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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
I'll admit to being shitty and not having watched that Clique tag, but I'd say the Clash tag is fairly comfortably ahead of Rockers/Orients or Rockers/Busters (I'd probably go Rockers/Busters 23/1/89 > Rockers/Orients btw. Might say the Boston Garden Rockers/Busters is better as well). I don't mean "comfortably" as in "smokes that match," but more "comfortably" as in "I wouldn't think twice about which one I preferred." I could see myself changing my mind so take it fwiw.

Not sure how many US tags top the Clash match, but there's probably at least ten, I'll have fun with this even though it isn't the right thread to do so :

-Final Conflict tag is better.
-Does WarGames 92 count? if it does; yeah.
-Mayyyyyyyyybe WarGames 87 (IF IT COUNTS). Need to watch it again.
-I like the 3-on-3 from that Saturday Night episode in 5/92 better. Arn/Eaton/Larry v Steamboat/Dustin/Koloff (everyone watch that btw)
-I thought MVC v Steiners from Clash 19 was a liiiiiiiiittle bit better.
-Midnights v Fantastics 26/4/88 is amazing and I'd say it definitely tops it based on my last watch of it (2009 ). That might be my #2 US tag.
-On the fence about MX v RnR from WrestleWar, Pillman/Windham v Steamboat/Douglas from Starrcade and MX v Southern Boys from GAB. Could swap those three + Clash 17 tag at any given time. Though I'm less likely to put MX v RnR anywhere but fourth of those four.
-MX/Ernie Ladd v RnR/Jim Duggan (the first one from 85- though the second one is great as well) is fantastic and I might say it's better.
-RnR v THOSE RUSSIANS from 85 (the really long one) is a contender as well.
-On of the Arn/Tully v Windham/Luger matches was probably as good (don't ask me which one right now).

So where would I rank the Clash tag in greatest US tags? I don't fucking know. But this was fun.

I'll have a go at this (sort of) as well, although I'll stick to just 2 v 2 tags. It would change tomorrow, but if I had to come up with a top 20 right now...

Eaton/Koko v Mantell/Cobra, Memphis (7/19/82)
Final Conflict, Crockett (3/12/83)
Gordy/Garvin v Kevin/David Von Erich, WCCW (8/15/83)
Reed/Neidhart v Magnum/II, Mid-South (12/25/83)
Fantastics v Midnight Express, WCCW (12/25/84)
RnRs v Chavo/Hector Guerrero, Mid-South (2/13/85)
Dundee/Daniels v Dirty White Boys, Mid-South (5/11/85)
RnRs v Russians, Crockett (9/30/85)
Lawler/Mantell v Dundee/Landel, Memphis (3/10/86)
Gordy/Roberts v Kevin/Kerry Von Erich, WCCW (2/12/88)
Midnight Express v Fantastics, NWA (3/27/88)
Arn/Tully v Luger/Windham, NWA (3/27/88)
Arn/Tully v Luger/Windham, NWA (4/23/88)
Fantastics v Midnight Express, NWA (4/26/88)
Rockers v Brainbusters, WWF (1/23/89)
Rockers v Brainbusters, WWF (3/18/89)
Flair/Windham v Luger/Gilbert, NWA (3/25/89)
Midnight Express v RnRs, WCW (2/25/90)
Midnight Express v Southern Boys, WCW (7/7/90)
Rockers v Orient Express, WWF (1/19/91)
Arn/Zbyszko v Dustin/Steamboat, WCW (11/19/91)
Dustin/Windham v Austin/Zbyszko, WCW (2/29/92)
Steiners v Gordy/Williams, WCW (6/16/92)
Pillman/Windham v Steamboat/Douglas, WCW (12/28/92)
Blonds v Bagwell/Scorpio, WCW (5/8/93)
Cactus/Payne v Nasty Boys, WCW (4/17/94)
Clique tag, WWF (10/30/94)
Michaels/Austin v Owen/Bulldog, WWF (5/26/97)
Power Trip v Benoit/Jericho, WWF (5/21/01)
Briscoes v Aries/Strong, ROH Unified

Alright so I went above 20. You get 30 instead. Not going to try and rank them because...well fuck that. There's tonnes I'd like to add, and there's probably some I'm forgetting as well. If I'm including trios and other multi-man tags then the Duggan/RnRs v Ladd/MX matches, the 2/7/00 RAW match, the Canadian Stampede tag, the 8-man from the 2/22/92 episode of Saturday Night, the 5/23/92 6-man from Saturday Night and the 7/83 Von Erichs/Freebirds match all go in, probably top 20 rather than top 30. There was another one that I wanted to mention and I've forgotten it now. But I'm pretty sure whatever I was thinking of was good.

I literally can't think of any other ROH tag that I'd put in or near a top 30. There are probably some I'm just blanking on, but most of the stuff people pimp highly I'm either apathetic towards or just flat out don't like (Danielson/Black v Wolves...pretty much anything else from the Wolves). Cage of Death isn't really a tag and falls into its own category like the Wargames matches, but Cage of Death was awesome and so were a few Wargames matches. I liked that Danielson/Aries v Jacobs/Black match from a few years ago, but not "top 30" like. I honestly can't see most of the stuff post-2007 being my thing, anyway. Shit, I'm surprised I still like the Briscoes/Aries-Strong match, because it's a style I actively hate these days.

IDK where I'd put the Clash tag if I tried to rank them. Top 20 seems likely, but it would be bottom quarter...maybe 20-23 range depending on how I feel.

Originally Posted by TelkEvolon View Post
I always find a great tag match is far better than a great singles match.
Southern style tags are my favourite matches by far. I'd rather watch the 10 minute Rockers v Powers of Pain match from MSG than any Misawa/Kawada singles match at this point, even though it's certainly not a better match.
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