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Re: Countries of the World Mafia Game Thread


SL was confidently strolling down a street, when suddenly a man appeared in front of him and shot him in the stomach. SL took the shot, looked at the guy and said "That all you got, bro?" The man ran off, intimidated and humiliated.

Somewhere else, Rising was being tracked down by some kid he didn't notice. Rising sat down on a bench and the unknown assailant threw a ninja death star at him. The death star pierced Rising's throat and he was dead. He was..

Spoiler for Rising:

Congratulations, you are Belgium, politics as usual aligned.
Youíd think that with me coming from Belgium, youíd get a great role, right? Well, itís true! You, being the awesome (though Iím not very patriotic) country that you are, get to be the Inventor. You can invent cool things and give them to other players at night. One invention per night though. The items you can produce are the following:

-A cow
-A gun with a single bullet

Distribute these cool items carefully. Also praise the moderator frequently. You win when all threats to the current world order are eradicated.

As Rising's dead body fell off the bench, the attacker noticed a small boy hiding behind the bench Rising was sitting on. Wanting no eye-witnesses, the attacker threw another death star at the boy, which hit him in the eye. At the same time, a bullet ran straight to the kid's brain. He was double dead. He was Mr. Law! He was...

Spoiler for Mr. Law:

Congratulations, you are the Netherlands, politics as usual aligned.
I like the Netherlands. In fact I like it a lot, beautiful country. But I couldnít come up with a fitting role, so because you acted like a little bitch in World War 1 and 2, you are the Hider. Each night, you can hide behind a player for protection. If you get targeted, nobody dies. If the player youíre hiding behind gets targeted, you both die. If you hide behind a mafia member, youíll get killed. You win when all threats to the current world order are eradicated.

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