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Re: Countries of the World Mafia Game Thread


King Kenny was sitting on a bench, enjoying a nice taco, when suddenly a man snuck up behind him and slith his troath. He was...

Spoiler for King Kenny:

Congratulations, you are Mexico, politics as usual aligned.
Taco flavored kisses for you. You are filled with dirty Mexicans, because, you know, you’re Mexico. This makes you the Thief. Each night, you can visit a player of your choosing and you will steal an item from them that relates to their role. You win when all threats to the current world order are eradicated.

In another part of town, Kiz was just minding his business like he always does, but he looked up when he heard a cock gunning gun cocking. Before he could do anything, he was shot straight to hell. He was...

Spoiler for Kiz:

Congratulations, you are Russia, (???) aligned.
Oh man are you ever a shitty country. Filthy commies. Other countries in the world still don’t quite know if you’re a good country or an evil country. Well guess what, the choice is yours! On the first day, you can choose what role you will take on for the rest of the game. Either become regular Russian Federation, town aligned and become the Jailkeeper. You’d also be a miller, though, since everyone still kinda hates you. You win when all threats to the current world order are eradicated. KIZ CHOSE TO BECOME THIS RUSSIA

OR, become Soviet Russia, individual aligned. You’d be a dirty commi, so on your own. You’d receive three kills, however, you’d also receive an absolutely awful “In Soviet Russia” PR, in which you’d have to make an “In Soviet Russia…” joke in every post. You win when the SOVIETS FUCK EVERYONE UP.

In yet another part of town, Mr Law was running for his life, as he was being chased by a very evil man. Mr Law ran into a crowd so the supposed killer couldn't identify him anymore. At the same time, another man appeared before the killer and knocked his lights out, making sure he wouldn't make any casualties tonight.

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