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dude move out already or talk to your parents, i snuck around too; till i was 18 then i said look dad, i respect your opinion but i am gonna keep smokING weed, i like it, it makes me feel good, i feel like its part of me, he flipped out called me all kind of stuff, i yelled back at him and we almost started fighting, but then i left and after i was back he told me it Was ok he told me he hated the fact that i was a stoner but he rather have me smoking weed then move out, only rule i have to smoke on the balcony, which i almost always do...if he said no i would have moved out, into the streets neccesary, look its not about weed its about you being a grown man, no one can allow or forbid you anything, for gods sake you can get married legally so its up to you to decide for the rest of your live. That being said are you ready for the cobsequences.

If you want to do all the steps once you might fall, you might not be able to stand up, you might not be able to pick yourself up mentally, failing is hard, failing everything at once is even more devastating, its the feeling of have given it all in every aspect, but in reality you fooled yourself to believe your God, a man has only an amount of energy to accomplish what he wants, if you dont learn to pace yourself you will lose the ability to stand back up maybe for good.
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