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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Wrestlemania Review

Thrilled you’ve managed to reach this point, a great achievement writing a Wrestlemania and you know I’m excited as anything to read this. Before onto the actual review, the preview show was top notch by the way. Anyways…

Perfect way to kick things off. National anthem is always the route to go and Smokey Robinson ain’t a bad way of doing so either, very nice decision there. Opening video package was excellent with a great theme of the superstars giving everything they’ve got to get what they desire, loved Flair in particular here.

Kicking things off with Finlay/Hardy doesn’t surprise me. I was kinda torn between this and MITB, so solid choice here. Really strong opening from Hardy with the two near falls, was surprised to see a Side Effect so early on but it added a shock factor I guess that this one may end early. Good use of Little Bastard, albeit early on, may’ve been better served towards the end but still a good way to get Finlay into this one. Very nice little period for Finlay following this, in particular the reverse chinlock, I thought your phrasing during this was great, ‘the look of determination in his eyes becoming glazed over’ was something I could so easily picture. Little Bastard again coming into this was a good move, Finlay using all his dirty tricks, good show of his experience there. Really liked the way you had ‘Swoggle AGAIN stick his nose in and prevent Hardy winning, only for Hardy to smash him with the shillelagh. Now THAT is a Wrestlemania moment. Great win for Hardy and a great way to kick off the show. Hopefully Hardy gets a nice reign now that really establishes himself.

Classic McMahons here. Vince as the referee should be mighty interesting although it clearly won’t be all that simple.

Dykstra/Lito next was a surprise to me as I expected this a little later on, maybe wedged in between a higher profile match. Great start here with Dykstra slapping Lito and heading to the ropes, typical heel route to go. Nice aggression from Kenny when this spilled to the outside and I liked how you mentioned Torrie’s reaction as she’s certain to play a role in this. Nice little period for Kenny here but was glad Lito began to turn the tables although I would’ve liked him to do it inside the ring as they’d only gone to the outside not too long prior to this. Loved the cross body counter into a power slam, sweet from Dykstra. When Lito began to pick up the pace here I thought the win might’ve been his and we wouldn’t get the Torrie turn that I think the majority predicted/even hoped for so I was THRILLED when it did come. Certainly a unique, different ending, didn’t see it coming that way at all but the main thing is that it happened and that Dykstra held on to that title. Decent match for the time it got, told a nice story here and the potential with Dykstra/Torrie is great and should see this feud build all the more.

That Summerslam poster is fantastic and when I saw old school HBK I had to do a double take, brilliant.

MITB time, no doubts some big stuff will go down in this one. Nice way to start with all the competitors focusing on the prize, was inevitably gonna lead to a mass brawl but pleased to see you not go straight down that expected route. Very nice opening exchanges with Kane looking strong and that Swanton from Hardy was just what is to be expected in this kind of match from a guy like him. Twist of Fate off the ladder following that? Wow, Hardy’s living up to his daredevil reputation here, pleased to see these two go at it also as I expect their rivalry to continue after this no matter what the outcome. Some more good action followed this, particularly liked Orton’s dropkick to the ladder taking down Hardy and Punk. Some clever stuff put here with Booker knocking Benoit and MVP off with a ladder of his own, that’s the sort of stuff you’d expect from him as he’s not the risk taker others are. Nitro’s little leap onto the ladder was great, fully expected something big from him in this match and that athleticism was a nice touch, the use of Masters too was good. Great little passage from Punk to follow this and it really made him look strong taking on both Booker and MVP like that. Sunset flip tower of doom I can just imagine being brutal and I guess that’s the really big spot for Nitro I was expecting, loved it. Swanton off the ladder from Hardy now?!? Jesus I thought he was done with big spots in this thing but apparently not. And that’s followed by a Diving Headbutt off the ladder now!! High risk, high reward, didn’t expect that from Benoit at all but I thought it was fantastic. The ending was well worked with Benoit looking like he’d get the dream win only for Orton to seemingly appear from out of nowhere and steal it from under his nose. Fantastic match with some great spots in it and I predicted Orton would win so pleased to see he did as there’s a ton of possibilities now moving forward.

Tidy little package there just hyping up how excited everybody is for this thing. Something WWE would certainly do so fair play for bothering with it also.

Helms/Danielson up now, should be a mighty good one. Really, really strong start from Danielson here, didn’t expect it to be so one sided early on, a cagey opening was what I expected but AmDrag really looked good here. Helms was always gonna get a foothold and that missed spear into the ringpost was nice, followed with the DDT, at this point you believed the chamion was gonna start to really up his game and he did just that. Working of the arm was smart, looking to prevent the Lebell lock. Loved Helms shouting out to JBL, just such a heel thing to do and then for the Inside Cradle out of nowhere was a great call. The pace now really began to build and it got going big time. The succession of near falls were great and at this stage you really believed it could go either way. The Shining Wizard from Helms had me thinking he’d pulled it off but a kick out just showed how resilient Danielson is. Same thing though with the Lebell lock, at that stage you thought this is Danielson’s now but resilience on Helms’ part this time, just great stuff. I didn’t expect the ending to come that way but it does a whole lot for Helms here to retain but doing so in that manner does a whole lot for Danielson also. Kudos as this keeps the feud going on a little while longer. Really enjoyed this one.

Good to hear from Foley, possible indicator he has got one more match in the tank. Edge appearing I didn’t see coming but made sense I guess and usual cocky antics heading into the big one later.

Nice video package for this next one, really done a wonderful job building this. Right call in having these two just explode from the off, wouldn’t expect any other way. Mickie really did look unstoppable in the early goings, Victoria feeling her force also. Beth finally getting a stranglehold of the match now, although I would’ve preferred it if she did so without Victoria, she’s good enough to do so on her own. The offense from Beth now was as expected, solid and brutal. The bow and arrow stretch was great to see and Mickie smashing the steel sounded nasty. Beth really did look in cruise control at this point and I liked the fact you acknowledged how the pace of the match slowed right down. Mickie fighting back out of nowhere was classic face recovery and the victory roll had me thinking she’d stolen it but glad to see this only rattled Beth. As soon as Beth began to badmouth Mickie I knew that was game over for her, Mickie’s burst of offense following that was beautiful, the tilt-a-whirl head scissors was great and then the Mickie-DT out of the Beth Valley Driver was a nice little counter to score Mickie the win. Very solid outing here and perhaps that ends this little story once and for all, perhaps lol.

Decent little interview with Orton, I guess ruling out him cashing in tonight but his claims it won’t be long make me curious where he opts to go following Mania.

This match up should be a fun one, although it is the one lacking any real build. Clever tactics from Haas in the opening. Really nice sequence here from the Holliganz with the hiptoss followed by a hiptoss onto Shelton, loved that. Really nice showcasing of both London and Kendrick here, showing off that they are a real team with the double dropkicks and double flying cross body’s. Running Shooting Star press from London was great, he really looked on fire in the early going. Some really strong teamwork now shown from TWGTT and it’s something I’m really pleased to see as it is of course the two ‘tag team’ champions going at it, the double backbreaker was great. Again, pleased to see the pair working on London’s injury and the false tag with the referee failing to spot it was a great little twist to add. Kendrick finally entering the match had me believing he’d really pick up steam in this and I wasn’t wrong. That double flapjack counter into a double tornado DDT was excellent and the Tower of London following on had me thinking they’d done the job, great period of dominance for the Hooliganz. Really clever ending with London’s knee eventually giving out on him and the Haas of pain simply proving too much. Big win for TWGTT but a strong showing still from an injured London makes the Hooliganz look no mugs in defeat.

Brilliant video package for this feud and it’s one of the most anticipated matches on the card for me. Again it was a nice, different opening with Flair not wasting any time in heading after Kennedy, as should be, I mean Flair literally wants to kill the guy. Really strong opening from the Nature Boy, I loved the aggression you portrayed from him and having Kennedy busted open so early on just adds to it. Great antics from Kennedy as he turns the tables, the Flair strut is something I can easily imagine Kennedy doing and I’m glad it backfired on him. Single leg Boston crab from Kennedy, unexpected but a great route to go, trying to beat Flair almost at his own game with a submission. Brutal stuff here from Kennedy focusing on Flair’s knee, pleased to see Naitch busted open also, although would’ve preferred it to be maybe off the ring post or something rather than just a straight kick from KK. Smart stuff though for Kennedy to target one area and dissect it. Ah, speaking of beating him at his own game, the Figure Four, brilliant. I expected this at some point as it’s the kinda dick thing Kennedy would do so kudos there. To see Flair fighting with all he’s got against his own hold is compelling. That Green Bay Plunge off the top was wow, didn’t expect that AT ALL, loved it and I thought there and then it could be over with. Flair’s Figure Four was bound to strike once more and I was worried it could be over with but you done great in portraying Ken to have the fight, to have the heart to stay in this thing and survive. KenTon bomb, surely over with? NO! At this point I really thought this wasn’t Kennedy’s night but so glad that he finally put him away with the Mic Check, the little slap beforehand from Flair was a nice touch, almost like all he had left to give. Fantastic match up and you really did allow them to give it their all. Kennedy looks great in victory and I‘m looking forward to his next step, while Flair looks as resilient as ever in defeat.

Nice way out if this is the end for Flair as suggested by the aftermath but I’m not so sure it will be.

Very good hall of fame line up and pleased to see you give them their minute in the spotlight despite Bret not being there for Owen.

This next bout was always gonna be a huge one and although there’s only one winner, what was really gonna interest me here was your booking of Umaga so that’s what I’ll keep an eye out for. Extremely even opening and both men looked like machines in the early going. Umaga really is a beast, taking Taker’s grip away from his throat and then delivering a Samoan drop, I love it. A real spell of domination from Mags followed this and it was great to see Taker so vulnerable and this animal just picking him off bit by bit, those two Banzai drops on the spin were nicely executed. I started to believe Taker was working his way back into this thing so when Mags hit that Samoan Drop through the announce table I was stunned, in the best way possible. This guy is just looking like a total savage here. I thought the part with Estrada snapping the cigar and Taker sitting up was genius, really did, a fantastic idea and the Last Ride was vicious and a choke slam to follow but STILL the Bulldozer doesn’t give in. The kick out from the Samoan Spike was all the more impressive though from Taker and these guys have both been made completely unstoppable tonight, as should be. Kick out from the Tombstone shocked me but it’s the right call, needing two tombstone’s to put away someone just shows how strong somebody is and Mags is exactly that. In the end, as expected but I was thrilled you let Umaga hang with Taker toe to toe, looking better than the Deadman in my eyes. Much like Kennedy, I look forward to seeing where the Samoan Bulldozer heads moving forward.

Typical Cena promo here, did the job of his usual ‘giving it all’ and ‘never backing down’ schtick.

Styles coming back I can live with and certainly makes sense in the context of this match up so a good call there.

Onto the action and I expected Lashley to largely dominate early on so it shocked me that Cena was so strong from the off in taking it to the Real Deal. Styles slapping Lashley was priceless, absolutely priceless. Some really good use of Shane and Vince right from the off, Shane preventing Cena capitalising on Lashley being down, Vince with the early fast counts etc. McMahon then giving Cena a slow count was great, I can imagine Vince’s face while doing so, in all honesty I’d much rather he count slow as fuck than not count at all, just for a laugh. Again, good stuff on the outside as it wore on with Shane grabbing Cena’s foot and allowing Lashley to take charge. I do like it but I do wish Lashley would just straight up do his own dirty work on Cena, it’s a tough one cos it’s the McMahon’s, it’s what they do but still, wanna see Lashley do this alone. The brutal spine buster from Lashley is the kinda thing I wanna see, just exploding from nowhere with Cena in control, makes him look the beast he is, great spot. STFU was nicely done and I couldn’t help but laugh with Shane pushing the rope inwards, brilliant stuff. Another really good spot here with Vince slapping Cena, drawing him into the trap and that spear from Lashley seemed brutal as they come. Cena finally working his way back in was bound to happen and it was executed nicely again with the STFU locked in once more and Lashley tapping but Vinny never seeing it, once more that’s just great use of him and Shane in this thing. Things REALLY picked up from this point and the steel chair getting involved I can imagine would draw so much heat on these three it’d be unreal. Coast to Coast from Shane is epic, always love seeing that move and the Dominator to follow, I thought this was curtains but AGAIN your use of Vince is perfect, slow, arrogant count and the kick out to follow. His reaction would no doubt be priceless. Austin arrives!! Perfect time with Vince flipping Cena the bird lol and all hell breaking loose was anticipated. I liked how you had him still call Lashley’s pin as should be, didn’t make him come in and take Cena’s side but in the end Cena was always going to prevail and it was a perfect ending to a really perfectly written match. Your use of everyone here was spot on, Cena, Lashley, the McMahon’s and Austin were all used right on the money and it was an enthralling contest from start to finish.

Very tense little moment here with Cena and Austin but the right way to end a fan favourite moment, a stunner here probably wouldn’t have done you any good.

Atlanta, Georgia next year, nice venue, if you make it there that’d be fantastic.

I expected a nice video package for this one, so slightly disappointed we didn’t get it but I guess we all know the story by now. Only other complaint would be that we haven’t heard at all from any of the men prior to this tonight. A backstage segment with one, if not all three was what I expected so slightly disappointed there wasn’t anything but ah well. Moving on….Nice start to things with both Trips and Van Dam wanting a piece of HBK and they instantly turn on one another. Really solid opening from Van Dam which he needs as obviously he’s not as strong on paper as these two legends. Good to see things head to the outside as that bit more drama in triple threats is great with things flying from all angles. The Moonsault off the top from Michaels was superb, typical Mr.Wrestlemania for you there. Good to see a little bit of one on one action with Michaels and Trips following that, the history speaks for itself, would’ve liked to see it go a little longer before Van Dam returned to the fray. Really strong period again for Van Dam here though with Michaels on the ropes, that SCM near miss followed by Van Dam’s sequence of kicks were nicely done but then that cross body into a spinning spine buster from Trips was beautiful. A real fast paced little sequence followed this and it was great stuff, the Rolling Thunder from Van Dam followed by Michaels getting the upper hand and then Trips turning the tables in his favour was great as I thought each man was gonna build but they simply outdid one another. Wow, that moonsault once more from Michaels was fantastic and taking out both guys at the same time in a different fashion to earlier was very innovative. Michaels began to look strong here now and when he hit SCM on Trips I thought that may be all she wrote but Van Dam makes the save right on cue. This is one crazy match and the Frog Splash from Van Dam through the announce table was brilliant, that right there is his defining moment of the match, ala Michaels and the moonsault. Never expected the Pedigree to put away RVD so no surprise to see him kick out on that one, right call. Really enjoyed the ending to the match, a great series of events with the title belt being brought into it and then Trips and HBK one upping each other, countering for fun before Van Dam seals the deal with the Frog Splash to both men, nicely done and the feel good moment, the career defining moment is there for Rob Van Dam, great match.
Nice Backlash poster and the biblical reference in there make me think Michaels will play a big role.

Really strong video package here for the main event and this is what I would’ve liked to see prior to the WWE title match. Great intro for Edge here, fitting of Wrestlemania no doubt. I must say, yes Edge won the Rumble and gets to ‘main event’ Wrestlemania but we know that’s never the case and I really would’ve preferred the triple threat to close this one out. The match started out as though both men realised how big a match it was and was slightly cagey with several lock ups in the early going but that’s to be expected. Tista then really began to get a grip on this and he looked really strong here, looked like all the weeks of built up frustration finally coming to fruition. Some nice tactics and moves from Edge then began to come around, typical of his persona, taking any and every opportunity he gets. About time that Smackdown announce table took a seeing to lol, nice baseball slide taking Tista up and over. Things began to turn in Edge’s favour after this and it needed to as you felt Batista was almost looking TOO strong from the get go. That boot to Batista’s skull against the ringpost sounded sickening. Wow, spear through the barricade! Fantastic move there and this match now has it’s own memorable moment to really lift it up a notch, great stuff from the Rated R Superstar. Tista regaining control was inevitable and that flying shoulder block off the top amazed me, never expected that to come from the Animal but would be sweet to see. The sleeper from Edge was a nice way to once again shift the balance and a nice tactic from Edge to try and finally wear down the big man and it worked well with the hand dropping slowly down, only for shock horror Tista to find a way out of trouble. The Spear into a Sunset Flip was great and it this point I really began to root for Edge, I wanted him to walk away with the gold here and I started to believe he could at this point. Tista though started to regain control though and when he hit that second spear I expected him to finish things off BUT NO!! Edgecution was out of nowhere and again the tide turned right on cue and the pace was phenomenal here now, really did pick up in a big way. The BatistaBomb was vicious and at that point I once again thought it was done and dusted but Edge kicked out?!? I was stunned and again I started to think maybe, just maybe Edge will pull this off but those hopes were dashed when Tista kicked out of the spear, some magnificent near falls here and really did sell just how much these two are going through to get the big one. I thought it was gonna come to a close here but a BIG TWIST with the chair coming in, Edge losing his cool was great but Charles Robinson being dragged out of the equation threw me off completely, really didn’t see it coming. The Con-Chair-To would’ve spelled no way back and that’s not how Wrestlemania’s gonna come to a close so wasn’t surprised to see Tista dodge it and the false finish was nicely done with no referee being around. Coach sending an official down was great after that Spear by Edge, such a Coach move to do but you just knew the Animal wouldn’t let it end that way and I can imagine Edge’ reaction to the kick out. And FINALLY Batista gets the job done with one more thunderous BatistaBomb to close off a fantastic main event that surpassed my expectations in all honesty. I wanted Edge to walk away with the gold but it was never gonna end that way with this rounding off the show and this does allow Edge’s chase to continue which will no doubt be compelling stuff.

An absolutely fantastic show iMac, it really was. The odd complaint but that is simply personal preference, every single match on the card delivered in a big way from top to bottom. The two main events were fantastic stuff and I really enjoyed the Cena/Lashley match, a lot more than I expected to. You’ve created some stars tonight, Kennedy, Umaga even in defeat and Van Dam is now legit with that win. I know this is a lot to read butI hope you can take at least something, anything from it. I really, really look forward to where this thread goes from now and all I can say is congratulations on this, you deserved it as the build has been fantastic and you pulled it off big time. Well done.
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