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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

WrestleMania 23 Review

Matt Hardy becoming the new WWE United States Champion beating Finlay was great, and now that Matt is U.S. Champion, hopefully Matt Hardy gets a big push in this calendar year of 2007 into 2008, Matt Hardy can really break out as a main event star on Smackdown, and I only hope that you push him , Finlay didn't really even need the US Title, he can set his sights on the World Heavyweight Championship by becoming the first-ever Irish born World Heavyweight Champion because Sheamus is the first-ever Irish-born WWE Champion because Sheamus won the WWE Title, Finlay can win the World Title

Kenny Dystrka retaining his WWE Intercontinental Championship was great, and especially in the fashion in how he retained it, and Torrie Wilson turns heel, turning on Carlito and being in cahoots with Kenny all along was great, and I only hope we get an explanation from Torrie about just why she turned on Carlito and why she has basically joined up with Kenny

My man Randy Orton wins Money In the Bank, if you can tell by my avatar, I am a Randy Orton fan and I have sang his praises always and I always will and now that he is the Money In The Bank Ladder Match winner, Orton he can cash in on the champion at any time he wants, whether it be the WWE Champion or the World Heavyweight Champion it doesn't matter who the champions are, time is ticking on your reigns champs, tick tock

Gregory Helms retains his WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Bryan Danielson, even I am shocked at this, Gregory Helms has been champion ever since 2006, almost a year and a half that he has been champion at this point, time for his reign to end, time for him to move on to the WWE United States Championship and give others a chance with the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, I expect big things from Bryan Danielson in 2008 and 2009

Mickie James retains her WWE Women's Championship, this is great but I don't see it lasting much longer, Beth will end her reign sooner or later

WGTT win the Tag Team Showcase against The Hooliganz, they are the better team and they proved it

Kennedy beats Ric Flair, now it is time for the torch to be past, which means usher in the future and get rid of the past, Kennedy is the future, I expect big things out of Kennedy for 2007 into 2008, he is like the new Ric Flair, he just reminds me so much of Flair in terms of both of them having beach blond hair, that cockiness, that arrogance, that bravado and both of them can wrestle, if only Flair can take Kennedy under his wing and become his mentor, it would be great

Undertaker beats Umaga to go 15-0, who is the next victim for next year, for 16-0 for Mania 24, I hope it is either Mr. Kennedy, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Shawn Michaels or Triple H, or a returning Chris Jericho or a returning Big Show or Rey Mysterio

Cena beats Lashley, this is great, and Austin interceding becoming the referee and taking out Vince and Shane and then Cena beating Lashley after that and I hope you build up towards Cena/Austin at WrestleMania 24 for next year in your thread, and then we can see Cena turn heel during this feud, and it can become as big as Cena/Rock if not bigger

RVD becoming the new WWE Champion beating Shawn Michaels and Triple H to win the title, this is great, now the RVD era can start but I don't see it lasting long

Batista retaining his World Heavyweight Championship against Edge was great but I don't see it lasting much longer, if Edge can't end it, it sure as hell will be Orton who ends Batista's reign by cashing in on Batista
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