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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Very good opening six man tag team match thought that rhyno interfering was well done without taking the focus away from the match itself.

Randy Orton segment was well written i feel that Orton back in 2005 was just developing and by putting him against the likes of Angle can only benefit him in his progress.

love the angle of masters being fooled by the mexicools. thought it was a good and about time that masters bought in the help of someone and with the pitbulls it balances it out numbers wise as well as allowing them to develop into a good team.

oj and teddy segment was well written. personally i dont remember much oj in the wwe but vaguely remember him to an angry man so for me the segment and personality was well written and covered as well as further setting up the future match with hard.

JBL continuing on his role toward GAB was good heidenreich obviously stood no chance to win but someone of his size and standing in the ring is a big thing for momentum.

The cena and angle interaction was well written with some great back and forth action and good to see people get behind cena who like orton wasnt fully established as a star in 05 but these sort of things go a long way to getting there

good to see the champ london win. always liked him and good to see him being used well. the post match talk by london though didnt seem very much like him but can see where you're going with him being unbeatable in his own eyes cockiness is something london can portray well i feel like kendrick

Rhyno showed his psycho persona well in his little thing backstage which goes a long way into further putting him against the likes of booker and carlito.

lashley against suzuki and dupree could be interesting hope lashley gets over the these two and the segment gets dupree and suzuki to appear to have a fighting chance.

Loved the main event thought it was well written with some great action for both orton and angle. finish definetly sets up a big battle in the next few weeks before GAB could make for interesting reading thats for sure


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