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Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
This is probably going to sound pathetic so forgive the Dr. Phil moment here but I think it's actually quite sad how people are reacting.

Guys just don't get what it is like to be a female sometimes. A guy can be fat, unshaven, wear a ripped shirt/pair of pants and still not get a lot of slack. If a female were to go outside like that, everyone would notice.

It is VERY clear that Skittle has self esteem issues and I really don't find it funny to laugh at. I was there once when I was in high school. I didn't have a sense of fashion, always wore black (I wasn't a creepy goth, I just liked to wear black), was very shy to the point where I hardly talked to anyone who was outside my small circle of friends....I wasn't bullied or anything like that in school at all but I was very closed up and always found things that were wrong with me that weren't really 'wrong', I just felt that they were, and I would beat myself up about it.

When I first started my previous job, I befriended a guy there who told me I should drop the dark clothes, start wearing some colours and be more open. It totally opened my eyes. People's attitudes changed and I was rather popular, something I didn't experience before. Ever since then, I developed a VERY open attitude. I can walk up to a stranger on the street and make friends with them instantly and I am VERY confident with how I look. There are of course some things I would change but I don't beat myself up about it and am glad I don't look as bad as some people do. I am not a model or anything but I think I at least look normal enough, anyways.

The fact that Skittle went YEARS posing as an attractive girl that wasn't really her says a lot about her self esteem. I know how this forum is and how people will continue to shit on her and, yeah, what she did wasn't cool (fooling people for so long and stealing someone's pictures), but it doesn't make people any better to go and put her down.

Some people need encouragement and to be told they look just fine. Assuming she is the asian girl in the pictures provided, she doesn't look abnormal at all, just your typical young asian girl. I see nothing wrong with how she looks whatsoever but she obviously sees faults in herself and I think it's sad and would prefer to lend her a helping hand in feeling better about herself than to make her feel even more like garbage.
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