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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

- Nice opening with JR and King, realistic, nothing much to note here.

- Great way to open up the show, Benjamin v Masters, I would have LOVED to see Masters win, as you have been pushing him so much, and I think Shelton has run with the IC Belt as far as he can. I think he needs to drop the belt and move into a long-term feud with someone like Christian, to elevate both to somewhere near Main Event scene. Still, nice match which was well played out.

- Big Show interview was short and boring, but got the point across, looking forward to seeing Big Show climb his way up the ladder to get back to the Main Event scene, where he can function very well. Good stuff.

- Tag Team Titles, hmm, need some new teams in to freshen up this division, as the Dudleys are boring, and La Resistance have no charisma, id love to see you bring back the New Age Outlaws, by favourite tag team ever. Still, well written and a decent ending.

- Great Christian promo, really showing his desire to win, and he deserves to. I’m 50/50 about Captain Charisma winning the IC Belt, as Benjamin needs to move on to bigger things, but so does Christian, I’d prefer to see Tomko battle for the IC Title, and Shelton and Christian move up to Main Event scene. One more good point, Christian and Bischoff we’re perfectly in character.

- Yay! Hardy can now go on to bigger things, wait, I have an idea! Hardy for IC Title! Kane losing was a must, I don’t think you have any plans for him, whereas Hardy can go on to be VERY successful. Show attacking Kane certainly did make an impact, and a big one at that. A Kane/Show feud to come in the future, sounds good. I just wonder what will happen to that Slut Lita now, hopefully she gets jobbed in the womens division, where she deserves to be. Hopefully Shannon Moore can come back to partner Hardy.

- Brilliant JBL promo, once again, really in character, building up heat for the main event. Edge intervening was interesting, maybe a feud between the two to come, although I don’t think either can function very well as face. Still, great showdown.

- Interesting, Jannetty returning to save Shawn. What will become of Hassan now? I’d like to see him rebound and challenge HBK to a 1 on 1 gimmick match at Vengeance. As for Jannetty, it’s good to see him back, I’d like to see him screw HBK over though, since that would be a cruel twist. Great booking here.

- Now I know there was a small showdown between Orton/Flair, but I still feel there should have been an interview in here, preferably from Chris Benoit. But still, an interesting showdown between Randy and Ric, definitely hinting at involvement in the Benoit/Orton match.

- Really disappointed to see Jericho lose, since he is effectively now being buried in the mid-card. Although there is a good think coming out of this that Edge has a title shot, id save it for SummerSlam or Survivor Series methinks. Hopefully you can redeem Jericho in the months to come and get him back up to Main Event scene.

- Once again, needed a promo in here, maybe from Edge, telling people “he told them so”, still it’s something to improve on.

- Brilliant news that Orton’s ball keeps rolling and also Flair and Randy are reunited, which is also brilliant. Major blow though, that Benoit is buried again, just like Jericho. Both of them now need a MAJOR push. 50/50 about this as well.

- Batista’s promo was brilliant, you’ve made him acceptable on the mic. And Orton was vintage as well. Can’t wait for this Orton/Batista feud, should be brilliant.

- Main Event went down perfectly. No problems here, and Randy Orton’s interference was needed and well played out. Interesting to see where JBL goes now, should be worth reading.

Realism – Cannot detect a thing actually, 10/10

Length –Missing two promos between two matches, 9/10

Quality/Entertainment –Great entertainment, just missing a comedy moment, still great stuff, 9/10

Spelling/Grammar –Absolutely perfect, 10/10

Matches/Booking –Perfect, only thing that bothers me is Jericho and Benoit being buried, hopefully both can come back, 9/10

Overall a magnificent 96/100

Grade A
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