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Re: WWE Forum championship - Presents - ROYAL RUMBLE


(after being pointed out as the favorite to win in the preshow SinJackal didnt disapoint and took advantage of his good draw to seal the victory.

Forum Championship

Echoes 29 (c) vs 36 Starship.Paint
NEW FORUM CHAMPION - Starship.Paint - sailing off into the sunset Starship.Paint gets the perfect send off retiring as Forum Champion.


El Dandy 27(c) vs 29 Echoes vs Proc 28
A mixup between Proc and El-Dandy going for a doomsday device see's proc take himself out of the match. Echoes seizes the chance to win the title with a victory roll.

World Heavyweight Title

Hordriss (c) 25 vs 35 Gunner14
(The boss finally gets it done and wins singles gold.

Intercontinental Title

EL Dandy 27(c) vs 23 WWESky
Almost standard. El_Dandy retain intercontinental title. Can anyone dethrone the champ.

X-Bailey 28 vs 26 RKings85 - X-Bailey does just enough to secure another victory
DgenerationNexus 31 vs 35 SwaggerRocks - Massive victory for swaggerrocks
Awesome1 28 vs 31 Netty - impressive win for netty taking one of the higher ups in the IC division and pulling out a big win
BigMan 31 vs 35 Gunner14 - 2 for 2 for the bossman Bigman impressive in defeat
McConfusing 36 vs 31 Dirtsheet88 - the machine keeps ticking over for MCconfusing

United States title
DJ2334 (c) 29 vs 37 R-albin
NEW UNITED STATES CHAMPION - R-Albin proves being top of the U.S league was no fluke with a convincing title change.

Camaster2004 29 vs 37 Fullnelsonking - massive upset victory
Airtroublein619 37 vs 29 S.L - taking offence to S.L's return comments Airtrouble shows him the company hasnt declined with a lesson in respect.
Zkojero 30 vs 24 Hordriss - Bad month for Hordriss gets worse after losing his title in the opener Legend Zkojero compounds the misery with a 2nd defeat of the night
Newguy 33 vs 31 Mizaki - new_guy keeps his word and beats 1 of the dandy family

Interdivisional match
Prospektsmarch 36 vs 36 MCcote900 - Nothing to seperate the two as the interdivisional match plays out a double countout

European Title

CaptainObvious 30(c) vs 34 HBK_Fan777
NEW EUROPEAN CHAMPION - satan-X fails to show and CaptainObvious not wanting to let the fans down calls out any superstar from the back. collecting together his wounded pride from earlier defeat HBKFAN777 pulls out a massive performance to win the European Title

HBKfan777 34 vs 36 dtb1986 - narrow loss for HBKfan. Massive take notice of me now win for DTB
SinJackel 44 vs 30 Thegreatone - sinjackal never gave the great one a chance attacking him before the bell before a relentless beatdown
DXBender 37 vs MGibb02
RKOPeep 25 vs 25 turbo120 (no contest draw)
SMD 37 vs 37 hanshanshans - time limit draw between the two midcarders
FlareofRa 38 vs 34 Gothmog3rd - young upset upsets legend in one for the ages
YosefTiger 31 vs 33 gibsy - thrown in at the deep end debutant gibsy pulls out the shock victory

Internet Title

TheModernMyth(c) 37 vs 36 HoHoInc
Champion does just enough to retain.
ShiningWizard 31 vs 26 Joshvandam - Long standing member takes the young upstart joshvandam to school with a convincing enough victory
Sarcasmoblaster 36 vs 37 badboytp90 nice roll up shock victory for the badboy
sonicslash 37 vs 34 sayne - nice victory for Sonicslash to keep himself within touching distance of the title shot
KaneUK 31 vs 25 Jepo - Solid match between two of the upper midcard
JNuts 31 vs 37 TraddyX - Impressive victory and an impressive score moves TraddyX up the table

NEW Players
JakeC1991 23 vs 32 Godfather - another returning superstar fnds the new breed too tough with a impressive debut from Godfather
offtheropes 22 vs 47 lifeincattleclass - dominating 1st performance
sarcasma 30 vs 34 dacelticshowstoppa - victory on his return for dacelticshowstoppa
PowerT 43 vs 37 christiangotcrewed - big win from the powerhouse that is powerT
IAmnotAJ 33 vs 24 Tap or Snap - winning return for IamnotAJ
Finlay24 38 vs 37 Dragzilla - MOTN comes form the newbies with a 1 point debut victory for finlay24
Just1988 24 vs 25 #1peep4ever - Narrow victory for the newbie over the finally back in action Just1988
Rise 37 vs 26 Straightedge - impressive debut for Rise. could he be on the rise in the forum championship
retepadam 27 vs 29 trumpetthief - off the ropes for a roll up for trumpettheif to steal his 1st victory

Tag Team Titles

PMS 59(Mizaki 31 + Proc 28)(c) vs Prospekts.Starship 72 (rematch clause for holding titles for 5 months) vs ShockandAwe 60
NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS - Prospekts Starship. Prospekts March now has to choose a new tag team partner with Starships retirement.

Outsiders 50 (Zkorjero 30 +28 Awesome1) vs 73 brianbusters (sonicslash 37 + 36 sarcasmoblaster)
Degeneration Next (Dgennexus 28 + 31 x-baily)59 vs 62 High Energy (Joshvandam 26 + 36 McConfusing)
Orient Express (yoseftiger 31 + 37 Hanshanshans) 68 vs 70 New Trouble (Airtroublein619 37 + 33 NewGuy)
Rockers (HBKfan777 34 + 25 Turbo120) 59 vs 62 Harlem Heat (FlareofRa 38 + 24 Hordriss)
Mastermanded ( CaMaster 29 + 31 BigMan) 60 vs 73 BushWackers (BadboyTP 37 + 36 DTP1986)
Money INc (MGibb02 37 + 36 Hohoinc) 72 vs 60 Power + Glory (Gothmog3rd 34 + 26 RKings85)
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