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Re: Lexie Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Role Model View Post
Didn't people speak to this thing on MSN too? It's quite remarkable, I'm always unsure if I should be impressed or embarrassed for the person doing it.
"This thing". lmao. Yeah, a few people did. I wonder what Medo thinks of this. He can't be too thrilled.
Originally Posted by Role Model View Post
Lexie being a fake is fantastic though, sad to the extreme that the dude spent that long doing it, and then fucked off without even doing a big reveal, but alright, still funny.
"This thing" was online at roughly 11am EST today. And if the following is any indication....:
Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at gright.blogspot.com has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

Did you expect to see your blog here? See: 'I can't find my blog on the Web, where is it?'
I knew "this thing" would do that. That's why I saved the blog.

My name is Kenzy Tantra. I was born on May 7, 1992 (currently 19 years old) in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. Even though I was born in Indonesia, I spent most of my lifetime in the U.S, Atlanta to be precise. Most of my family resides in the U.S so when I was three years old, my mom would make the decision that arguably changed my life. Since then, I studied in public schools there until I was in Junior (11th) year in High school. Oddly enough, one night, I dreamt of Jakarta and the next day I was anxious and curious to see what my home country was like as I had already forgotten since it was such a long time ago and I was so young back then. In my honest opinion, this was basically committing suicide. Suicide in a sense that I was putting my school career on jeopardy. It should be noted that I had already gotten a scholarship so everything was looking bright for me. Regardless of all the details, I still insisted on going to Jakarta even though itís the end of first semester and final exams were due in a couple of weeks. Fast forward a week later, and I was home...I was back in Jakarta. Surprisingly, even though everything wasnít how I pictured it to be, I had this Ďcalmí feeling that I never felt before. You could call it homesick, you could call it a vacation, but I called it an escape. Just to be clear, I wasnít running away from anything, I had a pretty ďperfectĒ life in High school. No debts, no enemies, not failing classes, but nevertheless, I was still unhappy. (Should be noted I was 16 at the time)

Fast forward three years and here I am now 19 years old in 2011. Iím currently in my second year of college majoring in English Literature. Iím still unable to speak proper and formal Indonesian language and in my thoughts are still in plain English. This is actually surprising considering that I speak Indonesian every single day and rarely speak English. As I look back three to five years ago, Iíve come to the realization that my life has completely changed both positively and negatively. Positively, Iím no longer a child nor a teenager even though some could argue that I still am due to my age, but I believe maturity is independent of age. I am no longer a person who only thinks of himself, Iíve become a caring, compassionate, and humble individual. Negatively, Iíve lost the ability to manage my time properly. Not only that, Iím now living by myself (parents still in U.S) so you could probably relate the stress and the loneliness that I have to endure. To my surprise, I now also enjoy helping others around me. Whether it may be listening to their relationship problems or just problems in general, I love hearing their stories and I like it even better if an advice that I offer them turns out helping them out in the long run. Itís a great feeling and yet strange because if I look back three years ago, I would have fell asleep if someone should come to me about their problems.
So the wall on here would make sense:

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