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re: TV SHOW discussion thread (NO FUCKING SPOILERS please)

I may eventually give Shameless USA a watch, I have to confess I'll go in with grim expectations because for me the whole setting and philospohy behind the original show in the UK is something I don't think America can capture as well, it would be like the UK's version of Law & Order on ITV: it was just pitiful because it would never compare/feel organic as the original American counterpart.

Shameless was all about a council estate family, in a proper working class Manchester Council estate, and the wild and insane interactions between the residents and the police force etc. But on top of that they had a great family around which the series was based, you felt connected to a lot of the characters facing issues like being a closet homosexual, their mum walking out and leaving them, their dad being more interested in benefit fraud than raising his kids etc. It just felt so organic and realistic, with America the closest representation of the chavvy/low low low working class culture in the UK Shameless would be rednecks, and for me what Shameless originally stood for extends far beyond a stereotypical white trash trailer park. Again maybe the writers will do the show justice, but I'll be amazed if the American counterpart manages to connect with its characters and visual representation of the culture we live in as well as the early episodes of the UK show did.

That being said the current UK Shameless is horrific, somewhere between series 5 and beyond they slowly moved into being a pardoy of themselves and a lot of the wacky/surreal interactions with some of the residents don't feel as organic anymore and just come off as them trying to play to some cliche they've created: 'ohhh yeah how can we make a drug dealer look anymore scummy this week' etc. I really think they should have ended the show when they slowly began to break up the Gallagher family: the only current people in it are The Dad and the middle Child Carl, and he's certainly not as good a character as Ian, Debbie or Liam.
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