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Re: Dark Souls - October 4th, 2011

Beat O&S. I don't remember playing another game where getting through the boss battles feels like such an achievement. I'm down to one Estus Flask and my strategy of pumping him full of arrows from a distance isn't really working since the arrows are only doing 19 damage a pop (had no arrows to begin with so I had to spend an hour killing shit for souls just to be able to buy a bunch of moonlight arrows from the blacksmith -- that was pretty annoying), and if he manages to catch me with one of his attacks and my shield is down, I'm toast. I'm reluctant to get too close, because he'll do his lightning butt bump thing and I'd be toast. Again. Did a whole lot of strafing and backing up before moving in close to hurl fireballs or do that combustion pyromancy spell. Whittled him down to about a fifth of his life and resigned myself to the fact I'd have to get close and use melee. At which point I found out my lightning spear does fairly hefty damage. I'd gone into the fight every time before it thinking he'd be super resistant to lightning and the spear would do next to no damage (upgraded my Iato to Lightning Iato so figured the same thing about that). Moving in close, stabbing him a couple times and then moving out of his range was the easiest part of the entire fight. If I did that from the start I'd probably have beaten him yesterday. Fuck it, though. It's done and I'm eternally thankful.

Where should I go from here? Apparently I don't need to put the lordvessel on the altar or something? Probably gonna join Alvina's covenant so I can get that ring Seph talked about.

Oh yeah, what's this "amazing chest" after the O&S fight? And where is it?
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