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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi vs Akebono & Ryuto Hama (All Japan 1/3/12)

Well fuck, I just wrote this long review about how much I loved the match and then realized that Sekimoto was teaming with someone different. I wrote the whole thing about how it was a great rematch with him and Sasaki and made all these references to the last match. So fuck. It would have been the perfect rematch as well. If Okabayashi was Sasaki here is my review:

Spoiler for FUCK:

So how does Sekimoto follow up his 3 MOTYC in 2 days? He goes and tries to have one the next day so he can have 4 MOTYC in 3 days. They took a slightly different approach as Sekimoto and Sasaki actually managed to hold their own in this for a while as they got in significant offense against Hama. While all of this was going on though you could just feel that Akebono was getting more and more angry and you just knew when he came in he was going to kick some serious ass. When Sasaki took a shot at him standing on the apron and Akebono no sold the shot and just look pissed you knew that someone was going to get their ass kicked. He did kick some asss but it wasn't on the level that I was expecting.

Unlike the last match I actually thought there was a chance that Sekimoto and Sasaki would win this. They were impossible not to get behind as they threw everything they had against the two monsters they were in the ring with. After seeing the first match they had with each other seeing this was incredible. I felt like a proud father when they Sasaki managed to suplex Hama and follow up a minute or so later with a 3 count. They threw everything they had at the Hama and Akebono and managed to somehow escpae with a victory.

I liked this better then the last match they had. As enjoyable as the structure was on that match I liked this one more because the face team that you immediately fall in love in actually made me think they could win and I never really got that in the first match. Sekimoto continues to be on fire as the story in this was incredible. Just make sure you watch their first match so you can really enjoy this one.

I still thought the match was great but the fact that it wasn't a rematch takes a lot of the story away from the match. I guess I'll just keep the rating the same since I enjoyed it so much and 3 of the 4 were the same but this just totally sucks.

All Japan Junior Heavywight Championship Match (1/3/12)
Kenny Omega vs. Hiroshi Yamato

Omega was incredible in this match. He probably plays his character in his matches better than just about anyone else out there. He goes into the match really cocky and (he said he had no doubt in his mind that he would win this match in a promo he did) and despite the fact that throughout the match Hiroshi showed to be a real threat he just didn't let up with his antics and overall being an obnoxious jerk. You just want to slap him 10 minutes into the match when he's going around like a fool doing the Rick Rude neck breaker and other stupid things. It's important to remember too that Omega wasn't in control the whole mach either, Yamato had gotten plenty of offense in already at this point and I think had shown he belonged in the ring with Omega. Yet it took Omega so long to realize any of this.

When you really thought there was a chance Yamato would win this match Omega stopped taking him lightly but at that time he was on the verge of losing the match. Omega was perfect here and he made Hiroshi Yamato look incredible. The ending was brutal as Omega dished out some of the craziest looking suplexes I've ever seen and Yamato wouldn't stay down for them. Yamato was good as the babyface and playing his character and he held his own in the ring with Omega.

This was really awesome. A lot of cool looking moves and a kickass story is exactly what I want to see in a wrestling match.

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