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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by Kentonbomb View Post
Thanks for the help! I'm 8 days into my diet right now. I haven't took any cans or bottles of soda since the year started. I've been drinking water, orange juice and milk. What energy drinks would you recommend? Red Bull is packed with sugar, not sure about Lucozade but I'd imagine the same.

I'll stick with eggs cause they're good to build muscle, but I'll probably just take boiled and scrambled. Can anyone give me an example of a good daily recipe? Every diet plan I'm finding is telling me to eat low fat, high carb stuff and the like. But I'm new to this stuff so I'm not sure what exactly to get, you know?

By the way, I'm 18. About 6'0 tall, and I'd say probably about 160lbs. I have no muscle definition, I'm just working on my abdomen right now, then I'll work on my arms and chest. I'm gonna start running in the morning and such.
Who mentioned energy drinks? I've never seen anyone work out while drinking energy drinks, I can't think of a single use for them and sports drinks are made for runners, usually with complex carbs to give them energy for running. You might want to use dextrose post training since your glycose storage (the part where your body takes energy for training) will be empty. By taking dextrose, you will recharge the storage without gaining fat.

Based on your stats I'd say you need a calory intake of 2500-3500, depending on genetics. Do you generally eat a lot or not that much (judging by your weight gives me the latter impression but every body is different so I can't say for sure)? Post your whole daily diet.

When you start out it's mandatory to train your whole body since the gains you'll get in your first six months will be your biggest ones you'll ever get, also called "noob gains" and it makes the most sense to train a lot of bodyparts during that time period. Neglecting legs is the reason most people don't ever get a decent look since the bigger the bodypart = the more testosterone the body produces, and legs are obviously HUGE. Not to mention it's extremely unhealthy and looks very disproportionate after a few years of training.

Originally Posted by itsmadness View Post
This thread makes me facepalm so hard...

Want to lose fat?

Eat under maintenance, do weights 3-4 days a week, do different body parts every day. Add in 30min of cardio a day.

Want to gain muscle?

Eat above maintenance, do weights 3-4 days a week, do different body parts every day. No cardio.

is it really that hard?
Fixed that one part, training 5 times a week as a natty is more of a hinderance than help, 3-4 times a week gives better results by far, only pro bbs and fitness models train 5 days a week, or even more. There's no need to train a body part more than once a week or at least within a range of less than 5 days but I think you meant that by doing different bodyparts every day.
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