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Re: Countries of the World Mafia Game Thread


Killswitch was walking down a street, when a man jumped up in front of him and tried to stab him. Switch wanted nothing of it though and ducked the stab, before punching his attacker in the face. The attacker fled and Killswitch lived to fight another day.

Meanwhile, another man arrived at Shepard's house, a gun in hand, undoubtedly wanting to kill him. The man tried to enter the house, but it was entirely locked down. He was unable to get in and thus wasn't able to kill the man he wanted to kill. Suddenly, a man arrived at the scene and knocked the gun out of the shooter's hands, before running off. Shepard was safe, that much was sure.

On another part of town (name, Earth, population, 7 billion) UDK was wandering the streets. Not for long though, as a man snuck up behind him and drove a bullet straight through his head. UDK was dead... he was...

Spoiler for UDK:

Congratulations, you are Switzerland, NEUTRAL aligned.

Ever since you guys existed, youíve been neutral. Literally, since the dawning of time, Switzerland has been neutral. Obviously this means youíre not aligned to anyone but yourself. This makes you the Survivor. You have to survive till the endgame. You donít actually care which side wins, as long as youíre still alive to celebrate alongside them. You win when you survive till endgame.

On yet another part of town, the ground started to shake and suddenly, a hand reached out from underneath the surface. Crawling out was SL, who appeared to be alive and very well.

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