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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Masters; Personally, I wouldnt have started the show with Masters. It's always better imo to kick things off with a really decent match, and I dont even think Shelton Benjamin could carry the Masterpiece to a good match. I'm just glad Shelton won, and it should be interesting to see where you go with both men. 7/10.

Big Show interview - Glad to see the big man is'nt happy about being left off the show, and he shouldnt be. Interesting to see what exactly he does later, at this point I'm thinking he'll get involved in either the MITB match or the WHC match. 9/10. Great intensity, and a lot of character to come from this methinks, and I'm not even a Big Show fan!!

La Resistance vs Dudley Boyz - I would've kicked the show off with this one, even though the Dudleyz are quite stale, they are still pretty over. This feud has a good bit to go I reckon with the shady finish. I guess it;s the only bankable feud in the tag division on Raw. Hopefully you start to pair a few more guys up to boost the tag ranks. 7/10

Eric Bischoff & Christian - Loved this segment. Your portrayal of Captain Charisma is getting really good. I dont know why but I brought a big grin to my face when he said about rubbing the I.C Title in Eric's face on Raw, probobly because I could picture him actually doing it, lol. Nice announcement for Raw. 8/10. Christian is starting to come into his own in this thread, and thats he how rolls.

Texas Death Match - Not sure what inspired you to pick this match, but it's a nice change from the other matches we get, so I was quite pleased in the end to see it appear. The finish reminded me a lot of the Rock - Mankind I Quit Match in 1999, which I loved, and it;s been long enough since it happened for it to happen again, so it;s not like a rip off imo. A Kane - Big Show feud wont be pretty, but I'll give it a chance. 9/10. I'm estatic to see VEEEEONNNNNNEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHH pick up the victory, and can only hope this leads to a great push, although, at this point, it appears to me that you have a lot of strong heel characters, with few strong faces. Orton, JBL, Hardy, Edge, Christian, Hassan, Big Show and even Masters are getting great pushes, while only Batista appears to be getting pushed hard from the face side of things.

JBL interview - Oh yeassssss. Lets sit back and enjoy the promo...that one sucked though...heh. Nah, I justed wanted to say that once though. Very intelligently written, and well vocabularized (if thats a word...if its not, it is now, yuh). Bringing in Edge was strange, but it made sense, to build some tension, and give the impression that JBL may well walk away with the title tonight. Well done as always with JBL. 10/10. No faults, and no way to improve it.

Michaels vs Hassan - I have enjoyed this feud a lot, and you have done really well to make it as personal as possible in the last week or so, I still have that last Michaels promo in my head, it was that good, and really had me wanting to see this match. The Jannetty run in was the last thing I expected, and was done really well. Not sure where it'll go, because I cant see The Rockers make a full time reunion, with HBK way too good for tag team wrestling, but I see the feud continuing for a few more weeks. 10/10. Faultless once again.

Money in the Bank Cage Match - I expected Edge to take the MITB contract here to be honest, but it makes Jericho look a total schmuck for putting it on the line now in the first place, unless I'm wrong that is, I remembered Jericho just putting it up for grabs willy nilly, from his own choosing. Hopefully you resurrect something decent from this situation. 6/10. Great match, but the way the MITB contract was dealt with in the build up left a lot to be desired.

Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit - Was looking forward to this one a lot too. Orton is really being pushed hard, and it was difficult to picture anything but an Orton win here. I'm delighted to see him back with the Nature Boy, and this should only help him to move on to bigger and better things. Great win for the Legend Killer. 10/10. Made up for the MITB match, and then some.

Batista interview - Promo of the month, NO DOUBT!!! Line of the year, too.
Batista grabs the T-Shirt from Orton and looks at it

Batista: Let’s take a look at this shall we, let’s see who’s on it, The Undertaker, that’s fine he’s a legend, lets see, wait a minute…Booker-T…RVD, this isn’t a Legend Killer T-Shirt it’s more like a match record

Orton begins to get annoyed

Batista: Can I keep hold of this T-Shirt?

Randy Orton: Why, are you a big Randy Orton fan?

Batista: No but they’ve ran out of toilet paper and someone might need it
That had me in stitches. On the bigger picture, it also begins a slow burning feud now between Orton and Batista. I've seen them go at it in the past, and have been pretty impressed, so a showdown between them on PPV will be a great match imo. 10/10

Main Event - Delivered once again in putting the Animal over. Expected him to overcome the odds anyway, but you went about the match in the way that there was always a chance of JBL getting the victory. Orton getting involved was also a nice little suprise. 9/10. Leaves the question of what now for JBL?? And more importantly, who next for Batista??

95/110. I didnt follow the grading system this time, I'm gonna give this a little whirl for a few weeks of rating each segment, and see if I like it. IMO it gives a better view on the show, rather than deducting points for spelling and shat. Great PPV, despite the lack of full matches, it was still a great entertaining read. Keep it up Main Event.
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