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Re: Countries of the World Mafia Game Thread


BOSS was wandering about, enjoying an ice cream... LIKE A BOSS, when suddenly, a figure showed up behind him and stabbed him in the back multiple times. BOSS took one final lick from his ice cream, before bleeding to death. He was...

Spoiler for BOSS:

Congratulations, you are Liechtenstein, politics as usual aligned.
Youíre so small. Iím dead certain half the players donít even know you exist. I think youíre actually smaller than Brussels, Belgiumís capital, which is very funny. Anyway, since youíre so insignificant you are merely a Vanilla Townie. You can vote though. Have fun. You win when all threats to the current world order are eradicated.

In some other street, SXE was sitting on a bench. A man suddenly appeared in front of him and SXE jumped up.

"I'm gonna kill you."
-"I'll be back" sxe said.
"No you won't."

The guy put a bullet between SXE's eyes and I'll be damned, he was dead.

Spoiler for sxe:

Congratulations, you are Iran, Axis of evil aligned.
Itís your goal to establish a new world order, under your leadership. You are the Godfather. You get to choose one player to kill each night and one of your team members to perform the kill. You are also investigation-immune. You can talk to your team members via this nifty little Quicktopic:
You win when the Axis of evil takes over the world.

STUFF was minding his business, trying to conceal proven catholic sex offenders, when all of a sudden a man snuck up on him from behind and knocked him to the floor. STUFF tried to get back up, but the assailant pulled out a gun and shot his brains out. He was..

Spoiler for STUFF:

Congratulations, you are Vatican City, politics as usual aligned.
You holier than thou assholes. Who even takes you seriously anymore? I know I donít. You are the Priest. Convenient, eh? As the Priest, you cannot cast a lynch if that lynch would hammer the player whoís being voted. You can vote, but it cannot be the hammer. Because youíre Vatican City, you also have to convince the town that you do not conceal or protect pedophile priests and sex offenders in every post. You win when all threats to the current world order are eradicated.

Mixed reactions for the town members, as the godfather was gone at last. The world was not rid of all its threats, however and so the general feeling of fear remained.

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