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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Since I am a new reader, the package was great help in catching up with the main storyline.

There’s something so Smackdown about that storyline between Rhino, Booker T and Carlito. That’s not something good or bad, it’s just that is one of those storylines that wouldn’t have surprised me seeing back in 2003-2007 in the midcard of Smackdown. Nice doing with Carlito wrestling as more of a heavyweight, a more grounded moveset in here, instead of him going out and busting some high flying moves. Faces get the win which is to be expected in a big multiman tag matches

Nice Randy Orton promo in here, with his usual routine back in the day of getting more and more intense, reaching a climax and then cockily lower his intensity. Not sure if he would be so happy about the Fatal Four Way instead of a one on one match though.

Nice match between Master and Juventud following the classic big man small man dynamic. Poor Chris as apparently he has lost to the entire Mexicools. Not too sure initially about pairing Masters with cruiserweights. I don’t see him looking for that kind of help, but let’s see where this goes.

Never been a big fan of Orlando Jordan, but this was a nice segment with him. I see Matt Hardy beating him at the GAB.

I think JBL should have defeated Heidenreich a little faster. Then again, five minutes is still in squash territory so it’s alright.

That was a fine promo with John Cena. You had him nailed perfectly and you gave the title match all the hype in the world with that promo alone. Lol John Cena just sold you the PPV.

Not too invested on the Rhino and Paul London promos. I just don’t care about them. Nonetheless, the promos were nicely written and Rhino’s has me thinking on who is he really going to go after, is he going to finally take Carlito out or has he completely set his sight on Booker T.

I had read this main event long before reviewing the rest of the show, and I used it for inspiration to continue working on my next show. There was something about the flow of it that made it a perfect Kurt Angle match. Tbh, sometimes I could picture Tazz calling the match with some of the lines you had in there. The ending was interesting with Cena just costing Angle the match, but I it’s all in the spirit of hyping the fatal four way.


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