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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Really? I don't think I had any of those problems myself. I mean the wrestling was terrible but I thought the show was hilarious.

Kee_ The _ee Out of Our _ool !

Well this is by far the most annoying DVD title to type out ever. I've had this for years and just never watched it. I hate doing that so I figured I would watch it before my huge DVD order gets in.

I'm already happy I watched this when Adam Pearce and Colt Cabana came out dressed like gangsters and cut this absurd promo. Such great lines as, "When you piss Adam Pearce off Adam Pearce gets pissed." Another great one being, "You're all about the bling bling but tonight I'm gonna make you my Rodney King."

Disco Machine vs. Charles Mercury

The beginning was totally nonsensical. Disco Machine offered refunds to everyone on commentary as soon as the match started and Mercury just starts arguing with the ref before they even make contact. Then he dances and gets the crowd angry at him. The best part about this is that whenever something looks terrible Disco Machine laughs at it right away. Despite the fact that this wasn't all that impressive it still worked because Mercury got over as a heel and had a control segment that lasted long enough that the crowd started to respond to his comeback. Just looking at some of the people in the crowd you could see that a good amount of them were really enjoying themselves. Fun opener.

Puma vs. Rickey Reyes

This was a pretty basic indy exhibition match that you see all the time for the first 2 minutes. Then Reyes was able to get some heat a few minutes into the match when he took control and tried to take off Puma's mask and a minute later he took off the mask and beat the shit out of TJ Perkins. Since it wasn't really any secret who was under the mask it was a great way to get some heat into the match as the crowd was immediately behind Puma once he got his masked ripped off. Having his mask ripped off also seemed to inspire Perkins as his intensity really picked up as soon as that happened. This ended up being a pretty solid match that was a lot better then I expected. It wasn't just a bunch of moves.

Samoa Joe and Bryan Danielson vs. The Ballard Bros.

I have no idea why PWG would bring in Samoa Joe and Danielson and have them team against the fucking Ballard Bros. At least they weren't at the point in their careers where they wore hockey uniforms to the ring. Dragon and Joe actually make a great team because Danielson can make anyone look great in the ring which makes it more impressive when Joe beats the shit out of the person that Danielson made look good. I really didn't like the approach they took to this match though. It could have been this awesome ass kicking to the Ballards but instead we got this long control segment from the Ballards where they isolated Danielson. It wasn't bad but I just wanted to see Samoa Joe and Danielson beat the shit out of these two guys. Well we never got that ass kicking and this might be the stupidest ending I've ever seen to a match. This might be the worst match I've ever seen Danielson wrestle in. He just gets his ass kicked by the Ballards the whole time.

Colt Cabana vs. Babi Slymm

Does the thought of Colt Cabana acting like and idiot and then getting beat up by an angry black man sound entertaining? If you said no you have no soul because it was hilarious and awesome. I never see Colt wrestle as a heel and this match made me realize he can be just as funny be a heel as he can a face. The ass kicking didn't last forever as Cabana eventually took control of the match where aside from dishing out some moves to Slymm he continued to act like an ass. In fact Cabana's entire motive in the match seemed to be to piss of Babi Slymm, which was pretty funny. The match was fairly short but it was another match that was a lot of fun.

PWG Championship Match:

Adam Pearce(c) vs. Bobby Quance

This was so old school and so unlike what PWG does now. Pearce cuts a promo and goes for the cheap heat, which works as he and Quance are both really over as soon as the match starts. Pearce flies around the ring for a little before he takes control of the match and continues with all the trash talking. I felt like this match came right out of the 1980s and what was really impressive was that the crowd ate it all up. It was just really fun to see two guys really work a crowd like they did and all the "cheap" ways they got heat and ended the match really added what made this so enjoyable. Good stuff.

Spanky vs. Frankie Kazarian

Highly underwhelming. Can't say much of anything of interest happeend and I was really left with the feeling that neither guy have anything close to their best effort.

PWG Tag Team Championship Match:

Quciksilver and Chrish Bosh vs. Joey Ryan and Scott Lost(c)

So super kicks are a staple of indy wrestling, we see them all the time. Yet Joey Ryan still managed to deliver one of the most brutal looking super kicks that I've ever seen. Looked like he nearly took Quicksilver's head off. This was really short but it was a lot of fun. After a nice control segment from Bosh and Quicksilver they pick things up for the rest of the match. Another match that I thought was a lot of fun.

Guerrilla Warfare Match:

Super Dragon vs. Scorpio Sky

I don't understand how you can't love Super Dragon. He beats the shit out of people and has this awesome persona about him where he just looks unbeatable. I have no idea what the build was like going into this but Scorpio Sky played the heel in this match and I wasn't a huge fan of that decision. Super Dragon is at his best when he just beats someone up without mercy and that person somehow manages to hang in their and get back into the match. It was cool knowing the Super Dragon was going to snap and absolutely kill Scorpio Sky but I still think their roles really should have been reversed to make this work better.

The comeback from Dragon was nonexistent though. He hits one move and takes control of the match right away. Then he beat the shit out of Scorpio Sky but there was this awkward slow period between them. The ending had some really odd moments in but also some brutal spots. I enjoyed it a lot but there were some things that also bothered me.

Overall not a very good show but it was less than 2 hours so none of the matches dragged at all. Nothing really worth going out of your way to see either.

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