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Go suck a dick, bitch.
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Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
Well you were saying it was sad and wrong for people to make fun of her because she has legit issues, but she did the same thing during her tenure here. Why is it okay for her to make fun of people but not for other people to make fun of her? I get that you can relate to her in some way, but it doesn't put her above reaping what she sows. Rants is where we ALL go to have fun at the expense of people who take shit way too seriously and make asses of themselves. Skittle has been on both ends of it now, and there's no reason anyone should feel bad about that. She brought it on herself, the same way Cerbs brings it on himself when he does the exact same thing. I'm sure Cerbs has some serious fucking issues too. Still gonna make fun of him cause he's got it coming, and I won't feel bad about it at all.
I don't know if the people she made fun of had any issues, it just seemed like none of them did (basing this on the responses so not 100% sure on this, just guessing). If any of them did, it was just as wrong for her to go off on them. I am just making a general statement here, not trying to make excuses for anything she did. It was all wrong, and I never said it was okay for her to do it, I just said I understand her mind set.

Had she just been a cunt and not admitted that she basically hates herself, I would probably look at it differently, but the fact that she admitted that she isn't happy with herself and wanted to pretend to be an attractive girl so people would like her made me understand her actions.

Still, not making excuses, and even she knew the aftermath that would occur, but she should talk to someone and change her negative feelings towards herself.

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