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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by spiraltap View Post
I'll put it to you like this. Let's say Triple H and Zack Ryder appear in a segment together. Doesn't matter what the segment is whether they're cutting a promo, fighting, singing I'm Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves, whatever. If the segment rating is good Triple H will take all the credit. If the segment rating tanks Zack Ryder will take all the blame. You almost never see a wrestler say "Man that segment rating bombed because of me."
You are Wrong though. If you are talking about WWE management, then i am sure no one is going to question HHH if one segment tanked in ratings. Aside from the fact that he is basically a office guy now, HHH has made a loads of money for them in the past, so one segment isnt worth it.

If you are talking about IWC, then HHH will be held responsible not ryder. HHH is the draw, he is suppose to bring in viewers, if he is not able to then he is responsible not ryder. I dont really get what was the point of your post anyways.

as for all this ratings arguments go, i dont think WWE even cares about them so much as we do everyweek tbh. I mean if the main event bombs or the opening seg doesnt draw, that is obviously something to be concerned about but i dont think they even bother with the ratings of the rest of the show imo.
Lets face it, After building up for the Jan 2 return of chris jericho, they actually flew him in public instead of using a private jet. Its like Vince knew jericho aint worth a shit for the ratings, so he just didnt bother with the private jet, the secret limo & shit lol.

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