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Re: Gossip Girl Mafia Game Thread

Night 3

Hey Upper East Siders, and what a tragic day, the Queen Bee of the Upper East Side met her demise. Revenge was promised, swift and hard. The man in the suit was on an alcohol-fuelled frenzy, and he smashed up his loft. He went into his limo, and ordered the driver to go around the city. He told him to stop when a target was seen, a young blonde woman. The man in the suit rolled down the window, and as the limo drove by, shot her at point blank rage. The woman was revealed to be CM Dealer, who was:

Spoiler for CM Dealer:

Congratulations! You are Juliet Sharp, Thorpe Industries Aligned

You are the Framer. Each night you are able to frame a player to make them appear guilty upon investigation. You win when you outnumber the town and all other threats have been eliminated.
Your QuickTopic is located at:

dan_marino was collecting his thoughts regarding the day. He noticed a red dot appear on his chest once more. Knowing what had occurred last time, he ducked down just in time, as the bullet whizzed over his head, smashing into the wall. "Fuck," the shooter yelled out, as he ran off.

chr1st0 was devastated. He couldn't believe that Blair was dead, especially since he had unresolved feelings and all. The sadness ended when a beautiful woman came up from behind and slit his throat. "Cry about that dear," she said, as she walked off laughing. chr1st0 was:

Spoiler for chr1sto:

Congratulations! You are Prince Louis Grimaldi, Town Aligned

You are the Gunsmith. Each night you may send in the name of a player to see if they carry a gun. Take care in revealing your results though, because both mafia, individuals and some town members carry guns. You win when all threats to the town are eliminated.

It was surely a bad night to have a connection to Blair, as her BFF, McQueen, was walking by her lonesome down the street. A man ran up behind McQueen and shot him in the back. McQueen was:

Spoiler for McQueen:

Congratulations! You are Serena van der Woodsen, Town Aligned

You are the Roleblocker. Each night you may send in a name of a player who you wish to block from using their role. You win when all threats to the town are eliminated.

My my, the bloodshed continues...
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