Helms were my personal faves but there’s not a whole lot to complain about at all. Apologies if this is all a load of rambling, I know it’s a lot to read but I hope you take something, anything from it and keep moving forward with this thing man, it’s got so much potential in the long run. Well done here.
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