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Re: The 2011 MOTYC Thread

My stance on spotfests...

Spotfests are your typical action movies. All explosions, car chases and shoot-outs. They waste no time building up characters and jump right into the action. They are very easy to enjoy even if they don't have a deep and complex storyline with well-established characters. However, if every movie was a 'no-brain needed' action movie, I wouldn't watch many movies. I love some movies for the little things in them and wrestling is the same for me. The Kawada/Taue versus Misawa/Kobashi 9/6/1995 tag match is a match filled to the brim with little psychological factors and that's what makes it so great, but if all matches were like this, I'm sure I wouldn't watch that much because it's a match you need a brain to enjoy.

Spotfests are just another 'genre' of matches in the wacky world of wrestling.
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