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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Monday Night Raw
Monday 10th November 2008
Allen Fieldhouse
Lawrence, Kansas

A recap of last night’s Survivor Series was shown, highlighting Rey Mysterio & Mystico winning the triple threat tournament final to become the new World Tag Team Champions, Team Raw’s victory over Team Smackdown with Sheamus securing victory for Raw, The Big Show defeating J.B.L. inside Hell in a Cell in the Loser Leaves Town match, CM Punk leading his team to victory over John Cena thanks to a spear from Edge and ending with Triple H winning the WWE Championship after using his sledgehammer on both Randy Orton & Batista.

The show started with Raw’s Head of Authority, Eric Bischoff standing in the ring looking very relaxed indeed. He spoke about how great a show Survivor Series was, talking up how Team Raw beat Team Smackdown and how happy that made him. He then mentioned that Raw has new World Tag Team Champions in Rey Mysterio & Mystico who would be in action later on as well Triple H becoming the new WWE Champion, letting everyone know he too would be in action, in the main event in a non-title match against the man who the night before ended J.B.L.’s career inside Hell in a Cell, The Big Show.

The crowd liked what they heard and even cheered when he announced that Randy Orton was injured in the WWE Championship match and would be out of action for at least two months. He went on to say that Melina too will be in action when she defends her Women’s Championship against Mia Rain, as will The Undertaker when he takes on The Miz, getting the approval of the fans. He wrapped things up by announcing that earlier in the day he made a decision on the futures of the rookies, two of which were going to open the show there & then and telling the crowd to enjoy the show.

He then left the ring as Joe Hennig made his way out to the stage with his now former mentor, Cody Rhodes. They were both looking very proud of themselves as they made their way down to the ring after their role in Team Raw’s victory 24 hours earlier. Hennig was looking very confident as he awaited his opponent with Justin Gabriel then making his entrance, getting a decent reaction from the crowd as he headed down the ramp and in to the ring.

*The Opening Match*
Justin Gabriel vs. Joe Hennig w/Cody Rhodes

The Big Show’s former rookie was out to impress and the crowd loved his quick, athletic & hard hitting approach, but one man who didn’t was Cody as he looked on from the outside to watch the South African take control of the match. Hennig went on to seize the initiative, but Gabriel took control when he came back off the ropes with a corkscrew flip over his opponent before connecting with a jumping heel kick. Hennig was rattled as he made his way back up and walked right in to an STO. Gabriel dragged him towards the corner and flew up top with Rhodes showing great concern, and he had every right to be as Gabriel connected with the 450 splash to pick up an impressive win.

He got his arm raised by the referee to a decent pop, but he didn’t count on Cody jumping him, clubbing him down to the mat and putting the boots to him. Hennig was sitting back up as an angry Cody backed away from Gabriel and urged him to get back up. It looked like he was gearing up for the Cross Rhodes when The Big Show ran down the ramp to make the save for his former rookie, quickly seeing off the startled Cody, and Hennig followed as he got back up. Gabriel looked a little worse for wear as he stood up with Show checking on him, both then staring back angrily at Cody with Hennig by his side as they back tracked up the ramp.

Winner: Justin Gabriel by pinfall.

{Commercial Break}

The Miz was pacing through the back, not looking at all happy as he stormed in to Eric Bischoff’s office, catching his boss by surprise. He wasted no time and aggressively asked Bischoff what he was playing at, and Bischoff responded by telling him like Ted DiBiase, he was giving him an opportunity to really make a name for himself against The Undertaker. The Miz cut in and said that wasn’t what he meant, saying he wasn’t bothered about facing The Undertaker but wanted to know why Bischoff fired his rookie, Heath Slater. Bischoff said it was simple, that Slater didn’t impress him anywhere near as much as most of the rookies and that unlike some of them he let Raw down at Survivor Series, just like The Miz.

He told Miz it made Raw look bad how badly his team lost to Shawn Michaels’, but Miz was having none of it, making out it wasn’t his fault, blaming his team mates for claiming they were better than they actually are when they clearly weren’t up to the job, not awesome like he is. Bischoff told Miz that he would have to be awesome later on when he takes on The Undertaker and that he better forget about Slater because from now on he’s on his own. Mr. Hollywood wasn’t happy but had no response other than storming out of the office to Bischoff’s amusement.

*Match 2*
Non-Title Match
Rey Mysterio & Mystico vs. Ted DiBiase & Ezekiel Jackson w/Maryse

The new tag team champions were greeted by a rapturous response from the Kansas crowd as they entered the arena, posing with their newly won titles. Their opponents were in a foul mood after The Undertaker defeated DiBiase the night before, and it showed with DiBiase showing his frustration throughout. Jackson though demonstrated just how much of a threat he can be. Mystico found out the hard way when he found himself on the wrong end of a fallaway slam in to the turnbuckle pads after a springboard cross body attempt.

He came back fighting though, and when DiBiase came back off the ropes looking to hit a clothesline from behind, the Mexican ducked it and then levelled him with a monster of a super kick when they both turned round. Mysterio was brought in to the match after DiBiase kicked out, and as they went back & forth, Mysterio rallied to seize control in the closing stages. DiBiase was reeling and just as he reversed an irish whip, Mysterio came back off the ropes and countered with tilt-a-whirl headscissors to send DiBiase on to the second rope. He dialled up for the 619 which brought a desperate Jackson in to the ring to try and save the day.

He ran right at Rey to take him down with a clothesline. Mystico though stormed the ring and ducked Jackson’s outstretched arm and hit the ropes, holding on to them and pissing Jackson off. The big man ran at him in a flash, but Mystico held the ropes down to send him down to the floor. The fans were cheering and the Mexican stepped through the ropes on to the apron as Jackson pulled himself back up to his feet. As soon as he was up, Mystico hit a springboard for an Asai moonsault to take him down again to another big pop as Rey & DiBiase clawed their way back up in the ring.

The angry DiBiase ran right at Rey by the ropes, right in to a drop toe hold on to the second rope. Rey dialled up again to another big roar, ran the ropes and connected with the 619 and then a springboard splash to pick up the victory, much to the delight of the Kansas crowd. Mystico joined his partner back in the ring as they were handed the titles by the referee before hitting the ropes to celebrate their win and showing off their titles to the disgust of Maryse on the outside, as well as Jackson as he sat up. As they left the ring to slap hands with the fans on their way back up the ramp, Ted sat up in the ring and smacked the canvas, clearly fuming.

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Mystico by pinfall.

{Commercial Break}

A video was shown of the new WWE Champion, Triple H arriving in the arena, dragging a travel bag with one hand and the WWE title draped over his other shoulder, met by a ton of heat inside the arena. The Game though wasn’t smiling despite his success at Survivor Series, still as serious as hell as he walked through the halls with the gold in his possession.

We were then taken to the interview set where Todd Grisham was standing by with Christopher Daniels & Kaval. They weren’t too happy either and Daniels quickly interrupted Todd when he was talking about how they failed to win the tag team titles at Survivor Series. Daniels said that even though they weren’t holding the titles, everyone knew they should be as they were the only team who deserved to be in the final of the tournament, calling themselves the ‘Epitome of Excellence’, then reminded Todd that Rey & Mystico didn’t win their place in the final like they did.

He went on to say that the fact they had to compete against those two teams the night before was a joke, letting everyone know that they didn’t lose the match like they haven’t lost any match since they arrived. He then congratulated Rey & Mysterio on an undeserved victory but let them know that even though they are the new champions, he & Kaval aren’t done chasing the titles by any means, saying they deserve them more and they will get their hands on them one way or another.

In the arena, the Intercontinental Champion, Sheamus walked down to the ring looking so smug after leading Team Raw to victory over Smackdown at Survivor Series. Dressed to compete, he asked Lilian Garcia for the microphone and got it. He wasted no time in bragging about how he was solely responsible for Raw defeating Smackdown, reminding everyone he was the sole survivor and eliminated no less than four of their team, overcoming the odds and a two on one disadvantage to remain undefeated like he will for a long time to come. He described his performance as nothing short of dominant and said it was appropriate as he was going to go on and dominate Raw for years to come, all the way to the WWE Championship.

He vowed to prove anyone who doubted him wrong by extending an open challenge to anyone in the locker room but sent them a warning, that they’ll end up like every member of the Smackdown team he destroyed & embarrassed at Survivor Series. He handed the microphone back to Lilian and awaited a response from the locker room, and he got one in the shape of the rejuvenated Kofi Kingston, who flew out to the stage to a big pop. He ran to both sides of the stage, fired up to the max after tasting victory the night before as part of Team H.B.K. over Team Miz. Sheamus handed his title over without a care in the world, completely confident as Kofi hit the ring to pose for the fans cheering him.

*Match 3*
Non-Title Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus

The Intercontinental Champion may have expected an easy ride, but he sure didn’t get one. It didn’t take him long to realise that Kofi was more than up to the challenge. The Celtic Warrior upped his game and took charge after Kofi countered with a pendulum kick in the corner. Sheamus was sent staggering away from the ropes, but as Kofi ran at him, the undefeated Irishman grabbed him around the upper torso and planted him with a side-slam backbreaker. Sheamus went on to dominate the match and thought he had it all but wrapped up, hitting the Irish Cross, but instead of going for a cover, he stood back up and stalked Kofi for the Brogue Kick.

He was laughing at Kofi as he slowly dragged himself up off the mat. The cocky Intercontinental Champion was laughing at the fans too, but as Kofi made it back up, he ran at him for the Brogue Kick. To the surprise of everyone, Kofi ducked it and then exploded in to the air and nailed Sheamus with Trouble in Paradise. The fans were going nuts as Kofi went for the cover straight away, hooking both legs to pick up the surprise win, handing Sheamus his first defeat in the WWE. Kofi sat up looking shocked himself but quickly went about celebrating the victory, hitting the ropes and looking in to the delighted crowd with a huge smile.

He left the ring still smiling like mad, but as Sheamus came round, he went after a microphone. He looked up at Kofi and called it a fluke, then told Kofi to get back in the ring so he could beat the crap out of him. Kofi stood there on the ramp almost laughing at Sheamus’s desperation, and he kept taunting Kofi, telling Kofi he knew he couldn’t beat him again. Kofi though turned his back on him, almost embarrassed for him and headed back through the curtain with Sheamus glaring up at him calling him gutless.

Winner: Kofi Kingston by pinfall.

Carlito was shown watching Sheamus’s strop in the back with his brother, Eddie Colon. Carlito was enjoying what he was seeing, referring to Sheamus’s semi-breakdown and then said so much for him being undefeated and that next week he’d be going to Eric Bischoff to get a shot at the Intercontinental title, then told his brother Sheamus is going to lose two weeks in a row and he’ll be the new Intercontinental Champion. Eddie then told Carlito that would be cool as they laughed amongst themselves.

{Commercial Break}

Todd Grisham was shown again in the back standing by, introducing The Big Show as his guest, talking about how he defeated J.B.L. to end his career in the Hell in a Cell match 24 hours earlier. Show though cut in and said before they spoke about Survivor Series & J.B.L., he wanted to congratulate Justin Gabriel on getting a full time contract on Raw, telling Todd he thinks Gabriel has a bright future ahead of him, calling him a star in the making with a great attitude & great talent. He then spoke about Survivor Series and how he hadn’t enjoyed a match as much as that in a long, long time, getting to beat the hell out of J.B.L. like he did, saying it might be called Hell in a Cell but it wasn’t hell for him, it was heaven, or it will be now with the McMahons gone from Raw.

Todd then asked him about his match later on with the new WWE Champion, Triple H. Show told Todd that it’s funny, even though J.B.L. talked a lot of crap, he was right about one thing, he’s not been as dominant as he can be, but he’s going to change that, claiming it started when he ended J.B.L.’s career. He then said that he had a chance to make a big statement against Triple H and said that he wants to be the WWE Champion, and once he’d beaten The Game, he’ll be going back for the title and will dedicate it to J.B.L.

*Match 4*
WWE Women’s Championship
Melina (c) vs. Mia Rain

Melina had a real battle on her hands against Mia, and the challenger was bang up for this one, really taking it to the Women’s Champion. She was well in command, looking to make Melina tap in an inverted STF, and it looked like she might and her title reign would soon be at an end. It wasn’t to be the case though as Melina made it to the ropes, frustrating the hell out of the challenger. Rain let her make it back up and then pulled her in to place for the Rain Drop, a falling reverse DDT. Melina though slipped behind her and took her down with a side russian legsweep.

Both divas made their way back up with the champion taking control, pulling her head back from a running bulldog attempt before drilling Mia with a single arm DDT. Rain got her shoulder up at two, keeping her challenge going, but that all ended when Melina caught her with a charging 180 degree spinning facebuster, giving the relieved Melina a successful title defence. The Women’s Champion enjoyed her win by raising her title defiantly in to the air in front of the cheering crowd before making her way back up the ramp, slapping hands with the fans and posing again with her title on the stage as the deflated Mia sat up.

Winner: By pinfall, and still the WWE Women’s Champion, Melina.

{Commercial Break}

*Match 5*
The Undertaker vs. The Miz

Taker got an insane reaction from the fans as he made his entrance, but The Miz didn’t seem at all intimidated. The Miz was eager to make a statement, and it looked like he might when he was able to duck a big boot after the snake eyes to take the phenom down to the mat after a falling neckbreaker. He could only get a two count and tried to keep his opponent grounded. He failed though and Taker came back firing, dodging a leg drop bulldog before running the ropes and connecting with a flying clothesline. The Dead-Man went about finishing the job, following up with an irish whip and a sidewalk slam. Miz was in deep trouble, and as he clawed his way back up, Taker was getting ready for a chokeslam.

With his right arm raised and the crowd cheering, Taker grabbed Miz by the throat as he turned round and planted him with a chokeslam. The fans were cheering big time as he pulled down his straps and then signalled for the Tombstone Piledriver, but as The Miz made it back up to his feet and turned round, he saw what was coming. He panicked and quickly dodged a bullet and scarpered, dropping to his knees and scurried across the mat to pull himself under the bottom ropes, getting himself counted out to a ton of heat with The Undertaker looking on shocked, watching him head back up the ramp ignoring the jeers & jibes from the crowd. The Dead-Man was announced as the winner but he clearly wasn’t happy with the manner of the win, looking up angrily in the direction of the curtain.

Winner: The Undertaker by Count Out.

{Commercial Break}

>Coming Soon!<

“No Chance in Hell”
played and a very downbeat Mr. McMahon walked out in to the arena and down to the ring with the fans mocking him, cheering & chanting J.B.L.’s name. It upset him, not making him angry as he stood there looking very emotional before telling the audience that the last year has been by far the worst year of his life. He said that his family had been ripped apart and although he had the chance to spend so much time with Shane & J.B.L., which was the only good thing to come out of it, he saw them both decimated by The Big Show.

The crowd enjoyed that and let him know, and once they quietened down, he said that his relationship with both his wife, daughter & grandchildren was ruined, as was his daughter’s to Triple H, calling their family an absolute mess. He went on to say that somewhere down the line he forgot what was important to him, and only now does he realise just how bad things truly are, explaining that he doesn’t blame The Big Show or anyone else other than himself for letting things get to where they are.

He said that his father would be turning in his own grave if he knew what had happened to his family but that he’d come to a decision. He then said that he’d had the last 24 hours to think about things and he’s decided to take some time out away from the business to think about what the future holds, stating that he wasn’t sure how long that would be but they should get used to not seeing him for a while, something they’ve wanted for a long time. He then said he hopes they enjoy what they wished for and that for now, it’s goodbye.

He placed his microphone on the apron as he left the ring, and as he walked back up the ramp, “Crank It Up” played to a big pop and The Big Show walked out to the stage. In his ring gear and ready for action, The World’s Largest Athlete walked down the ramp and stopped as he approached Mr. McMahon. They stared right at each other, both incredibly serious before Show walked past him and headed to the ring, awaiting the arrival of the new WWE Champion.

{Commercial Break}

*The Main Event*
Non-Title Match
The Big Show vs. Triple H

Triple H’s arrival, announced as the new WWE Champion was met by a chorus of boos from the crowd with The Big Show psyched up for his non-title opportunity. It was a very competitive match with both men fiercely determined. Show certainly showed that he is more than a threat to the WWE Champion, and The Game definitely found out how dominant he could be. Triple H was in deep trouble and Show was wearing him down with a bearhug, but The Game dug deep and fought his way out of it.

Show though was on a mission but the tide turned when he ran in at The Game in the corner, looking for a giant splash. Triple H sidestepped it though and Show hit the pads, giving Trips the chance to chop block him from behind. The WWE Champion worked over his opponent’s leg and eventually applied the figure four leg lock, making life extremely difficult for the seven foot plus monster. He looked like he was going to tap but turned the tables, fighting for his life and turning himself over slowly on to his front to reverse the hold, putting all the pressure on The Game. Triple H was in trouble and it was his turn to fight for his life, and he did, managing to pull himself to the ropes.

Show tried to take full advantage, but he was sent staggering away from the ropes after The Game swung his elbow in to the giant’s face. The WWE Champion ran out at him and nailed him with a high knee strike, then tried to set him up for the Pedigree. Show countered quickly with a back body drop to a decent pop, and as The Game stood back up, Show grabbed him by the throat for the chokeslam. With the fans cheering, Show looked intensely in to the stands, preparing to finish off the WWE Champion. The Game though had other ideas though and swung his boot in to Show’s groin, getting himself disqualified to a ton of heat.

The fans booed like mad as the pissed WWE Champion left the ring and went looking under the ring, pulling out his sledgehammer to even more heat. He slipped back in the ring with Show sitting up, still feeling the effects of the low blow. The fans tried to warn him as The Game sized him up for a sledgehammer shot when “In The End” hit to a huge pop. Batista charged down the ramp with the fans going nuts, catching Triple H off guard. He switched gears and ran at Batista as The Animal dived under the bottom rope. Batista ducked the sledgehammer shot and ran the ropes, charging back to spear The Game out of his boots to another enormous pop.

Show stood up and looked down at Triple H on the deck with the sledgehammer by his side. Batista went right back after Triple H, pulling him back up and setting him up for the Batista Bomb, sending him crashing down in to the canvas to another massive cheer with Show watching on smirking too, nodding at Batista before leaving the ring. The Animal’s music hit again as he walked over to the ropes and kicked the sledgehammer out of the ring, pulled his T-shirt off and threw it in to the crowd, turning round and staring intensely at The Game flat on his back as the show came to a close.

Winner: The Big Show by DQ.

{End of Show}

Quick Results

Justin Gabriel df. Joe Hennig
Rey Mysterio & Mystico
df. Ted DiBiase & Ezekiel Jackson
Kofi Kingston
df. Sheamus
df. Mia Rain
The Undertaker
df. The Miz
The Big Show
df. Triple H

Superstars Tapings
Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms df. Eugene & Goldust
df. Orlando Jordan

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