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re: TV SHOW discussion thread (NO FUCKING SPOILERS please)

Finished Homeland coming off of McQueen's pimping of it, have to say I did enjoy it and would label it 'very good' in parts, but it didn't come off as great as I've seen a few others on here label it: suffered a bit IMO from a lack of interesting characters bar Brody and Carrie, I get they're far and away the most important but bar part of Saul and Walker I wasn't a great fan of any other character, and felt that whenever one of the main characters was in a scene with some of them it didn't come off quite as well. Also there were stages where I just really didn't care for the Carrie Matherson character at all, I get they may have been going for a female Bauer like agent who'll stop at nothing to get justice, and whilst I enjoyed her character progression in the final couple of episodes, I can't say she came off as sympathetic or heroic to me for a lot of the opening episodes: and in that regard I wasn't as connected with the character as I was with Jack Bauer from the moment he was introduced.

Thought Danes really stepped up her acting in the final 4-5 episodes, before that I didn't think she was blowaway amazing even though I'd never call her below good throughout the show, but yeah she really knocked it out of the park in the final episodes. Damian Lewis was great as Brody, but apart of me wishes maybe the whole 'is he/isn't he a terrorist' story had been revealed to end season 1, rather than just over halfway through the season: maybe I'm not giving the writers enough credit here but I was just left with the impression season 2 and beyond may have quite the struggle in maintaining the quality of season 1 with the direction they've gone, rather than hyping it throughout heading into the finale and then letting us see what's really going down.

So yeah I'm definitely a fan and look forward to Season 2, but I can't say its as blow away amazing as I was expecting, though I put that entirely down to my own personal expectations rather than any lack of quality in the show/writing/acting etc.

Decided to go back and watch Deadwood now, as I got to episode 2 of Season 1 before abandoning it and watching Mad Men instead. Its still a chore at times to last an entire episode, but I'm upto episode 9 now and have become a big fan of the Al Schwarengen, Seth Bullock and Calamity Jane characters. I think it'll be a while before I become truly caught up in the show, but there's enough to keep me sticking around so far.
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