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Originally Posted by WARNING.BOT View Post
Me? The loser? What do you do for a career? Are you even old enough for one yet? Do you know what I do for a living or how much I earn?

Don't answer that because you'll just embarrass yourself.

You try to put people down all the time with stupid insults calling them a loser when from what we know about you you're just a sad, pathetic, lonely kid who has an ego the size of Texas with absolutely zero desirable qualities to justify it. I can't wait to see what happens to you after Gee realises you're a complete sack of shit who will never amount to anything. Because she will realise one day. And no matter how much you try to bring in the tough guy act to try and make her think she needs you, one day she will start to see through the total facade you put on like the rest of us do and she'll see you're absolutely worthless.

Your parents must despise themselves for raising such a shit person.
You mad bro? Because you sound mad.

And I wonder if you thought once when you where typing all this nonsense, judging me personally by what I post on your stupid little forum, that any of it would make me mad...

Nah. You have failed, son. Try again. You're going to have to do a lot better than hypothetical ignorance if you're going to wind my gears, fag.
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