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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Raw Feedback

I read your last Raw so it made sense to kick this one off with Punk. Decent stuff from Punk to begin with, not too sure about the mention of Johnny Curtis in getting noticed though lol. Punkís character is difficult to capture but I thought you did a pretty good job here. Trips was alright here but didnít add an awful lot, Laurinaitis was probably more effective and the Punk line about bringing Trips back out cos he couldnít understand him was typical Punk. Decent segment but it ended on a sour note, Tyler Reks? The fans are really meant to buy Tyler Reks being a test for the WWE Champion? Not a chance. Wouldíve rather you gave him a stronger test to be honest. The match itself was as expected, comfortable Punk win so good job there.

Miz and Truth were a little bit off other than Mizís really line. Punk was decent as ever and the attack was nicely done. Kofi making the save was a good choice and the tag match later should be a strong one.

Decent tag match here and glad to see the D.O.D building some momentum, keep that up.

Swagger interview was quite off also. The line about him being remembered was just really weird and confusing, if you read it back you might see it too. A Ryder/Swagger feud has potential but a little bit more work is needed on Swaggerís characterisation.

Nice contest again here and I like the way youíre having Ryder keep picking up wins from almost nowhere. It does a lot for him and it does a lot to further the feud also, giving Swagger a legitimate gripe.

Solid exchange here between Koztino and the Nexus rejects. Itís not the most exhilarating feud in the world on paper but at least you are doing something with them and with the tag titles.

Very good package for Brodus Clay here, excited by what youíll do with him.

Cena was alright here, started off a little shaky but got better as he went along. Del Rio was ok too, I like the little uses of perro and his little words he throws in. Cena was better going up against someone than he was just speaking on his own, so maybe bare that in mind for the future. AA was a good move and keeps Cena very firmly in the title frame and in the mind of the champion. Only rela negative here would be that Cenaís coming out again fairly soon for the tag match.

Trips and Laurinaitis was fairly well done, keeps this storyline building nicely.

Interview with Vickie and Dolph was well done, probably the best in terms of character Iíve seen so far. Ziggler showing all his usual cockiness with Vickie being the annoying, whiny witch she is.

Mysterio/McIntyre was a good contest and was pleased you allowed McIntyre to hang in there for ten plus minutes. Ziggler coming out at the end was a nice touch and this feud is coming along very well right now.

Very interesting stuff with Morrison here. Iím guessing heís headed to Smackdown but we shall see.

Nothing special here but did the job and a nice cheap win for Otunga heading into the clash at Night of Champions. Wouldnít expect them to take the gold but a win here does wonders for he and McGillicutty.

Pretty strong main event as expected to be honest and knew the ending wouldnít be clean. Right call to be honest. The ending was nice with the faces getting the better of the heels and Cena looking strong only for Del Rioís antics after the match to put that out the window. This was to be expected but still done the trick in adding all the more heat to him and his reign right now, which he needs. Punk storming down, again was expected but the right call.

Major announcement for Night of Champions and yeah itíll be a great match but Iím not sure itís the right one. Kofi is the main issue for me as he really hasnít done a whole lot to force his way into all this. Miz and Truth are in the same boat but to a lesser extent. Wouldíve preferred maybe Del Rio/Cena/Punk here and Kofi and a partner vs. Awesome Truth or even Del Rio/Punk and a rematch of Cena/Kofi vs. Awesome Truth. Still, huge main event now set.

On the whole I think it was a decent show. Your characterisation needs work but thatíll come, just keep reading guys like Wolfy, Legend etc. The matches were ok and most storylines were on point. The most simple is Mysterio/Ziggler, yet thatís probably the highlight for me as it was well done throughout. Iíd say look at that and then take it into your other feuds. Keep it going.
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