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Re: Dark Souls - October 4th, 2011

I'm about ready to flip. Tried Ornstein and Smough 5 times now. Burned through 5 humanity in order to be able to get whatever his name is to help. Got one humanity left. After that I'm pretty much fucked, because I'll get my ass handed to me if I tackle it alone.

It's not even that difficult, just extraordinarily frustrating. Getting rid of Ornstein takes about 20 seconds (I want his soul, but taking him out first just seems way quicker and easier since you can separate him pretty easily from Smough), and when Smough absorbs him and powers up, all of his attacks are easy to spot, so you can try and dodge/block accordingly. My shield can block all of his melee attacks, for example. That attack where he jumps in the air and crashes down with a shock wave of lightning is what's killing me. Whenever he jumps up the target lock disappears and leaves me scrambling, usually exposing my back as I try and run away, and that leaves me taking a ton of damage. If I could back up with my shield raised it'd at least lessen the damage. Everything else I can handle, but that one move is just torture.

Got him down to a small chunk of life the last three times I've tried it and then I get hit with that lightning wave. Also hit him with about 8 fireballs that apparently "missed" and caused no damage. Fuck off, assholes. Those were clean hits. I want my money back.
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