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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

~AOW World Heavyweight Championship~
: Shawn Michaels

The Worthy Champion Chris Jericho(c) v. The Whole F’n Show Rob Van Dam

I'm really not sure here, but I think with the possibilities you've got, the sensible decision might just be Jericho here. RVD's push as the guy who embodies AOW so far has been great, and undoubtedly he'll be champion at some point to support that, but I reckon for Jericho to lose his title at the first real PPV would run the risk of 'hotshotting' concerns, and thus I don't think you'll do that. Added in my personal reasoning for a Jericho going over, that if HBK turns heel (or even if he doesn't) he can feud with RVD, while Jericho moves on to either Samoa Joe... or the feud you've been keeping subtly on the ol' backburner, Jericho/Foley in some ridiculously-brilliant original gimmick match. Sure, that could be done without the title, but I see that somewhere down the road, and the added 'you're doing it wrong' underlying angle with Heyman needs a title to make it relevant enough tbh, thus my prediction of Chris Jericho keeping the title for now.

~I Quit Match~
*Loser Leaves AOW*

The Man on the Moon Christian Cage v. The Real Deal Bobby Lashley

This is the most difficult one for me. My thinking is that (despite you completely calming my fears by bringing Lashley forward as more of a face on the last show) throughout the thread so far, Lashley has felt more of an 'outsider' in the Hammerstein than Christian; something with him just doesn't fit there. The concept of Christian leaving AOW is physically impossible, because he's the best character you have in the thread, but I could see him losing only to continue his campaign and weasel his way back in later. Regardless, I'm going to say Christian goes over, clean or otherwise, thus propelling him forward as one of the strongest and most believable guys in the company. I have complete faith the aftermath of this angle will be 'bon' no matter what the result here, though.

~AOW Cruiserweight Championship~
The American Dragon Bryan Danielson(c) v. Gregory Helms

Having chosen heels to go over in the other two 'blood' feuds, I'll say Bryan Danielson wins here. It's the kind of feud that has a happy ending to a degree, and I reckon a bitter Helms can still come out of this by being a glorious bastard in the weeks that follow, as opposed to Danielson losing and somewhat losing some momentum as he looks to get revenge here. My thinking is that Danielson's the rightful champion, and barring a drawn-out pay-off at a later date, Booking 101 says he has to go over.

~AOW Tag Team Championship~
The World’s Greatest Tag Team(c) v. The Mercenaries

The Mercs have been at the forefront of your shows up until this point to a degree that suggests they could well be your next champions; however, my thinking is that as soon as they win the belts, it becomes difficult to see them as the crafty guns for hire because they'll have the titles to look after, at which point things become complicated. I think they have business they can conduct elsewhere, while WGTT go on to face the winners of Tag Team Turmoil for a fresh spin on things. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie "Submission Boss" Haas to go over.

~AOW Dynasty Championship~
Muhammad Hassan(c) v. Lance Storm

This is probably the only one I'm sure on. This is the transitional match to essentially keep the unique subplot rolling in the wider Punk/Hassan feud, and thus Storm can't logistically win for me. I expect nothing less than a Muhammed Hussan win, followed by a possible post-match attack that Punk can make the convenient save from.

~Grudge Match~
Aero Star v. Jamie Noble

I haven't really seen much from this feud tbh, so I can't give a detailed opinion, but based on the fact I chose Dragon in the CW Title match, I'll go for Jamie Noble to win it after... I don't know, some ridiculous spot-gone-wrong from Aero? A shame too, because I'm a big fan of what I've seen from Aero irl and a face-face feud would be awesome, if meaningless, between him and Dragon.

~Tag Team Turmoil~
*#1 Contendership for the AOW Tag Team Championships*

(Teams not in entrance order)
Sons of the Dungeon v. American Made v. Samoan Fight Club v. The Hooliganz v. Low Jack v. Ken Doane & Chris Masters

Doane/Masters are way too irrelevant right now to win this. Low Jack aren't really at the point to be challenging for the tiles yet either. The Hooliganz have a good history with both the champions and the contenders, but I think you'll be aiming to set some fresh feuds after the PPV, or at least I hope so. That leaves me with American Made, Samoan Fight Club and the Sons; I think SFC need one more major scalp (i.e. the Hooliganz) before they take the titles off WGTT, so I'll say, simply based on the face-heel dynamic, that American Made last beat out the Sons in a makeshift rubber match, tying that mini-feud up in a little bow to send them on to bigger things, where they can show off their mic and ring skills against another team with similar ability.

~Bonus Questions~

What will be the match order? I'll just go randomly; Aero/Noble, Turmoil, Dynasty, Dragon/Helms, I Quit, WGTT/Mercs, then Extreme Rules in the main event.
Will there be blood? If so, during which match? There will be blood - for the sake of storyline, it needs to be in the I Quit match, and for the sake of stipulation, in the Extreme Rules match; the tag team title match can split those two up.
What will be the longest match? Extreme Rules match, they can both wrestle and you've got plenty of possibilities with the match type.
What will be the shortest match? Hassan/Storm.
Who takes the fall in the Tag Team Championship match? I take it 'the Mercenaries' isn't an acceptable answer... Burchill.
Predict the order of teams in the Tag Team Turmoil match. Good God man, you've barely given us a chance! Uhmmmm, Low Jack & Doane/Masters to start, then Hooliganz, SFC, Sons and American Made go at it to finish.

Oh, and this should be bon to the extreme. Can't wait.
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