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Go suck a dick, bitch.
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Originally Posted by Bogey View Post
Nice heartfelt reply Cat, I was laughing more at Rush though. I honestly don't bother to look into forum members histories much. The information from this thread though lead me to see that this girl has been doing this on a bunch of other forums.

Hell she has way more posts on some of them as well. Whats unsettling is on all of them she's posted with pics of this other girl.

This link from 2006 is especially weird. She didn't actively post anything but you can see it still involves her


It just boggles my mind how someone can keep that up for this long and on so many forums. For the record this is the only forum I actively post in. I feel like posting in the picture thread sometime just to bring a little honesty back to this forum.

Sorry, didn't mean to make it seem like I was saying you were laughing at her. I was just using your post for my response because it mentioned how long she played the role and that she also keeps it up in other forums.

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
I see where you're coming from Cat and you make a lot of good points, but here's the thing. A person with major self-esteem issues is what we call a glass house. The RANTS forum of a Wrestling forum? A tornado of rocks and stones and debris and other such glass-shattering hazardous material. I hope she gets some fucking help don't get me wrong, but if somebody is going to pretend to be someone else and act like a cunt toward people she better be ready for the fallout when she gets exposed. That's just common sense.

Rants was the perfect place for her to go because she could make fun of people all day and feel good about herself.

Not sure how she really did feel about it, or her thought process, but that is the assumption I would go on. Again, making fun of people made her feel better about herself. In that sense, she is a bully, but I can still understand the 'why' part of it.

Not trying to say that everyone should be super nice to her or anything or that her attitude was appropriate in any way, I guess I just understand what her mind frame is and why she did the things she did. The times when Skittle was nice here, I honestly believe that is the REAL Skittle showing and all the insults she did was her defense mode to feel better. She wants people to like her but feels her looks would either get her ignored or made fun of so she went out of her way to be someone she wasn't. That takes a lot of effort to hold it up for so long. Quite a feat for someone to go out of their way to keep up an act for that long but, yeah, guess it shows how serious her opinion of herself is.

Originally Posted by GD View Post
hey cat want dinner sometime?
Meet me at Burger King at the mall.

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