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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Rock316AE View Post
What we had:

Not many people talk about this but Miz was a terrible drawing champion, always gained below average numbers in the main time slots and even lost there, but I don't think I saw something like Punk, listen to what Meltzer said, on this time last year, they had 800k more viewers! Dave tried to do the math on the spot and it's something like 16% of the audience, just scary that in one year they lost almost million viewers/20%, something needs to be done and the current direction is not the solution. it's all about the presentation in the wrestling business, and while I admit, Bryan is fine in his current role, he and Punk are not main event draws or game-changers, never were, never will be, even their most hardcore fan will admit it.

Meltzer said that the demo for 12-17 was one of the lowest he has ever saw, he even talked to a teacher in school and she said that there was never less interest in wrestling among the kids/teens, what he said and was spot on, that this demo is always there to "look up" to the wrestlers, in a "I want to be like him" type of thing, but now that all the babyface are basically lame/uncool/geeks etc and nobody is larger than life, you got this number, including Cena, the top face that needs to bring this audience but he's considered lame and uncool even in this demo, and rightfully so.

as a long time wrestling fan, the future looks horrendous and scary for them, I seriously don't know what they can do with the current talent roster, a miserable imitation of Austin/Vince for the million time is not going to change a damn thing, especially with this talents, another scary thing for them is the house show business, January is the time when business picks up, ratings, gates etc, this year according to Meltzer? absolutely nothing.

I personally don't like what they are doing with Jericho, I'm a huge fan but he kills all his "superstar aura" with this character. I know that he wants to change and be different every time and I like that about him, but he can't have both, what he's doing right now is not a superstar material.

Let's see what Foley does in the overrun on RAW and Cena in a random segment. last time he lost 400k in the second quarter.
This is the lowest rated January since 97 BTW, and if you don't count the split audience in the MNW, the only year that was lower than January 2012 is January 1995, the only year in RAW's 19 year history.

First hour - 6.4
Second hour - 6.9
Overall - 6.7(6.65)
They did the big segment in the second quarter, time slot that at that time was big in terms of gain.
Q1 - Vince promo - 5.0
Q2 - Greater power segment, Austin as CEO etc - 7.0
Q3 - Acolytes vs the Brood - 6.8
Q4 - Union segment/Test promo with Stephanie - 6.8
Q5 - Kane and X Pac vs Shane - 6.8
Q6 - Rock vs HHH in a cast match - 7.1
Q7 - Debra, Jarrett, Bass and Venis segment and Godfather vs Gunn - 6.8
Q8 - Snow vs Droz and Vince vs Shamrock in a Lion's Den match - 6.9
OR - Taker vs Show for the WWF title - 7.3

BTW about this Austin/Taker match, it got 9.5 and it's the biggest overrun number in RAW history but it's not a segment, it's count as a overrun number, the highest rated segment in RAW history is Rock This is your life - 8.4, with the start of Rock vs Shane in cage second with 8.3
What ever people say This guy is the biggest draw atm in WF.

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