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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Exactly thank you. And I love Jericho but please, no one wants to analyze how great his character depth is and how genius he is for trolling a paying live crowd just to get some heat for some storyline god knows where thats gonna go. I do wanna watch something cool, and I do wanna see some badasses do their thing. Has nothing to do with what "era" we're in. Every era had authentic real characters and badasses like Flair, Rhodes, Piper to guys like Razor, Michaels, Diesel, Taker, to the guys like Foley, Rock, Austin, HHH. HHH is 10x the heel Jericho will EVER be, and you don't see HHH or Flair over analyzing shit to make people boo them. They just had the crowd in the palm of their hand.

We are missing those upper echelon of icons from this era. Why, because I really believe its the worst of them all. And I really do hate the arguments between what era was better and what times were better because it doesn't matter that time is absolutely gone. But I really get pissed when I see shit like this on my TV week in and week out, when in this day and age there is potential for a shit load of great ideas and creativity to tap into, and they just decide to produce this contrived bullshit that obviously does not translate to a wide audience. They have to be more creative. Over the years its just steadily declining and its no coincidence that its all uncreative kids based shit. It really isn't a smart decision to keep going like this. I believe HHH knows this, Shane knows this (which is prob why he left), and others know. I just hope these young guys are given the outlet to really shine and show their true potential and help revolutionize the product again like their predecessors in the late 90's-00's.
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