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Re: CHIKARA - Season 11 Discussion Thread

Del Rey turned her back on the entire Chikara locker room at Three Fisted Tales (2009 Season Finale) when she joined the then new stable known as the BDK run by Claudio & Ares. Her and Daizee spent most of 2010 beating up on the boys in the back, even accumulating three points towards a tag title shot. Claudio & Ares being champs at the time, it was clear that not only would they never get a shot at the belts, but they were more part of the group to keep other teams from attaining three points. So the rage begins to build. By the time 2011 comes along, you can feel the beast known as the BDK crumbling. Not showing the power and cohesion that lead them to win the Tag Titles, King Of Trios, YLC, etc. Daizee broke her nose at the 2010 Finale, and then for other reasons didn't see alot of action through out this year. Or atleast the second half. Sara gets voted into the CHIKARA 12 Large Grand Championship tourney despite the fact that every BDK member was suppose to nominate Claudio and Claudio only. SDR/Claudio happens eventually as they are in the same block. Claudio tells her to lay down, she doesn't. Honestly a great match u should try to find, SDR pins claudio. Dub C goes ham sandwich afterwards and is all pissed, one hand chokeslamming Daizee out of chikara. Girls are officially out of the BDK if they weren't already. Sara then finds herself away from the BDK, getting wins over the top men in CHIKARA. She loses to Quack in the finals of her block for the title tournament, but then goes on to win the Cibernetico.

As this season begins Del Rey is on a helluva roll. She has to be considered the top, if not one of the top contenders to Kingston's Grand Championship.

Thats all I got for her. As far as Chucky and Gargano.

Ok well, First things First. Chuck Taylor has to be the most decorated wrestler in CHIKARA's history excluding maybe Claudio and Hallowicked. He has been Young Lions Cup champion, was the First Rey De Voladores, Made Bryan Danielson tap out to win King of Trios for FIST, and is now one half of the tag Champs with Gargano. To sum them up very poorly as a team...they cheat. They are the official super cheating heels of Chikara. They do so very well. I believe they've cheated to win atleast one fall in every two out of three fall tag title matches they've been in over the past six months. I suggest trying to go back and find some of their work against Harada and Kotoge from Osaka, whether it be the title match or any of the last two years king of trios.

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