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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair


Match #7~AOW World Heavyweight Championship~
: Shawn Michaels

The Worthy Champion Chris Jericho(c) v. The Whole F’n Show Rob Van Dam

This is where you could swerve the shit out of me because I am 110% convinced that Jericho is going to win. The possibilities are endless with a Jericho win whereas with and RVD win, not so much. From a HBK heel turn (doubt it) by screwing Van Dam, to even an RVD heel turn which I doubt also, anything can happen with a Jericho win and it leaves the door open for a lot more possibilities. These three alone could run the main event scene for a whole year, given the current direction. So for the reason of a Jericho win opening more doors, I'm going for a CHRIS JERICHO victory here.

Match #5~I Quit Match~
*Loser Leaves AOW*

The Man on the Moon Christian Cage v. The Real Deal Bobby Lashley

Could go either way to be honest, but I don't see it quite ending here. It's far too early for someone as big as Christian or Lashley leaving after the first PPV, it doesn't seem right. Both men were in their prime at this time, IMO so whoever wins is going to get quite a big rub and probably move up to the title scene soon'ish despite me saying that Jericho/HBK/RVD could rune that for a year anyway. I see Christian winning through cheating or a loophole, leaving the door open for Lashley to return or not even leave in the first place, seeing as he was screwed. CHRISTIAN CAGE

Match #4 ~AOW Cruiserweight Championship~
The American Dragon Bryan Danielson(c) v. Gregory Helms

American Dragon here, seems quite obvious here. Helms has a future feud with Mysterio almost guaranteed and I feel a feud between those two doesn't need the title to be involved, whereas a feud between maybe Danielson/Noble or Danielson/Star could, with those three being much lesser names, could really propel the division. I'll happily go forAMDRAG in this one

Match #6~AOW Tag Team Championship~
The World’s Greatest Tag Team(c) v. The Mercenaries

My heart tells me The Mercenaries but my brain tells me TWGTT. So in the end I did eeny meeny miney mo and THE MERCENARIES came out victorious

Match #2 ~AOW Dynasty Championship~
Muhammad Hassan(c) v. Lance Storm

This match is just delaying the inevitable Punk/Hassan match, unless you'd rather go for the student/teacher passing over the torch match between Storm and Punk, but I feel if Punk was champion going in to that match, it would provide a much more interesting dynamic. MUHAMMAD HASSAN

Match #1~Grudge Match~
Aero Star v. Jamie Noble

Aero Star has had some good hype since day one in this BTB, but I'm a huge mark for Noble. I presume the winner would pretty much be the #1 contender for the CW Championship and if Danielson retains like I predicted him to, I guess it would only make sense for a heel to win and challenge him, even though I wouldn't complain about Star/Danielson matches, would be insane. But yeah, JAMIE NOBLE

Match #3~Tag Team Turmoil~
*#1 Contendership for the AOW Tag Team Championships*

(Teams not in entrance order)
Sons of the Dungeon v. American Made v. Samoan Fight Club v. The Hooliganz v. Low Jack v. Ken Doane & Chris Masters

Automatically, I ruled out Doane/Masters and LowJack. Next team I ruled out was The Hooliganz, I don't think they need to win the this because they're such a credible team, they could challenge another time and besides, they've had a fair few cracks already, IIRC. It's between SFC, American Made and the Sons and in all honesty, I think the SFC will win. They're on a bit of a roll at the moment and I doubt the others can stop them. The Samoan Fight Club

~Bonus Questions~

What will be the match order? Done
Will there be blood? If so, during which match? RVD/Jericho, Hassan/Storm
What will be the longest match? Lashley/Christian
What will be the shortest match? Hassan/Storm
Who takes the fall in the Tag Team Championship match? Charlie Haas
Predict the order of teams in the Tag Team Turmoil match.

1) Sons of The Dungeon
2) American Made
3) Low Jack
4) The Samoan Fight Club
5) Doane/Masters
6) The Hooliganz[/CENTER][/FONT][/I]

Good luck, boyo!

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