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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Kenny Omega vs. Hiroshi Yamato (1/3)
I love Kenny Omega. He's the only performer in the business today (maybe ever) who can work comedy into a wrestling match in a way that I find palatable, but man, it's gratifying to see him in a straight-up junior heavyweight-style bout. I've never had much of a "feel" for Yamato; he seems to me like a guy who'll have a better-than-average match with great performers, but not somebody worth going out of your way to watch in and of himself. He more than carried his weight here, though, and the crowd was behind him in a way that made the whole affair that much more exciting. It's true that in the second half, as Bubz says, "they just went all out and did loads of stuff." But IMO, there's quite a bit to be said for going all out and doing loads of stuff when you do it well, and in this match, Yamato and (especially) Omega certainly did. Great match.

Bad Intentions vs. Ten-Koji (1/4)
There's no way a match this short should feel this epic. That it does is a testament to the caliber of the teams involved. I was worried that Ten-Koji would've lost a step from their '00-'01 heyday, or even since their '08 revival, but (maybe due to the modest length of the match) they looked as much like world-beaters here as they ever have -- very impressive, considering that ever since they won the IWGP belts Bad Intentions have been looking like the foremost world-beating tag team of the past decade. I loved their reign; their best defenses were among the best tag matches I've seen in years, and even some of their middling defenses (vs. Muscle Orchestra, for example, or vs. Suzuki & Archer) were at least *** in my book. Even as long as it was, I'm sorry to see it end, but if Ten-Koji can keep looking as good as they looked here, the belts should be in good hands. Yet another ****+ Bad Intentions IWGP Tag Title match, and it's a shame that it looks to be the last one.

Oh, and Bad Intentions' entrance is several different kinds of awesome.
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