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Learning to break kayfabe
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Tuesday January 4th, 2011 | Mobile Civic Center, Mobile, Alabama

***** WILD AND YOUNG *****

*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***

Striker and Mathews welcome us to NXT Season 3 and the second show of the competition before hyping up the first ever ‘Rankings’ matches – tonight, MVP and Chavo Guerrero will clash to try and take third place in the inaugural rankings whilst Drew McIntyre and R-Truth will compete to take fifth place. They also hype up an appearance from the owner of the WWE, Chip Butty, who will be on NXT to speak about the Tag Team division and announce plans for the Tag Team Championship at the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV ...


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Natalya heads out looking unhappy over her loss to Maryse last week as Striker and Matthews remind us of that defeat which means it is Maryse who has earned the future Divas Championship match with Layla ... Speaking of the Divas Champion ...

*** NASTY GIRL ***

London, England | Divas Champion

Smiling, the Divas Champion heads for the ring where she greets Natalya with a hug and the pair of them chat in the ring. Striker reminds us that Layla beat Michelle McCool, her former Laycool partner, to win the Divas Championship and that she is still his ‘little, English muffin’ as she prepares for their match coming up next with the Number 1 contender.

*** SHAKE YO’ TAIL ***

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Out comes “Foxy” shaking her ass in her little short grass skirt as she makes her way down the ramp and towards the ring. She stands at the foot of the ramp and locks eyes with the Divas Champion and Natalya before turning to face the titantron to await the arrival of her partner tonight ...

*** POURQUOI? ***

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

As the beautiful Maryse heads out arrogantly holding up her hand to the WWE Universe at rampside, Mathews reminds us that Maryse has earned the right to challenge Layla for the Divas Championship after her win over Natalya on NXT last Tuesday. A replay of Maryse dragging Natalya with the hair behind the referee’s back to escape the Sharpshooter is shown before we see Maryse surprise Natalya with a roll up pin. On return to the ring, Maryse is laughing at the replay whilst Natalya angrily gestures to Maryse over it. Natalya demands that Maryse starts the contest with her but Maryse refuses – after looking as if she would accept at first – and sends Alicia Fox in to start the match instead ...

However, just as the match is about to begin, we hear a loud ‘Ahem!’ and eyes turn to the titantron where Michelle McCool can be seen ...

McCool, flanked by her bodyguard, Kharma, waves to the ladies in the ring who are all focused on her. McCool informs the Divas in the ring that over the coming weeks and months, she will make all their lives hell as she intends to dominate the Divas division and win back her Divas Championship. McCool says that she should be the Divas Champion and that she will stop at nothing to get the Divas belt back around her waist. She finishes off by saying that she felt it was only fair to let them all know and to enjoy their match tonight ...


Natalya takes her anger out on Fox in the early stages as she looks to send a message to Maryse who beat her last week; of course, Maryse is not interested in Natalya’s claims and she feigns ignorance. Fox is being dominated at first but then manages to counter Natalya’s attempted Sharpshooter with a kick to the gut and a dropkick before going for a tag to the Number 1 contender. Maryse is about to accept but Natalya jumps up quickly and stares at her threateningly ... and Maryse withdraws her offer of a tag. Alicia turns back round and is levelled with a huge clothesline from Natalya but then – behind the back of the official again – Maryse pulls Natalya with her hair. Dragging her through the ropes, Maryse flings Natalya down onto the floor from the apron as Layla protests. Maryse now pleads innocence as Fox heads out of the ring and rolls Natalya back into the ring. With Natalya down on the mat and struggling, Maryse now accepts the tag and she stomps away at Natalya controlling the match. She locks in a Camel Clutch whilst facing towards Layla and Natalya screams in pain. Maryse demands that she taps out but Natalya is made of stronger stuff and manages to tie her feet into the ropes. The referee breaks the hold and Natalya looks to tag in Layla before Maryse cuts it off by knocking Layla off the apron. With nobody to tag, Natalya struggles up and Maryse pops her off into the ropes before hitting a spinning backbreaker ...

1 ... 2 ... Natalya kicks out!

A little frustrated, Maryse continues to assault Natalya and goes for the French TKO, a heel kick, but Natalya ducks it and hits another big clothesline. With Maryse down, Natalya finally has her chance to go for Maryse after their war of words. She drags Maryse up and hits a powerslam that leaves Maryse holding her lower back in pain and then follows this with a German Suplex holding on for the pin.

1 ... 2 ... Alicia Fox runs in and kicks Natalya to break the pin!

Natalya makes a quick tag to Layla now but drags Maryse back into their corner to prevent her from escaping and tagging in Fox. The Divas Champion quickly snapmares her future challenger before a low drop kick to the face and another pinfall attempt ...

1 ... 2 ... Maryse kicks out!

Layla waits for Maryse to stagger up and then turns her back to her and grabs her head looking to drop down and hit the Layout neckbreaker. However, Maryse manages to escape and tags in Alicia Fox instead. Layla doesn’t notice this and she goes after Maryse again but the legal Diva is Alicia. Fox grabs Layla from behind and whips her into the ropes before hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to the Divas Champion. She somersaults over and hits a leg drop to Layla that makes the crowd groan before going for the cover ...

1 ... 2 ... Layla kicks out!

The crowd cheer for Layla’s escape whilst Maryse complains loudly about Alicia failing to put her away. Fox looks a little annoyed and she turns to confront Maryse over it. Layla creeps up behind Fox and rolls her up quickly for a surprise ...

1 ... 2 ... Maryse breaks the pinfall!

The referee signals that Alicia Fox made a tag to Maryse as she was being rolled up and Maryse runs across the ring and clatters into Natalya to knock her down to the floor again. Layla is a little disorientated and Fox manages to hit a roundhouse kick to her whilst the referee tries to restrain Maryse from Natalya. Maryse turns to Layla and grabs her head ... here we go, FRENCH KISS DDT! Maryse makes the cover ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **


Jeers from the WWE Universe as the Number 1 contender manages to get the upper hand tonight and actually pins the current Divas Champion. The ‘Sexiest of the Sexy’ notices an angry looking Natalya getting back into the ring so she makes her way out and heads into the rampway with Alicia – it appears their mini-fallout was a trick! They hug and Maryse signals that she will win the Divas Championship. She beckons to the referee who fetches her a microphone and she speaks in a sultry French accent ... She informs Layla that next week on NXT, she will challenge her for the Divas Championship and will become the three-time Divas Champion. With that, Maryse blows a kiss to Layla and Natalya in the ring and stalks out with Alicia Fox leaving Striker and Matthews excitedly discussing the prospect of a title match on NXT next week!

The camera switches backstage where we see Todd Grisham who is stood with MVP – Team JBL’s MVP of course. Grisham asks MVP for his thoughts on his match tonight with Chavo Guerrero when he could secure an early position in the top three places in the NXT Rankings. MVP says that only three superstars will survive from NXT this year and that he intends to be in the top three by the end of tonight’s show. Grisham asks him for his reaction to the treatment of Kaval so far by JBL. MVP grimaces and looks uncomfortable answering the question. He thinks for a moment and then tells Grisham that he has to do what he has to do to survive here in the WWE. He says that he looks at Kaval and knows that if he doesn’t do what JBL tells him to, he will make life difficult for himself in the future. MVP’s tone suggests he doesn’t agree with the treatment of Kaval but feels he has no choice in the matter.

The camera switches to show WWE owner Chip Butty walking backstage in a suit and Josh Matthews hypes up his important announcement about the Tag Team division that will follow the commercial break ...



At the Rumble, Christian will challenge CM Punk for the World Championship. See what he has to say this Friday!

NXT returns in the ‘Team Rock’ locker room and we see that R-Truth is stood with the Great One himself who receives an awesome pop from the crowd in the arena. A loud ‘Rocky!’ chant goes up and Rock waits for it to end before starting to speak with Truth. Rock tells Truth that he has so much potential but he has been in and around the WWE since 2000 now and has never won a singles championship in all that time. Truth listens to the advice of his mentor – Rock continues by telling Truth that he has watched some of his matches and that he wastes too much time in the ring. Rock demands that Truth cuts out the dancing around and the spins and flicks when he is wrestling. Truth smiles but looks unimpressed at the advice. Truth accuses Rock of being a hypocrite. Rock isn’t impressed and raises his eyebrows over this – Truth points out that his finisher, the People’s Elbow features a good ten seconds of theatrics before he actually hits it. Rock smiles at this comment and asks Truth if he wants to know what the difference is. Truth nods – Rock tells him that he is a multiple time WWE Champion, he is the People’s Champion, he is a hero to many of the WWE Universe – as an aside, Rock launches into his ‘Finally ...’ catchphrase – and he is successful at what he does ... IF YA SMELL ... WHAT THE ROCK ... IS ... COOKIN!

The cameras return to the ring as we see that the current Tag Team Champions, the Major Broskis, are currently in the ring with the theme tune of Zack Ryder playing ...

Both men have microphones as the music fades out and Zack begins to speak. He excitedly tells the WWE Universe that Curt and himself are out there to hear what the WWE Owner Chip Butty is going to announce for the Tag Team Championship at the Royal Rumble. Ryder tells Curt that this means that they are going to be defending their titles on a WWE PPV and he offers his fist to his partner. Curt punches with him and then goes on to tell Zack that Chip Butty might come out tonight and announce that they have to defend the Tag Team Championships against anybody. He says that they could end up facing Undertaker and Kane for all he knows! A look of concern on their faces before Curt reminds everybody that they are the Major Broskis and that they are the Tag Team Champions because they are the best Tag Team that there is. Ryder loves this and pumps his fist before shouting ‘Woo Woo Woo! You Know It!’ to the crowd. There is a mixed reaction from the crowd, some tiring of their ‘goofy’ antics already but others getting a kick out of them.


WWE Owner

Another mixed reaction for the owner too as he heads out wearing a suit and smiling and waving to the fans. Butty climbs into the ring and shakes hands with the Tag Team Champions before asking if he can borrow one of their belts. As his music fades, Butty holds up Ryder’s Tag Team Championship belt and begins to speak. He says that the Tag Team Championships are a title to be proud of – they have been held by some of the greatest performers ever seen in the WWE. Butty lists the great Tag Team Champions of the past – from the original champions, Luke Graham and tarzan Tyler to Mr. Fuji and Professor Tanaka, The Blackjacks, The Wild Samoans, The British Bulldogs, The Hart Foundation, Legion of Doom, Money Incorporated, Headshrinkers, New Age Outlaws, APA, Hardy Boys, Edge and Christian, Dudley Boys and Degeneration X ... He says that all of them have been proud to hold these titles and that it is time that the current titles were given a shake up and the Tag Team division reinvigorated ahead of WrestleMania 27. Butty suggests that he wants the very best Tag Teams to compete at WrestleMania and that the Royal Rumble will be the start of it. Butty says that he has identified a number of WWE superstars that will – from now on – purely focus on the Tag Team division and will be aiming to win the titles. At the Royal Rumble, six of these teams will battle for the titles, including the Major Broskis.

Ryder and Hawkins don’t like the sound of five teams challenging them although the WWE Universe seem happy enough with the decision. Ryder interrupts Butty and questions the decision to have five challengers before adding ‘Are you serious, bro?’ for good measure. Butty assures him he is serious and that at the Rumble, we will start to find out who the best Tag Teams are in a Tag Team Turmoil match. Butty reminds us that this means that two teams start and the winners continue on until the end – coming into the match later is an advantage. Butty says that there will be three Tag Team matches over the next three weeks on NXT – the winner of each match will guarantee that they will be given fourth, fifth or sixth entry in the match whilst the losers will end up starting or coming in as the third team and having to win more matches to take the titles. Ryder and Hawkins look extremely worried now but Curt asks who the other five teams will be. Butty announces that tonight we will see the Usos face Cryme Time – big pop for Cryme Time – for a later entry into Tag Team Turmoil. Next week, Ryder and Hawkins will face ... Evan Bourne and Mark Henry! And in the week before the Rumble, the Hart Dynasty will face a newly formed team. Butty says he will introduce them now ... they are called ... THE BRITISH EMPIRE!


Great Britain
Finlay, William Regal & Mason Ryan

With Finlay discarding his green Irish colours in favour of red, white and blue British colours and carrying the Union Jack flag, out head the three members of the British Empire – Finlay, fellow veteran William Regal and the unknown face of Mason Ryan. They immediately are getting heat, there is something about their sneering looks that tells you that this team are not a team who are going to be sucking up to the fans. As they enter the ring, Butty shakes their hands and welcomes them to the WWE whilst the Tag Team Champions look on nervously. Regal takes a microphone and immediately thanks his fellow Brit, Chip Butty, for allowing them to take part in the Royal Rumble Tag Team Turmoil match. He then turns his attention towards Ryder and Hawkins and stares at them – Regal advises them to get out of the ring now. Slowly, Ryder and Hawkins decide to heed the advice and they exit the ring to leave the Empire all alone in the ring. Regal informs the WWE Universe that long ago, Britain ruled the oceans and the world. They owned the majority of it, they discovered half of it and they led the way so that countries like the USA could follow in their footsteps. A ‘USA!’ chant goes up and Regal demands respect and quiet – huge heat already for the British Empire. Regal accuses them of being typical Americans, loud and crass. He says that they should try and be more like their British cousins across the ‘Pond’ ... sophisticated and respectful. Regal introduces the Empire to us – representing Northern Ireland will be Finlay, representing England will be himself and then he introduces Mason Ryan, who looks to be a real powerhouse, a representative of Wales. Regal informs the WWE Universe that only two of them will be taking part in Tag Team Turmoil but they aren’t going to spoil that surprise ... yet. Regal goes on to promise one thing – by the end of the Royal Rumble, the British Empire will begin to take over the WWE with the Tag Team Championship firmly in their grasp. Regal sarcastically thanks the WWE Universe in Alabama for their time and their welcome before asking for quiet whilst the British National Anthem is played in honour of the WWE’s newest tag team. Huge boos erupt around the arena to the disgust of Regal and his team but the British National Anthem of ‘God Save The Queen’ plays ... Another ‘USA!’ chant goes up to interrupt and Regal does not look impressed as it ends. Striker and Matthews hype up the arrival of this new team and speculate that the Tag Team Turmoil match doesn’t sound good for the current champions, the Major Broskis.




NXT returns with a member of ‘Team JBL’ making his way towards the ring ...


Brooklyn, New York

Kaval grabs a microphone and he apologises to the WWE Universe for interrupting tonight’s show when he doesn’t have a match but he has a serious issue to address. Kaval reminds the WWE Universe of his treatment at the hands of JBL in recent weeks and then replays some footage from last week’s ‘Team JBL’ Elimination Match where McIntyre, Kozlov and a reluctant MVP beat him down and eliminated him before he had chance to compete. Kaval says that he will not allow JBL to destroy his WWE dream and demands that his mentor heads out to the ring so they can get their issues sorted right now ... Boos from the WWE Universe as JBL appears on the titantron instead. Kaval shakes his head as JBL prepares to speak – the ‘Wrestling God’ informs Kaval that he is the runt of the NXT litter, he is 174 pounds of nothing that will never compete in the WWE and will not stand a chance of competing in this competition. JBL tells Kaval that if he had the choice, he’d fire him right now and cut his losses – but that isn’t possible. Instead, his team are going to ensure that Kaval is eliminated in the first NXT elimination and then he will be nothing but a footnote, a nobody, a stain on the WWE. Kaval is angry and challenges JBL to come down to the ring and say these things one to one, to his face, without backup. JBL laughs at Kaval and tells him to calm himself down. He says that he has a proposition for him. Kaval listens as JBL claims to have something of interest for him ... as everybody focuses on JBL on the titantron though, suddenly Vladimir Kozlov slides into the ring and he charges towards Kaval and hits a huge Big Boot to Kaval as he turns to him. Kozlov rams Kaval hard into the corner turnbuckles and then hits a Battering Ram headbutt in the corner. More headbutts follow before Kozlov heads to the top rope ... DIVING HEADBUTT! Striker and Matthews are in awe of this huge move as Kaval writhes on the mat with the Russian stood over him. JBL is laughing on the tron and then he orders Kozlov to get a chair and finish him off once and for all. The crowd are jeering but Kozlov gets a chair and heads back towards Kaval when all of a sudden, cheers erupt around the arena ...

Here comes Santino Marella!

Santino slides under the bottom rope and chases towards Kozlov who swings a chair at him. However, Santino manages to duck and avoid the contact and he comes off the ropes with his hand in the Cobra position. Kozlov decides to exit the ring instead of facing up to a fired up Santino as Josh Mathews reminds us of Kozlov’s beatdown of his former Tag Team partner last week on NXT. Kozlov backs away up the ramp muttering furiously to himself as he stares down to the ring at Santino who is checking on Kaval now instead ... Mathews and Striker discuss how upset Santino must have been after Kozlov beat him up last week and they suggest that this is not over between the pair of them yet!

Backstage, JBL is shown storming around with a look of anger on his face. He shouts at some people about Santino interfering in his business before Kozlov appears as he heads back in from the arena. JBL angrily shouts about Santino to the Russian and suggests to him that he will need to show the WWE that he is not going to be held back by that clown no more. Kozlov nods his understanding and then JBL says he will come up with a plan and beckons to the Russian to follow him ...

*** GET UP ***

San Francisco, California | 479 pounds

The cameras head back into the arena where we see Jimmy and Jey Uso, the twin sons of former WWE superstar Rikishi as they prepare for their match tonight. Mathews and Striker remind us of Chip Butty’s announcement earlier about the Tag Team Turmoil match for the Royal Rumble and that both these teams will be participating in this match. The importance of this match is recognised as Striker informs us that the winner will get a later entry into the Tag Team Turmoil match and will ensure that they will have a greater chance of winning the Tag Team Championships at the PPV ...


Brooklyn, New York | 525 pounds
JTG & Shad Gaspart

Huge cheers from the WWE Universe as the popular Cryme Tyme begin to make their way out into the arena. After splitting up a few months ago unsuccessfully, Striker informs us that the pair have patched things up and have informed Chip Butty that they are willing to go after the Tag Team Championships again – Mathews points out that Cryme Tyme never won the Tag Team Championships in their first run in the WWE. Dancing on the stage, JTG and Shad slap hands with each other before greeting several members of the WWE Universe as they make their way down the rampway. Once they enter the ring, Shad salutes the fans by climbing the ropes in the corner and holding his arms up whilst JTG steps through the ropes and then salutes the crowd from there instead. JTG removes his sunglasses and jacket and then has a short team-talk with his partner as they prepare for their first match back ...


(Winning team will enter Royal Rumble ‘Tag Team Turmoil’ match later)

Jimmy Uso and JTG start the match off and they trade grapple holds early in the match with neither man getting the advantage. In the end, a blind tag from Jimmy to Jey gives the Usos control as they manage to get the top side of their opponents. JTG is unable to make the tag to his partner Shad as the returning Cryme Tyme struggle to get back into the match. With Jimmy and Jey in control, they make regular tags in and out as they look to wear down JTG and keep Shad out of the match. Things look bleak when both members of the Usos enter the ring (Jimmy is illegal) and entice Shad to come in. With the referee holding the big man back, The Usos go for their finisher Alley-Us as JTG is lifted up in the air and Jey looks to hit a quick Samoan Drop; however, JTG manages to reverse it into a DDT and the referee ushers Jey out of the ring. Both men are down, Jey from the DDT and JTG from the beating he has taken. The crowd get behind JTG as he looks for a tag. Jey tags Jimmy in, JTG MAKES THE TAG TO SHAD GASPART! Clothesline from the big man as he takes out Jimmy Uso, another one to Jey Uso follows quickly. Up gets Jimmy Uso and Shad lifts him high into a Gorilla Press before slamming him down to the mat on his back. He follows this with a second clothesline to Jey that lifts him up and over the top rope to the outside before a running big boot to Jimmy. This knocks the Uso twin down through the ropes to the outside and Cryme Tyme are on fire here as the crowd cheer them on. With JTG recovered, Jey Uso stumbles to his feet and is met by a flying leg lariat off the apron by the smaller member of the Cryme Tyme team. JTG grabs Jimmy Uso from the outside and rolls him back into the ring and with a grin on his face. Shad lifts Jimmy up for a Samoan Drop, holds him in position as JTG comes off the ropes – CRYME TYME HIT THE G9! As Shad hits the Samoan Drop, JTG hits a somersaulting neckbreaker and Jimmy crashes down to the mat hard. Shad makes the cover ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **


Mathews and Striker identify that the win means that Cryme Tyme are now guaranteed to enter the Tag Team Turmoil match at the Royal Rumble as either the fourth, fifth or sixth team and that they will definitely enter after the Usos following the win. Cryme Tyme celebrate in the ring and the fans are delighted to see them back together in the WWE ring as a tag team after their recent hiatus. Striker says that Cryme Tyme have never been Tag Team Champions but that might be about to change in the coming weeks!

The cameras switch backstage where Great Khali is stood in the locker room with his brother, Runjin Singh. Khali and Runjin are speaking in Urdu and appear to be having a good time when in walks Khali’s mentor on NXT: THE ROCK! The crowd cheer for Rock and he stands looking up at the lovable monster in front of him before slowly removing his shades. Rock surveys Khali for a moment as a ‘Rocky!’ chant goes off in the arena. Rock suddenly breaks out into a smile and he shakes hands with Khali and then Runjin before he stops and holds up his hand for quiet. He turns to the camera and does his customary ‘Finally, The Rock has come back to Mobile’ catchphrase before turning his attention back to Khali. Rock tells Khali is has the potential to destroy the rest of the NXT field, he could layeth the Smackdown on all the other seven ‘candy asses’ right now if he wanted. But Rock has a more important question for Khali – Does he like ... pie? The crowd are loving it as an embarrassed Runjin Singh attempts to translate this to Khali who responds by clapping his hands and a big smile on his face. Runjin and Khali begin to dance and Rock half joins in before realising that this looks a little stupid. Rock tells Khali to be serious for a moment, that next week he will face Vladimir Kozlov from Team JBL for the Number 1 ranking in this series of NXT. Rock says that Khali needs to go out there next week and beat the living hell out of Kozlov, send out a message that he is not going to be stopped. Khali is clearly in agreement as Runjin interprets it again and Rock now tells Khali that he is expecting big things from him, that he expects Khali to whip Kozlov’s ass and be the most electrifying man ... to ever come out on Punjab, India! “IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL .....” Suddenly R-Truth walks into shot and he does not look happy. Rock fixes him with a questioning look and Truth looks like he wants to say something but he holds it back and shakes his head. Rock stops him as he tries to leave and asks Truth if he thinks he can beat Drew McIntyre tonight and take the Number 5 ranking? Truth looks set to answer when Rock cuts him off, ‘It doesn’t matter what you think!’ and Truth looks at him with bulging eyes now. Rock tells Truth that it is all about what he thinks and he thinks Truth needs to get out there tonight and prove that he can bring it.

The camera returns to the ring and we see that the Sinister Scotsman is already making his way down towards the squared circle as Tony Chimel announces that the next match is to determine who will be ranked Number 5 in the first NXT rankings next week ...


Ayr, Scotland | 254 pounds

Slowly ambling towards the ring, McIntyre looks calm and collected as he gets into the ring with a look of evil on his face. He stares around at the WWE Universe at ringside until the music of his opponent begins ...

*** WHAT’S UP? ***

Charlotte, North Carolina | 220 pounds

Here comes the man who Rock just challenged to prove he could ‘bring it’ here on NXT as R-Truth makes his way towards the ring looking a little subdued as he sings his rap song. The crowd join in enthusiastically and Truth climbs into the ring looking a little happier from this – he does need to get himself a win though tonight, it’s been a while since Truth has been on the winning side of a match here in the WWE. Striker suggests that Truth needs to find a win tonight if he can! However, Mathews reminds us that he is facing the ‘Chosen One’ and he will not be an easy opponent tonight on NXT!


A fast start as a pumped up R-Truth comes flying out of his corner and begins to hits some heavy hitting offence towards the Scot as he looks to impress his mentor, Rock. A sudden Bicycle Kick from Truth sends McIntyre down to the mat in the early stages but it is only enough for him to get a 2-count as the Scot kicks out. Slowly, McIntyre manages to get some space and he hits a double knee armbreaker to Truth to stop his momentum and give himself some respite. However, Truth is up quicker and he hits a DDT to McIntyre before going for another cover ...

1 ... 2 ... McIntyre kicks out!

Drew takes time out and he rolls out of the ring to the annoyance of Truth who was getting on a roll and to the annoyance of the crowd at ringside who jeer Drew. McIntyre refuses to be intimidated though and he casually takes his time to get back into the ring at the count of 8 whilst demanding that Truth allows him back into the ring by giving him space. McIntyre offers up a test of strength and Truth, warily, agrees to it. Truth’s wariness is proved to be sensible as Drew hits a kick to the gut and then a suplex to Truth to give him some control as the referee argues with him over the lack of sportsmanship. Drew isn’t interested though and he now looks to hit Truth hard again with several clubbing blows across the shoulders and upper back. Drew is looking to show his mean side here as he beats Truth down into the mat and the referee is forced to break it up as McIntyre shows little sign of stopping. Angered, Drew stalks after the referee a little before heading back to Truth and stomping his back hard. Truth is unable to fight his way up at this point and Drew retains control as he hits a second suplex before a fireman carry gutbuster that leaves Truth gasping for air. First cover of the night from Drew ...

1 ... 2 ... Kick out from Truth!

The match continues with McIntyre in charge but he cannot get the pinfall that he wants and it looks as if he is going to have to hit his big moves in order to secure ranking place 5 in the first NXT rankings next week. Drew looks to set up for the Future Shock DDT but Truth counters with a back body drop that catches McIntyre out. Truth now builds momentum as he hits a corkscrew calf kick followed by the Lie Detector forearm smash that sends the Scot down to the mat. Has Truth done enough?

1 ... 2 ... Drew McIntyre powers out!

Truth looks a bit worried over the powerful kick out from Drew but he realises he has more to come as he leans back against the ropes waiting for his chance. As Drew gets to his feet, Truth clobbers him one more time with the Lie Detector but this time he allows him time to get back up groggily before going for the CORKSCREW SCISSORS KICK. However, McIntyre slides out of the way and Truth lands heavily on the mat instead, Big Boot to the face from Drew to an unsuspecting Truth! Drew McIntyre grabs Truth now and sets up ... FUTURE SHOCK DDT! Drew makes the cover ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **


Big win for Drew McIntyre as he begins to build momentum and secures 5th spot in the inaugural NXT rankings that will be finalised next week. The defeat for Truth, who is now slinking out of the ring muttering angrily to himself, means he will be ranked sixth and a little too close to the bottom even at this early stage. McIntyre laughs cockily in the ring and then talks trash to the WWE Universe as he insists that he is the man who will win NXT whatever they think about it. Striker suggests that McIntyre is a massive danger to the other seven superstars here on NXT and Mathews says he finds it hard to disagree with that idea!



Who will win the Royal Rumble and advance to WrestleMania 27?

NXT returns with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero in the ring – Mathews says that it is supposed to be time for tonight’s main event between Chavo Guerrero and MVP for the third ranking place in the NXT rankings. Dolph and Vickie begin complaining about the treatment of Ziggler by Rock in the opening weeks of NXT. Last week – a replay is shown – Rock hit a Rock Bottom to a member of his own team in Ziggler and that cost him in the Elimination Match as he was the first man eliminated. It means that next week, Ziggler will have to face Kaval to try and avoid ending up in the bottom spot in the first rankings. Vickie takes over from Dolph and she demands better support from Rock in the future but also ... an apology. She is sick and tired of Rock treating Dolph this way and she is not willing to stand by and let him destroy Ziggler’s career in this way. Suddenly though, Ziggler is interrupted but not by his mentor ...


El Paso, Texas | 215 pounds

Fellow ‘Team Rock’ member of Dolph’s, Chavo Guerrero, heads out ready fr the main event match he has with MVP. He is carrying a microphone and he asks Ziggler to please shut his mouth with all the complaining, he sounds like a broken record. Ziggler is not happy and Vickie even less so – her nephew is bad-mouthing her man here! Chavo tells Ziggler that Rock is one of the all time greats here in the WWE, a sure-fire Hall of Famer but that doesn’t make him the sole reason why his team make or break their careers here on NXT. Chavo points out that he will listen to Rock, he will act on the advice he gets from him but 99% of the reason whether he wins NXT, keeps his job or loses it will be himself. He has to come out here every week and give it everything he has, he has to do everything he can to defeat whoever he has to face and if he does that, then he can look himself in the eye in the mirror and know that he gave it his best shot. What he won’t do is bitch and complain about the lack of support he is given – that’s a sure fire sign of weakness. Ziggler looks incensed but Vickie calms him down and sends him out of the ring and back to the locker rooms. Vickie waves to Dolph before turning back to her nephew who looks intrigued over what she has to say to him. Vickie laughs at Chavo and points out that he is a complete failure, a man who is a disgrace to the Guerrero family name. She tells him that she is embarrassed to say she is related to him in any way and suggests that her husband Eddie was by far the better man in every way imaginable. Chavo looks amused at Vickie and she gets angry over this. She insults Chavo some more as she tells him that she cannot wait to see him in the gutter, broken down and bitter, a failure, a stain on the Guerrero family name and a disappointment to his Uncle Eddie. This cracks Chavo and he gets in Vickie’s face. He tells her that she has some need to talk, that she is the biggest embarrassment there has ever been on the Guerrero family name. He tells her that his Uncle Eddie was a better man than he is, that Eddie won the WWE Championship and that he is proud that he saw that – one day, he hopes he can still emulate him. An ‘Eddie!’ chant goes up as Chavo continues – as Vickie tries to interrupt, Chavo knocks her microphone out of her hands. He berates her for riding on Eddie coat-tails and says that she profited more than anybody from her husband’s death before embarrassing his legacy with her actions since. She married Edge and helped him win the title when he didn’t deserve it and now she is on the arm of Dolph Ziggler, the king of the excuses. Chavo tells Vickie it is time that Chavo Guerrero restored the honour and pride of the Guerrero name that has been so damaged by her in recent years. He vows that tonight he will defeat MVP and he will go on to win NXT in his Uncle Eddie’s name – because he is a Guerrero and he is proud of it. Vickie rears her hand back and slaps Chavo in the face before making a quick getaway as Chavo looks on angrily ... Vickie runs up the ramp and out and Chavo nods his head and refuses to lose focus ...

*** I’M COMIN’ ***

Miami, Florida | 252 pounds
M. V. P.

Out to the ring heads MVP who seems to be suffering from some internal conflict here on NXT according to Matt Striker – follow JBL’s orders or not? Replays of the beating that Kaval received last week and the look on MVP’s face are shown as he steps into the ring. Mathews announces that the winner of this match with be ranked third in the first set of rankings – a position that at the end of the NXT season will guarantee a place in the WWE after the show. They hype up how important momentum will be here on NXT as MVP and Chavo prepare to go at it ...


Fast paced action from two of the crowd favourites here on NXT with the WWE Universe split over who to cheer in the contest. MVP gets the upper hand in the early stages and he hits several big time suplexes as he looks to get on top in the competition. However, he cannot put Chavo Guerrero away as he kicks out at 2 on several occasions. MVP looks to his a Drive By Kick as he steps up off Chavo’s knee but the Mexican ducks underneath the boot and he manages to counter into Hurricanrana that sends MVP stumbling across the mat. Chavo hits the T-Bone suplex next up and he makes his first cover of the match as well ...

1 ... 2 ... MVP kicks out!

A brainbuster follows as Chavo looks to put MVP away but he cannot manage to get the 3-count he needs to secure third spot in the first set of NXT rankings. He decides to hook the leg and hit a Northern Lights Suplex instead and he holds on for the pinfall ...

1 ... 2 ... MVP kicks out again!

The crowd are beginning to get right into the match as MVP now begins a comeback as he hits a German suplex that crashes Chavo down hard on the back of his head. MVP keeps hold of the Mexican and hits another German suplex before scrambling up one more time ... A third German suplex is about to follow but Chavo manages to roll out and a kick to the gut of MVP slows him back down and it is Chavo’s turn to hit suplexes. He hooks MVP’s head and hits a suplex before swivelling his hips and hanging on ... Another suplex, another hold on and here we go, Chavo goes for the third suplex in the Three Amigos made famous by his Uncle Eddie. No way, MVP couldn’t hit three German suplexes and he manages to escape a third suplex from Chavo as well. As Chavo rushes at him, MVP locks him into a belly to belly suplex and throws Chavo up and over and skidding across the mat. A Playa’s Boot in the corner leaves Chavo dazed and struggling in the corner, MVP drags him into the middle of the ring for a cover ...

1 ... 2 ... Chavo kicks out!

MVP hits another kick to the side of Chavo’s face and sends him crashing down to the mat in position for MVP to hit his Ballin’ move as he imitates a basketball player before crashing a heavy hand down onto the Mexican. Another cover from MVP ...

1 ... 2 ... Chavo kicks out!

This see-saw match continues with both men getting the upper hand at different points and it appears that either man could win this one as it builds towards the end of the match. MVP goes for the ‘Play of the Day’ but Chavo counters with a suplex and this time he manages to hit it three times to complete Uncle Eddie’s Three Amigos. It seems that Chavo is now feeling ‘froggy’ as he heads for the top rope and prepares ... FROG SPLASH! CHAVO HITS THE FROG SPLASH! This one is over and Chavo makes the cover ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **


Wait a minute!

Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler are back at ringside and MVP’s foot is on the rope ... thanks to Chavo’s Aunt! The referee confirms that it was a 2-count as Vickie distracts the official and Chavo spins round ... ZIG ZAG! Revenge for Dolph Ziggler after Chavo belittled him before! Ziggler and Vickie head back up the ramp laughing as they look at the ring where Chavo and MVP are both laid on the mat with the referee counting them out. Dolph has made his point and he and Vickie exit as the referee gets to 7 ... 8 ... Up gets MVP! MVP grabs Chavo, he wants to beat him properly, not via a countout! MVP once again sets up for the Play of the Day but again, Chavo manages to escape and he hits a quick roll up pin ...

** 1 **
** 2 **
** 3 **


Chavo Guerrero surprises MVP with the quick roll up and catches him out to secure the win and the third ranking spot in next week’s first official NXT rankings. MVP looks disappointed to be going fourth but – as Striker points out – there is plenty of time yet! Mathews suggests that MVP maybe made a wrong decision in not taking the count-out win when Chavo was down from Ziggler’s Zig Zag move before? NXT closes out with Chavo’s hand being raised in the air and then a sporting handshake between Guerrero and MVP ...

***** END OF SHOW *****

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