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Originally Posted by CM Skittle View Post
lol, Thanks Proof. That might be true but I seriously deserve whatever I get. I'm actually amazed and how nice and supportive a lot of people are being, I thought I would like get banned or something but a lot of people are saying nice things in PMs/rep comments so thanks to everyone who's been nice! I just wish I would have been honest from the start, if I knew I'd be posting on here for this long and getting to know people I definitely wouldn't have done it. There's a lot of people on here I like talking to and I just feel really bad about the whole thing.
Fact of the matter is, the WF community is shaken up by this scandal and perhaps by providing a deeper look at the person behind the deception you can help this forum heal and come to some sense of closure. Therefore I would like you to take some time and answer a few questions.

I'm really curious what was going through your head when you saw Luxie and Lexie exposed as fakers. Were you worried you'd be found out next? Were you so immersed in your own grand delusion you didn't even think about it?

Also, is there any truth to the rumor that you helped the hot chick you posed as pass a math test?


Did you post the above linked picture with the quaint, longing, and utterly fake description of your vacation as soon as your hot *ALLEGED* friend added it to her facebook? Walk us through that process please.

When scrilla threatened to reveal your PLAIN RICE status and you somehow managed to convince him not to (helped him pass a math test as well, perhaps? Provided accounting services for his fruit stand business?), were you worried at that time about being caught? Did you ever consider coming clean before the truth came out?

Let me ask you this Skittle, in the midst of all this scandalous deception, did you ever stop and think what your family and friends might say about your actions?

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