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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Sorry man, dont have time for the new system, I have a lot of shows to get to today.. But lets try the quick version of Wolfy's system.

Nice way to kickoff the show with the IC title on the line. Estatic about Shelton retaining, but Im not big on Masters getting a shot just yet. 8/10.

Big Show interview was intense. Making an impact, curious as to which match he will interfere in. Nice interview, but a little on the boring side, then again, got the point across. 8/10.

Tag match.. not a fan of this match. Done to many times with these two teams. Woulda liked something different. 6/10

Bischoff/Christian was a great segment. Happy that you got Christian on the show. Shelton/Christian on Raw? 9/10.

Still cant figure out why its a Texas Death Match, but it was still good. Show destroying Kane, and I guess turning heel was a nice touch. But not as nice as V1 winning. 9/10.

JBL promo was great. Very in character, as was Edge. 10/10

HBK/Hassan- Not to keen on the match, but got me good with Marty Jannety saving the day. 9/10

Edge/Jericho- Knew Edge would win, but sad to see him do so. Wanted Jericho to get a title shot again. He needs a push 8/10

Orton/Beniot. Greatly done. Would have liked to see this fully written, but still delivered. Like where you are going with Orton. 10/10

Orton/Batista promo- Fantastically done. Both very in character. 10/10

JBL/Batista- Great way to have Batista truly an animal, and overcome three obstacles. Like how you are using the big man. 10/10

Overrall- 97/110. I think, may want to check again. Either way great show.

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