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Goodbye peeps... and a shout out

Hey guys, in less than a week, on February 1, I will be joining my country's army, so that means pretty much means very little time for wrestling and almost assuredly no time for this forum. Therefore I will be taking my leave from here. I don't think many will miss me, but neither do I think many will be glad to see the back of me. I'll finish serving in the army by 2014, so maybe I'll be back then. Maybe I'll pop in once in a while earlier, but I doubt it.

I'd just like to give a shout out to the following forum members. Since I primarily hang out in the WWE wrestling section, my thanks to all those who make it more intellectually stimulating: DesolationRow, NJ88, Prospekt's March, greendayedgehead, Amsterdam, Winning™, Starbuck, swagger_ROCKS, Evolution, TripleG, LadyCroft, TankofRate. For those who watch WWE Superstars, Seabs, Tarfu and HAYLEY AFICIONADO... keep the thread alive heh. Stupid Orton marks, Simply Flawless and mst3rulz, keep making the same logical fallacies... Christian marks #1peep4ever, CaptainCharisma and CaptainObvious, keep fighting the war on the Orton marks. "Dashing" Rachel, do keep subscribing to WWE's magazine. Oh, and redeadening and Adramelech are quite funny posters indeed.

Cheers to Gunner14 for organising the WWE Forum Championship PPV prediction game, my thanks again to Prospekt's March as my 5 month fellow tag champion and worthy opponents el dandy and zkorejo. Cheers to -ANDY- for organizing the WFF. Also, urca knows why I'm mentioning him.

Over to Japan... Fellow Dragon Gate fans, WillTheBloody and Seabs... Puro watchers: JoeRulz, Cactus and Segunda Caida... and media uploaders: Seabs, Dj.IcE and BOBORBK. Lastly, props to all staff members (and VS, whoever they are) who keep the site running.

Until we meet again, WrestlingForum.

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