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Re: Countries of the World Mafia Game Thread


UDK aka Magic was walking down the street, feeling sad about his small penis. So small. Suddenly, someone tapped his back. Magic turned around and the man standing behind him drove a knife through his throat. UDK was dead. He was..

Spoiler for Magic:

Congratulations, you are Japan, Politics as usual aligned.
Remember when you guys got nuked by the US? Man, that sure was a lot of fun! Now you guys are kinda on the same side though and you want to avoid that a new world order is established. You are the Roleblocker. Each night, you may block the night action of another player, provided they even have a night action. Since you’re Japanese, you need to post like a Japanese person as well. Well, one who speaks a little English, I’ll grant you that. You know how Japanese men have such small penises? Yeah, you do too. So in each post, you need to say how small your penis is and how big other penises are. “Japanese penis, so small. American penis, so big” Man that is such an awesome role, I can’t wait. You win when all threats to the current world order are eradicated.

In another part of town, chr1st0 was just strolling down the street, when out of nowhere a bullet came flying and pierced his forehead. Crh1sto was dead.

Spoiler for chr1st0:

Congratulations, you are Australia, Politics as usual aligned.
You guys sure like to pretend you’re a real sovereign country, right? Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but you’re still the UK’s little bitch. The Queen still rules Australia and that, in my opinion, is hilarious. You do have a nice role though, as you are the Cop. Each night, you may investigate a player and I will tell you if that player is guilty (aka evil) or not. You win when all threats to the current world order are eradicated.

TIP: Make sure the Queen doesn’t die.

CamillePunk was enjoying a nice sandwich somewhere in town, when a man appeared in front of him. The man pointed a gun at CP, scaring the hell out of him. But he didn't get a chance to fire though, as the man was suddenly distracted by the smell of delicious waffles. The attacker put away his gun and followed his scent to get to the waffles, before sitting down and stuffing his face with delicious delicious waffles. What a treat! CP, a little confused, decided it was best to run away, preserving his life for the time being.

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