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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Survivor Series Review

Opening the pay per view with Edge was the way to do it considering it is in Edge's hometown as well as Christian's, and considering the 2 of them are brothers kayfabe, to see the brothers interacting there for a good second was great and then the sibling rivalry boils over when Edge instigates and then Christian tries to one-up his older brother by calling him a coward and the 2 brothers coming to blows and then Edge finishing off the attack on his brother making sure Christian won't compete tonight, and then Tazz the Smackdown GM setting things right by having Edge taken out of the match to make it even and then Edge gets thrown out by Tazz with the security escorting Edge out, and then Team Punk trying not to get mad but keeping their cool was great

Team HBK vs Team Miz, I expected Miz's team to come out on top but none the less it was a great match all around with the sole survivors being HBK, Kofi, and HBK's protege Bryan Danielson with Burke being eliminated just shows that HBK & Miz's rivalry will be over at this point, unless you plan on keeping this rivalry up, if you do, more power to you and either man Miz or HBK should go for the WWE Title now

Undertaker beating Ted DiBiase was the match of the night by far, as this match really puts DiBiase over as a future main eventer as he held his own against The Dead Man and actually had him beat, but Taker just proved to be too much for DiBiase, maybe now DiBiase and Taker's rivalry can end now, and DiBiase can move on to bigger things namely the WWE Championship

Team RAW beating Team Smackdown, I was expecting a Smackdown victory because over the years when it comes to brand supremacy Smackdown has always beaten RAW, but RAW beating them and Sheamus being the sole survivor, I love it, hopefully we get to see Sheamus become WWE Champion before the year is over in 2008, if not Sheamus will win the WWE Title in 2009, 2009 will be the year of Sheamus

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara becoming the new World Tag Team Champions beating Kaval & Daniels and Team Omega, I love it, because they will actually bring life to the tag team division on RAW and actually make the tag division exciting again

Big Show vs JBL Hell In a Cell Loser Leaves Town, loser leaves the WWE, Show ending JBL's career, and Show ending Vince's son's career is great because now Vince will know not to cross Show, but I can't see Vince just taking this, I expect Vince to come for some retribution where Big Show is concerned, if not Big Show I can see him going for the WWE Championship

Triple H becoming the new WWE Champion, I am literally raging right now, because this is definitely not what I expected, for HHH to walk out as champion, beating both Batista and my man Orton to get this done, I really hope my man Randy Orton doesn't take this loss lying down and Orton punts HHH's head off, if he does, I would say that it couldn't happen to a nicer guy, and then HHH would have only been champion for 24 hours, then HHH has to vacate the title, that's what my man Orton did to Batista in real life after Batista won the title, the next night on RAW Orton put Batista on the shelf and Batista had to vacate the title, I hope the same thing happens on RAW with HHH coming out the next night on RAW and Orton attacks HHH along with Darren Young and they put HHH on the shelf, nothing would please me more to see that, Orton deserved the WWE Title and he still does, and I see Orton going on the warpath now on RAW along with Batista too

Team Punk winning against Team Cena all because of Edge interfering was great, and then Jericho distracting the ref was great while all this happened, and now Cena will not get his opportunity at the WHC, now that makes me happy

But overall really great Survivor Series, and I can't wait until RAW

And I can't wait until Night of Champions, because after that is Royal Rumble 2009
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