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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 1/7/05- Anaheim, California

We kick off with an extended highlights package from last week’s show in which we see Teddy Long announce John Cena vs. Randy Orton with the stipulation being, if Orton can defeat Cena, he gets a title shot at The Great American Bash. We then get taken to backstage where we see Randy Orton completely out cold with trainers, medics and officials all trying to help the Legend Killer. The package then heads to the office of Teddy Long who is speaking with Kurt Angle and JBL, clearly believing they were responsible for this. We see Long question both men, who vigorously deny the accusations and Teddy has no choice but to accept and put them in Orton’s place tonight, making it Cena vs. Angle vs. JBL, with the stiuplation now being if either Angle or Layfield get the win, they receive a title shot at The Great American Bash. The package finishes with the ending of that triple threat match and the shocking reappearance of Randy Orton who staggers down to the ring and takes out Angle and Layfield before Teddy Long makes his way out and announces a huge main event for The Great American Bash. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle vs. JBL for the WWE title.

We then head into the opening video and pyro…

Michael Cole: The road to The Great American Bash will pick up in a BIG way here tonight folks. I’m Michael Cole, alongside Tazz and we are fresh off of a huge ending to last Friday’s show in which we found out our main event for July 24th in Buffalo, New York.

Tazz: And what a huge main event it’s gonna be, John Cena defending the WWE championship against Kurt Angle, against JBL AND Randy Orton in a Fatal-4-Way match! All these guys are desperate for that WWE title and come The Great American Bash they’re gonna get their chance.

Michael Cole: Indeed a blockbuster main event set for the Bash and tonight we’ve got another big time main event as Kurt Angle will go one on one with Randy Orton!!

Tazz: Major main event there Cole and you gotta believe Orton’s gonna be wantin’ Angle’s blood after that attack last week.


The music of Rey Mysterio hits to a strong pop as the Ultimate Underdog charges out, set for action.

Michael Cole: But we are kicking things off with SIX MAN TAG TEAM ACTION!! Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam will take on MNM one more time at The Great American Bash for the WWE Tag Team titles but this time, there’ll be no Melina at ringside.

Tazz: That changes everything Cole. The champs are gonna be at a major disadvantage come the Bash and you gotta believe this is the opening Van Dam and Mysterio have been waitin’ for.

‘One of a Kind’

RVD is next out, sporting a big grin to the Anaheim crowd and is met with a big pop as ever as he joins his partner, Rey Mysterio.

Michael Cole: And here comes the other half of the number one contenders, Mr.Friday Night, Rob Van Dam!! Ths whole thing with MNM started because of Van Dam and because he wanted them to show some respect and to earn people’s respect. Do you think Van Dam is any closer to doing that?

Tazz: Not at all Cole. MNM have done things their way since comin’ to Smackdown and it’s worked for ‘em, so why change it I say?

‘Can You Dig It? Sucka’

Out next to another nice pop is the 5-time WCW champion, Booker T.

Michael Cole: Well last week was a rough night for Booker T. His rival Carlito went one on one with his ‘friend’ Rhyno in a No Disqualifications match. Booker would come down to make the save for Rhyno who was about to get his taken off, only for Booker to end up inadvertently costing Rhyno the match up. Rhyno and Booker have cost each other on several occasions of late, with Carlito getting the better of them. Well last week, Rhyno finally snapped, let’s take a look.

We see highlights of Rhyno losing his cool with Booker T last week and smashing a chair, the same chair that Booker stopped Carlito using on Rhyno, smashing it over Booker’s head, before leaving to strong heat as the crowd look stuned at Rhyno turning on his supposed friend.

Tazz: I couldn’t believe it Cole. Booker was only tryin’ to help out Rhyno man and I’m guessin’ Rhyno had just had enough. I know that’s gotta hurt Booker and he ain’t gonna take it lightly after what went down last week.


Out next to strong heat is the ever so cocky, Carlito who is tossing an apple around with a strong smirk on his face.

Michael Cole: Well Carlito in no surprise is absolute full of himself here tonight. His plan all along has been to tear Booker and Rhyno up and last week he got exactly that. The ONLY winner last week in that whole thing was this man.

Tazz: He’s smart Cole, real smart. He knows both Booker and Rhyno want a piece of him, so he turned them against each other and the way I see it, Carlito beat Booker at Judgment Day and he beat Rhyno last week so who can blame him for doin’ that?


Next out, also to solid heat and the now routine red carpet and flashing cameras is MNM, Mercury and Nitro are accompanied as ever by Melina.

Michael Cole: Well there you see the current WWE Tag team champions, along with Melina. However, Melina will NOT be in their corner at The Great American Bash but last week Melina made it clear to Rob Van Dam and to Rey Mysterio that they will still be seeing a whole lot more of her in the coming weeks.

Tazz: As evil as Melina is, which I love by the way Cole. As evil as she is, you gotta admire her, she’s smart, she’s cunning, she knows exactly what to do to get inside the heads of Van Dam and Mysterio. She may well play a big role in the outcome at The Great American Bash without even bein’ there!

Match One: Six Man Tag Team Match

Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam and Booker T vs. MNM and Carlito

It’s Rey Mysterio and Carlito who kick things off for their teams as the fans get set for a big match to kick off Smackdown. The two men head towards the centre of the ring and look set to lock up but instead Carlito delivers a thumb to the eye!! Mysterio is taken aback by this as Lito now gains an early control, clubbing the back of Rey with several hard shots before spinning Rey round and delivering a kick to the mid section followed by an Irish whip now from Lito. Mysterio comes charging back at Carly and is met with a big time clothesline. Early cover from Carlito, 1..2..shoulder up by Rey.

Lito looks slightly disappointed as he takes a second to think up his next move. Lito hovers momentarily, allowing Rey to get back to his feet before heading right back after him. Lito throws a punch but Rey sees it coming and manages to duck it before running the ropes, Lito goes for a clothesline again to the Ultimate Underdog but this time Mysterio ducks it and runs through. Mysterio once again comes back and flies at Carlito who catches him but Rey counters with a HUGE head scissors take down!! Mysterio into the cover now, 1..2..Kick out from Lito as things have started at a really fast paced tempo in the opening minutes here. Mysterio now takes his chance to get into the match as he delivers some stiff kicks to the back of Carlito whilst the Apple Spitter is down on the mat. Carlito’s face paints a picture as Mysterio continues to drill right away viciously with those kicks. Mysterio brings Lito back upright now before heading off and running the ropes, Carlito appears a little groggy and Mysterio rebounds, charging at Lito, Mysterio flies at Carlito, cross body! Carlito though rolls through, into the cover!! 1..2..3..NO!! Mysterio just gets out of it as Carlito almost stole one there.

Carlito sits up, head in his hands before looking over and realising Mysterio is almost up. The Caribbean superstar has clearly had enough of the Master of the 619 and throws his hands out as if to say ’Screw that’ as he decides that enough is enough of the punishment Mysterio’s been dishing out and heads towards his corner, quickly making the tag to Johnny Nitro. Nitro is straight in on Mysterio who’s just about back to his feet and Nitro is met with a back kick from Mysterio, ctaching Nitro in the mid section as Rey now regains control for his team. Mysterio again begins to hammer away with some kicks on Nitro but as he tries one more, Nitro catches him. Nitro holds onto the foot of Rey before spinning him around but Mysterio catches Nitro in the face with a spinning kick!! Mysterio into the cover, 1..2..Kick out by Nitro, much to his team and Melina’s relief on the outside.

Mysterio appears a little frustrated as Nitro survives but Rey Rey is quick to look at keeping up his offense and picks Nitro back up before delivering a right hand as Mysterio runs the ropes and comes back at Nitro with a baseball slide, looking to take down Nitro at the shins but Nitro ducks it, Mysterio comes upright again and is met with a beautiful dropkick from Nitro as Melina lets out a cry of joy! Nitro scurries into the cover now, kick out at two from Rey. Nitro grabs his head, still somewhat reeling perhaps from the kick he received by Rey and Nitro drags Mysterio over towards his corner before stomping away at the back of the neck of Mysterio. Mysterio holds his neck in clear discomfort before Nitro tags in Joey Mercury and he picks off where his partner left off, stomping away at the back of Rey’s neck before dropping several elbows on MNM’s recent rival.

Mercury then locks a chinlock in on Rey as we get a shot of Booker T and RVD on the apron, looking concerned for their partner here. Mercury applies a firm hold as Rey looks to be struggling and the crowd begin to egg on the Ultimate Underdog. Mysterio looks to find some strength from somewhere as he gets to his knees before digging away with some elbows on Mercury as the MNM member loses his grip slowly. Mysterio fights out of the hold as he escapes the clutches of Mercury before delivering several kicks to the shin of Mercury as he manages now to get out of harm’s way, take a breather and make the tag, bringing Booker T into the match! Booker is straight in with right hands on Mercury, forcing him back. Irish whip now from the five time WCW champion and Booker connects with a back elbow, dropping Mercury down.

Booker is now in control here as he brings Mercury back up again before another right hand, kick to the mid section now from Booker as he scoops Mercury up and drops him with a scoop slam, Booker fires the crowd up as they get behind the Book man here and he signals that it may well be Spinaroonie time! Booker feels it coming but he’s CAUGHT FROM OUT OF NOWHERE BY CARLITO! Lito enters the ring and smashes Booker with a massive clothesline, taking him down as Lito lets out a smirk and we see both Van Dam and Mysterio enter the ring, only for the referee to hold them back before he berates Carlito. The match is now evenly poised once again as both Mercury and Booker are down and both struggling slightly here.

Booker get to his knees slowly, as does Mercury and both men also get to their feet seemingly at the same time as they now begin to exchange right hands and it’s Booker who gets the upper hand as his fast pace gets the better of Mercury. Booker now with an Irish whip and Mercury comes right at Booker who goes for a spinning kick but Mercury ducks it, spins Booker around and drops him with a DDT! Cover by Mercury, 1..2..3..NO!! Booker just gets the shoulder up much to the fans’ relief. Mercury seems to be struggling for breath here as Booker struggles to make it up again. Booker holds out his arm, wanting to tag in his partner but he’s a million miles away right now as Mercury gets back to his feet and draws Booker upright. Mercury connects with a right hand, followed by another before a clothesline attempt but this time Booker ducks it and spins Mercury around right into a BOOKEND!! BOOKEND CONNECTS but Booker doesn’t go for a cover??

The camera changes and we see RHYNO approaching the ring through the crowd! Booker T suddenly loses his cool, wanting a piece of his former friend and tags in Rob Van Dam before setting off after Rhyno! Carlito too sees his rival, but unlike Booker and in typical Carltio fashion, he jumps off the apron and runs through the opposite side of the crowd!! Booker charges after Rhyno, jumping the barricade and the two come to blows with the fans going crazy. Inside the ring Mercury is still down as Van Dam looks on at the confrontation on the outside. Van Dam, Rey, Melina, Nitro and now steadily Mercury look on at the scene before realising that this match is still going on here. On the outside, Rhyno and Booker exchange right hands with the Book man getting the upper hand, only for Rhyno to deliver a sickening kick to the groin, a nasty low blow as Booker clutches his stomach, Rhyno takes a couple of steps back before goring the hell out of Booker!! The fans boo the Man Beast as he outdoes Booker again tonight with a savage gore!

Inside the ring attention turns now though as this match continues and Van Dam has turned to Mercury who is up to his feet and RVD meets him with a spinning roundhouse kick, knocking him down here as Van Dam heads up to the top rope!! Van Dam is all set to fly but we see Johnny Nitro try and stop him, only for Rey Mysterio to come from nowhere and take Nitro down with a baseball slide, sending him to the outside as Melina squeals, realising her boys are in a world of trouble here. Van Dam now steadies himself and CONNECTS, FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH TO MERCURY!! Cover, 1..2..3..it’s over!!

Winners: Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam and Booker T(10:15)

Michael Cole: BIG win for the team of Van Dam, Mysterio and Booker T here tonight!! Van Dam and Mysterio getting one over on the tag team champions!!

Tazz: But what about Rhyno, Cole?! He wanted some of Booker T and good god did he get it?! I think Carlito is next Cole.

Michael Cole: Indeed the ‘Man Beast’ making a HUGE impact here tonight on Smackdown. Can Booker T or Carlito really stop, do they even wanna get in the way of Rhyno when he’s this intense, this fired up?!

Tazz: I don’t think so Cole. It’s gonna be a real tall order that‘s for sure.

We see a shot of a fallen Booker T, holding his ribs in the crowd, Van Dam and Mysterio celebrating in the ring before looking out at what‘s happened to Booker in the crowd. We then see Mercury and Nitro both down and out before we get a shot of Rhyno, looking focused with a twisted grin on his face looking on at Booker before finally seeing Carlito hiding away with the fans on the opposite side with a priceless look of fear on his face.


We return and immediately go backstage where we see Josh Matthews who is standing by.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, joining me at this time, please welcome the Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

Orton is shown into shot and is greeted with boos, however the odd cheer following his recent dealings with both Kurt Angle and JBL.

Josh Matthews: Randy first off, how are you feeling one week removed from being knocked unconscious right here backstage?

Randy Orton: Josh last week I was in a lot of pain, my head was spinning, I wasn’t too sure where I was or what I was doing but tonight the only feelings I have inside of me are feelings of anger, of frustration and feelings of payback towards whoever it was that assaulted me last week.

Orton clenches his fist.

Randy Orton: Now I don’t know exactly what happened last week, I don’t know for sure who it was that took me out. BUT, I got two pretty good guesses Josh and tonight I get to go face to face with one of ‘em, and that man is Kurt Angle.

Heat for the mention of Angle but the Wrestling Machine also gets the odd cheer.

Randy Orton: But before I get to Kurt, I just wanted to bring up my point last week that i brought up about our General Manager Teddy Long. You see, it couldn’t be any more appropriate to reiterate that point than right here, right now. For those of you who missed it, a couple weeks back, Teddy Long decided he’d let superstars loose around here, he let Orlando Jordan, Rene Dupree, Kenzo Suzuki, he let them all run wild. He let Kurt Angle and he let JBL interfere in mine and John Cena’s match for the WWE championship. He let them cause chaos, he lost all control of this show. So last week I, along with several others called for an apology from our General Manager but Josh, I didn’t get anything even close to that.

Orton looks angered now.

Randy Orton: I didn’t get that, no. And instead of an apology, what exactly did I get? I got attacked backstage, that's what I got because YET AGAIN Teddy Long didn’t do his job properly. He should've known that I would be a target, he should’ve known that after what happened the week before something was gonna happen last week, he SHOULD'VE known that security was gonna need to be ready, that superstars were under threat. But Teddy DIDN‘T DO A DAMN THING!.

Orton grits his teeth before continuing as the crowd boos him.

Randy Orton: So as much as I hold whoever it was that attacked me last week responsible, let me tell you that I hold Teddy Long responsible just as much and I swear to god, I was THIS CLOSE(Orton uses his fingers to make a small gap) to going straight to the Board of Directors and getting Teddy Long FIRED last week.

More heat for Orton.

Randy Orton: I am warning Teddy Long. One more act, just one more like last week and I will make a formal complaint to Mr.McMahon himself.

Orton composes himself.

Randy Orton: Aside from Teddy Long and his incompetence though Josh, my attacker last week is my priority and tonight I get a chance at some redemption and you might wonder why it is I believe it’s Kurt Angle or wonder just why I believe it’s JBL. Well it’s real simple to understand.

Orton licks his lips a little.

Randy Orton: Kurt, he has the motive, I mean he’s had it in for me ever since I pinned him to earn a WWE title shot a few weeks back. Now all I can say to Kurt is that I know that he would’ve done the exact..same..thing that I did. He lost that match because of his own stupidity, while I? I simply took advantage.

Orton pauses before continuing.

Randy Orton: When it comes down to the WWE title, I will do anything it takes to get my hands on it and I know that Kurt would do the same, I know JBL would do the same, hell I know John Cena would do the very same thing.

Pop for the mention of Cena.

Randy Orton: All Kurt has done and all Bradshaw has done is get on the wrong side of me and believe me, that is a big mistake to make. Just ask The Undertaker Josh. OH! Oh wait, my mistake, I TOOK OUT THE UNDERTAKER!

Big heat there for TLK.

Randy Orton: So Kurt, Bradshaw, if you’re listening to this, I suggest you write it down and fix it FIRMLY inside your heads. You even think about tryin’ something like you did last week again and you’re gonna end up the exact same way as The Undertaker.

Heat again for Orton bringing up Taker.

Randy Orton: Tonight, when I get my hands on Kurt, I’m gonna show to him that last week, it didn’t put me down and you’d better believe it did not put me out. All last week did was make me even more determined, even more hungry, even more focused on getting my hands around the WWE title and that starts tonight inside that ring.

Josh Matthews: And Randy, what are your thoughts now that you know that at The Great American Bash you will receive another WWE title opportunity, joining John Cena, JBL and Kurt Angle in a Fatal-4-Way Match?

Randy Orton: I’m thrilled. No, really I’m thrilled that it‘s gonna go down this way Josh. See this is something I actually give Teddy Long the slightest amount of credit for because now I know that whatever happens in Buffalo, July 24th, The Great American Bash, there will be no excuses. When I win that match, I won’t have to hear the complaints from any of those three anymore. All anybody will be talking about, all anybody will have left to say is how Randy Orton finally got back to exactly where he belongs and that is the VERY top of this company and that is the W..W..E..championship.

Orton walks off to general boos as we head back ringside.

Michael Cole: Well the Legend Killer seems intense, he seems motivated and he seems driven on not just Kurt Angle here tonight but on capturing the WWE championship come The Great American Bash.

Tazz: Can ya blame him Cole? I mean I know I’d be out for payback if I were Randy Orton. That attack last week looked to be pretty damn brutal.


It’s the music of Chris Masters that hits and out steps the man who’s had a tough time in recent weeks at the hands of the Mexicools.

Michael Cole: Well Chris Masters hasn’t had a good few weeks partner and it’s all down to a trio known as, The Mexicools!! Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis and Super Crazy have made Masters’ life a misery with Psicosis and Super Crazy scoring upset wins over the big man, whilst also being taken hostage by the Juan Deere riding high fliers!!

Tazz: Masters don’t look too happy about it either Cole. Tonight though he gets a chance at a little bit of payback.

‘Muy Loco’

And here they come, riding their Juan Deere’s as ever, it’s the Mexicools out to a strong pop.

Michael Cole: Here they are partner!! The crazy daredevils have been more than impressive since debuting and tonight it’s our first look at Juvi, Juventud Guerrera!!

Tazz: Juvi can go Cole, make no mistake about it. All three of these men are outstanding inside that ring and I think Chris Masters knows it now.

Match Two: Singles Match

Chris Masters vs. Juventud Guerrera

Masters shakes himself off a little bit before slapping himself in the face gently, trying to get him ready for this, realising that he’s been beaten by both other Mexicools already and another defeat here would top off the embarrassment. Juvi on the other hand has a wry smile on his face as he bounds up and down with Super Crazy and Psicosis making excitable noises on the outside. Masters eventually steadies himself and the two men lock up with Masters strength giving him the early edge here as he forces Juvi all the way in towards the turnbuckle. Masters eventually breaks the hold and delivers a kick to Juvi’s stomach before nailing Jui with some strong shoulder blocks, forcing the Mexicool to smash into the turnbuckle as Masters is relentless in the early going here.

Masters eventually lets up and allows Juvi a second before grabbing the right arm of his opponent and whipping him into the opposite turnbuckle. Juvi smashes off it once more as Masters comes charging at him but he’s met with a stiff kick to the face from Juvi who scoops himself up to the top rope immediately. Masters spins back around and is met with a flying clothesline from the daredevil Meixcan! Cover, 1..2..kick out at two by Masters. Super Crazy and Psicosis hold their heads in their hands, believing that their partner had the match won but Juvi doesn’t let it affect him as he instead gets right back up and sets his sights on the Masterpiece once more.

Juvi delivers a couple of kicks to the back of Piece before bringing him up and delivering a right hand before whipping the big man across into the ropes, Masters flies back at him and Juvi jumps over him as Masters runs through and Juvi connects on the rebound with a well timed dropkick! Cover again, 1..2..shoulder up from Masters as Juvi has him on the ropes in this one. Juvi this time does appear a little frustrated as he gets to his feet and waits in the corner, allowing Masters time to regroup before heading back and striking the big man with a right hand. Juvi follows with a flurry of rights before looking for a spinning heel kick but as Juvi spins Masters drops him with a clothesline!! Huge impact from the Masterpiece as he holds his jaw, clearly a little rattled by Juvi’s offense thus far.

Masters now is on the front foot and grabs Juvi, picking him to his feet before delivering a knee to the mid section followed by another before Masters hoists Juvi up in the sky before dropping the Mexicool with a vicious brain buster!! Juvi lands nastily as Masters heads for a cover, believing this one to be over with, 1..2..3..NO!! Juvi just manages to kick out much to Crazy and Psicosis’ relief as well as the Anaheim crowd. Masters looks frustrated, not for the first time since crossing paths with the trio as he tells the referee that shoulda been three there. Masters now continues his assault on Juvi, delivering some nasty stomps to the chest of his smaller opponent before pushing his boot into the throat of the Mexicool, looking to take all his breath away.

Masters lets off as the referee starts the count to disqualify him before he immediately scoops Juvi up before whipping the Mexicool into the turnbuckle once again. This time though Masters doesn’t charge, instead he walks over and delivers some more kicks to the mid section before picking Juvi up and placing him onto the top rope as the fans anticipate here. Masters perches the veteran Mexicool before heading up to the top himself! Masters reaches the second rope before Juvi finds some strength, finds some fight and delivers some elbows to the temple, trying to knock Masters off balance but Masters delivers a right of his own sending Juvi back. But wait, we then see Psicosis hop onto the apron as Masters shouts ‘Not again’ and chases off Psicosis but then we see Super Crazy appear on the other side and Masters now chases him, but once more Crazy avoids it. Masters now turns his attentions back to Juvi but Juvi flies off the top and catches Masters with a hurricanrana!! HUGE Hurricanrana off the top rope and into a cover!! 1..2..3!! He got him!!

Winner: Juventud Guerrera(6:01)

Michael Cole: THEY GOT HIM AGAIN!! Chris Masters beaten and outsmarted again by the Mexicools here tonight!! Masters jus…HEY!!

Cole suddenly sees what’s going on in the ring and we see Super Crazy and Psicosis down and out, being ambushed by JAMIE NOBLE AND KID KASH!?! Kash and Noble continue stomping away at the Mexican duo before we see Juvi get up to his feet and Juvi is taken down by with a BIG time double suplex from the duo who are getting big heat from the fans. Chris Masters is now up to his feet, holding his face as he reaches thorugh the ropes and asks for a mic.

Chris Masters: (Breathing Heavily) Y’know I’m pretty damn tired of all this. I am SICK of this three on one deal, I am SICK of being beaten by you guys and I am SICK of you screwin‘ me around.

Noble and Kash kick out at the fallen Mexicools again.

Chris Masters: So this past week I went out and I got myself a little bit of back up, a little bit of help to even the odds, and not just any old help. Oh no, I got two of the toughest guys on this entire roster, Jamie Noble and Kid Kash, The Pitbulls. And together? Well together, let me assure ALL THREE OF YOU, your playtime’s over boys. Playtime..is…OVER.

Masters drops the mic and exit’s the ring with the Pitbulls not far behind him as the crowd boo ruthlessly.

Michael Cole: Wow. A real statement made from Chris Masters, aligning himself with both Jamie Noble and Kid Kash, two of the very best Cruiserweights around here, two of the toughest individuals around here and what a battle we have on our hands now!

Tazz: Cole you got two MAJOR forces right here on Smackdown now. Masters and the Pitbulls, the Mexicools and they’re gonna be on a collision course, I can’t wait!! Big time acquistion from Masters here tonight.


We return and head into the office of Teddy Long who appears to be sorting some paperwork when the camera pans away and we see the United States Champion, Orlando Jordan who is greeted with heat from the fans

Teddy Long: Orlando, what can I do for ya playa?

Orlando Jordan: You can do a whole hell of a lot for me Teddy and you can start with REVERSING your decision on Matt Hardy getting a shot at MY United States title.

Long looks a little bit taken aback.

Orlando Jordan: As far as I’m concerned Teddy, I beat Matt Hardy at Judgment Day and I beat him again a couple weeks back on the Night of Champions special. So tell me, how, why does that mean that waste of space gets another shot at me huh? Explain that for me please Teddy.

Teddy Long: Orlando you know exactly why Matt Hardy is getting’ another shot at that title. What you did at Night of Champions was unacceptable, it was unprofessional and it was uncalled for. Matt Hardy didn’t do anything to deserve that assault before your match even took place.

Orlando Jordan: Matt Hardy deserved EVERYTHING that he got a couple weeks back. See I beat him at Judgment Day. Now that to me suggests that he drop to the back of the line, that he get outta my face and he get outta my business. But no. No n-n-no, what happens after Judgment Day is that you, you have the nerve, the audacity to give him another shot. You gave him.. another shot? Are you kidding me? And now? Now you wanna go and give him yet ANOTHER undeserved shot at this title, at MY title?

Teddy Long: Hey, look if you woulda beaten Matt Hardy fair and square at Night of Champions then we wouldn’t be in this situation right now would we playa?

Orlando Jordan: Oh we would Teddy, believe me, we would because you are intent on takin’ this away from me.

Jordan holds the U.S. title in the face of the GM.

Orlando Jordan: You ain’t gonna stop are ya until I lose this? You ain’t gonna stop until Matt Hardy gets his hands on this are ya? Well I got news for ya Teddy, that ain’t happening, not now, not soon, not EVER.

Heat for OJ here.

Teddy Long: Look, I ain’t tryin’ to make ya lose that title, all I’m tryin’ to do is what’s right and what’s fair. So with that in mind, Orlando I gotta tell ya that I received a phone call this morning from one of our medical team and they told me that by next week..

Teddy pauses as OJ holds out his hands.

Teddy Long: By next week, Matt Hardy will be medically cleared to compete.

BIG pop for that as Jordan looks up to the sky.

Teddy Long: And with Matt Hardy now ready to return to action, I’m gonna make this match that we all wanna see official right here, right now. At The Great American Bash, you will defend your United States championship, one on one against Matt Hardy!!

Orlando hasn’t moved since hearing Hardy would be returning as the fans give a nice pop.

Orlando Jordan: Big mistake Teddy. I almost finished off Matt Hardy a couple weeks back, but now? Now YOU’VE made me all the more determined that at The Great American Bash, I’m gonna make sure I finish the job.

Jordan leaves the GM’s office before Teddy does his trademark little jig to a decent pop as we head back ringside where we see Heidenreich already inside the ring set for action.

Michael Cole: What a match set for The Great American Bash!! Matt Hardy will get his shot at the United States title when he takes on Orlando Jordan in Buffalo. Hardy cleared to compete again as of next week, and ya gota believe he’ll be out for payback on the man that put him out.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. Hardy’s gonna wanna tear Orlando Jordan apart, if I were the U.S. champ right now, I’d be worried come next week man.


The oh so familiar music of the ‘Wrestling God’ hits and out comes JBL in his trademark white limo to strong heat as ever.

Michael Cole: Well one of the men who will participate in the WWE championship Fatal-4-Way match at The Great American Bash and Tazz we believe that JBL had a strong hand to play in the backstage assault on Randy Orton last week.

Tazz: Well I agree wit’ ya that it looks suspect but Randy Orton himself admitted that he didn’t even know who took him out so we can’t point the finger at JBL without anything’ to back it up.

Michael Cole: JBL set for action here tonight against Heidenreich and ya gotta believe that he’ll be looking to make a statement here tonight to all three of his opponents on July 24th, John Cena, Kurt Angle and Randy Orton.

Match Three: Singles Match

John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Heidenreich

The bell rings and we get a shot of JBL who is looking stone dead at Heidenreich, clearly focused on getting the job done here tonight. The shot then turns to Heidenreich who makes the first move and charges at Layfield but he’s met with a big kick to the mid section as Bradshaw looks to take control right from the start here.The former WWE champion then delivers several clubbing shots to the back of Heidenreich before another boot to the stomach as JBL then whips Heidenreich across the ring and into the ropes before nailing his crazed opponent with a big boot to the face which sends him spiralling to the outside!

Bradshaw takes a long look at the fallen Heidenreich before letting out that trademark grin and heading out after his opponent. JBL stalks Heidenreich, waiting for him to get to his feet. As Heidenreich does finally get back in an upright position Layfield grabs his arm before whipping Heidenreich with authority into the steel steps! Heidenreich crashes shoulder first into the steps as JBL lets out that little smirk again to a small ‘You suck’ chant from a section of fans standing nearby. Layfield then picks Heidenreich back up before tossing him inside the ring as the Wrestling God is in cruise control right now.

JBL simply uses his boot to kick Heidenreich’s face slowly, softly, almost mocking his opponent before he runs the ropes and delivers a massive elbow right onto the chest of Heidenreich who is helpless right now. Layfield picks himself up and dusts himself down a little as Heidenreich gets to his knees, reaching out for the ropes, hoping to find his way back up again but he’s met with the hand of JBL who clutches the back of his neck and picks him up before looking Heidenreich dead in the eye and slapping him across the face!! The fans oooooh before beginning to boo as JBL continues to add insult to injury here.

Layfield with another kick to the mid section now before hoisting the big man up in the air and dropping Heidenreich with a vicious looking suplex. Into the cover, 1..2..NO JBL PULLS OUT OF IT!! The fans boo as JBL refuses to put Heidenreich away and the referee says ‘C’mon’ to the Wrestling God, realising that he’s got this thing won. JBL again lets out a little smirk before launching some hard right hands on the fallen Heidenreich, right hand after right hand to the forehead of Heidenreich who looks in no man’s land right now. Bradshaw again hammers away before slamming Heidenreich’s head against the mat before standing up and taking in the heat from the fans who boo him to death. The former WWE champion then picks Heidenreich up once again, still seemingly not through with him here. JBL picks Heidenreich up to his feet, before allowing him to stand as he runs the ropes and delivers a THUNDEROUS Clothesline from Hell, sending Heidenreich inside out!! Cover from Layfield, 1..2..3

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield(5:06)

Michael Cole: Statement made from JBL here tonight folks. An impressive showing from the Wrestling God and you can tell by the look on his face right now that JBL means serious business ahead of The Great American Bash.

Tazz: Damn fine display out there from JBL. Heidenreich ain’t no slouch Cole and JBL just disposed of him like a piece of trash. I got absolutely no doubts that the Wrestling God has as good a chance as anybody o’ walkin’ outta Buffalo wit’ the WWE title back around his waist.

JBL has an intense, focused look on his face as he looks at a fallen Heidenreich before exiting the ring to the usual chorus of boos, turning and letting out that trademark smirk of his whilst watching his opponent's lifeless body inside the ring.

Michael Cole: Well folks, coming up next we WILL hear from the WWE champion himself, John Cena! Don’t go anywhere!


Back to ringside..

‘My Time is Now’

We return to hear the music of the WWE champion who makes his way out to address everybody here tonight

Michael Cole: You cannot fault John Cena Tazz for his attitude in all of the recent goings on around here. Cena has been having to deal with the antics of JBL, of Kurt Angle and of Randy Orton over the past few weeks but yet that hasn’t phased the champion. Cena could’ve blamed all the recent chaos on Teddy Long, just like everybody else seems to be doing but the champion wouldn’t settle for that, John Cena stood up for Teddy Long and John Cena has taken any and everybody that wants his WWE championship.

Tazz: Cole you’re a hundred percent right, the one word that you can use when you mention John Cena is respect and that’s exactly what he’s got from me. I respect the hell outta Cena for the way he’s dealt wit’ everything since becoming’ WWE champion BUT ya gotta believe Cena is a little angry deep down. I mea..

Michael Cole: Wait, angry? What about?

Tazz: Hold on Cole, I was getting to it. Cena’s gotta be angry that despite sticking up for Teddy Long, despite backing’ our GM, last week Teddy goes and puts Cena in a Fatal-4-Way match for the WWE championship at The Great American Bash? I mean come on Cole, that ain’t what Cena was hopin’ for was it?

Michael Cole: Well..let’s find out now exactly what John Cena thinks.

Cena has a mic in hand as the crowd give him a warm welcome.

John Cena: Y’know these past few weeks, these past few months infact have been one big old rollercoaster for me. I’ve gone from being a guy that a lotta people didn’t think could win the big one, a guy that people didn’t see as capable of being the face, the very top of this company.

Cena seems to think for a second.

John Cena: But then at Wrestlemania I did the unthinkable, I beat JBL and I won the W..W..E championship

Nice pop.

John Cena: And I proved there and then to all those people that I can win the big one and that I can be the face of this company, I can be the guy sittin’ on top. But when ya do hold this(points at the title belt), when you’re looked at as number one, there comes a certain responsibility with it and lately I’ve begun to realise just how big a responsibility that is.

Cena huffs and puffs a little.

John Cena: A few weeks back, things, they uh.. they got a little chaotic around here. Bodies were flying, attacks were flowing, nothing and nobody seemed to be safe and y’know I didn’t think anything of it. I sat back and I thought man, business is pickin’ up here tonight.

Little cheer for that.

John Cena: But then all of a sudden, as those things kept on spiralling outta control people, well people began comin’ to me. They began to talk to me and they began to ask me, ‘John, what are you gonna do about this? How are you gonna help set things straight around here?’

Cena now has a puzzled look on his face.

John Cena: And y’know what I did? I laughed. Yeah I’ll admit it, I laughed at those questions because frankly, what in the hell did any of that have to do with me? It was none of my business, it was between other guys in that locker room, guys who had no issues wit’ me. BUT, then I realised. I realised that as the WWE champion, it is my duty to make sure things work the right way around here. Teddy Long? He may be the General Manager but he can’t do it all. We, as WWE superstars have a duty and as the WWE champion, you got an even bigger one baby, to make sure your show doesn’t get outta control.

Cena nods his head as a few cheer it.

John Cena: So I thought to myself, John, you gotta go out there tonight with Randy Orton and you gotta put on a show. You gotta show everybody what Smackdown’s really about and what this, the WWE championship is all about. But my match with Randy Orton, well, it uh, it didn’t exactly go to plan and that was all down to two men. John Bradshaw Layfield(Heat) and Kurt Angle(Heat again).

The boos ring round as Cena lets out a smirk.

John Cena: Those two men decided that they were gonna come on down to this ring and they were gonna keep up with the theme of the night and they were gonna cause us some chaos. I kinda expected it to be honest, I know that both John and Kurt have got their issues wit’ me, they got their sights set on this championship. But the way I do business, it ain’t the same way those two guys do business.

Cena tips his hat a little.

John Cena: When I got an issue, when I got a problem with somebody, I say it to em’, man to man, I take action face..to..face. But JBL, Kurt Angle those two guys don’t like to do that, they like to go down a whole ‘nother route, they like to attack you from behind, when your guard’s down, when it suits them. Randy Orton, hey I’m not the biggest fan of the guy but at the very least, Randy Orton has always gone face to face with me.

Small pop for that.

John Cena: And then yet again last week, I’m all set to go one on one with Randy but what do ya know? He gets ambushed backstage and well, guess who steps in for him? Who takes his spot? Well, who else but Kurt Angle and JBL.

Heat for their actions last week.

John Cena: Coincidence? Not in my book. So last week suddenly turns into a Triple threat match and hey, you all know me, I don’t back down from anybody, all I could think was bring it on. I wanted a piece of those two guys, Kurt Angle he’s had a whole lot to say about me supposedly ‘avoiding’ him, about me supposedly ‘not wanting to face him‘. Well last week, I wasn’t avoiding him, I wasn’t avoiding anybody.

Cena’s intensity level has increased here.

John Cena: But YET AGAIN my match got interrupted, only this time it was Randy Orton himself who made his way down to..settle a score shall we say. Now that? That’s a whole different ball game. See I got no problem with what Randy Orton did last week because he, unlike JBL, unlike Kurt Angle, he had a DAMN good reason for getting involved in that match.

Small pop.

John Cena: So we got three men running around the place, week after week, causing chaos, causing mayhem all because of one thing. All because of this, all because of the WWE championship.

Cena holds the title out in front of him.

John Cena: This right here, it can make a man do crazy things, I get that but there is only one way to settle it and it ain’t through cheap shots, it ain’t through talkin’ trash and it certainly ain’t through sneak attacks backstage.

Cena shakes his head.

John Cena: Teddy Long, he’s been getting a lotta criticism the past couple weeks, he’s been getting people callin’ for apologies, callin’ for him to lose his freakin’ job for cryin‘ out loud. There’s been nothing Teddy Long can do that would change what’s happened, the only thing he can do is make the big decisions, make the big matches and last week he did exactly that.

Cena now begins to nod his head.

John Cena: So now at The Great American Bash, there’ll be no cheap shots. There’ll be no trash talkin‘. There will be NO sneak attacks. All there will be is four men stood inside this ring, face to face doing things the right…way. John Cena(pop), Kurt Angle(Heat), JBL(Heat) and Randy Orton( Heat) . Four of the VERY BEST in this business today will do battle for the richest prize in the game on July 24th.


John Cena: Now THAT is how we do things around here. THAT is how you settle your business and THAT is how you see who the better man really is. And in less than a month from now, those three men and everybody watching is gonna see that I am the better man. The CHAMP IS HERE!! And come July 24th, Bradshaw, Kurt, Randy, I promise you all, the champ will STILL….be here.

Cena drops the mic to a strong pop as the WWE champion exit’s the ring, throwing up the championship belt as the fans cheer again.

Michael Cole: Confident words from John Cena but the WWE champion knows that injjust under a month’s time, his title will be in jeopardy as he faces not one, not two but THREE of the very best superstars in the entire WWE.

Tazz: I can’t wait Cole. It’s gonna be a hell of a match up and John Cena, yeah he’s under threat but if anybody can deal wit’ that kinda situation it’s John Cena. Nobody’s got the drive, the heart, the will to win like this kid and at The Great American Bash he will lay it all on the line when it comes to that WWE title.

Michael Cole: And still to come here tonight folks, a HUGE main event as two of the men involved in that Fatal-4-Way at The Great American Bash will square off, it’s Kurt Angle one on one with Randy Orton, tonight!!


We return and it’s straight to ringside as we hear…

‘Sliced Bread’

The music of the Cruiserweight Champion, Paul London hits to a nice ovation as the high-flying daredevil charges down to the ring, set for action with his opponent already in the ring, Billy Kidman

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown folks and we are all set for some Cruiserweight action! Paul London has had his hands full of late with both Chavo Guerrero and The Hurricane. But the bigger picture in all of this has been the story developing between Chavo and Hurricane which has left London really having to look over his shoulder at all times.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. Chavo’s come up short on winnin’ the gold and he’s turned his attentions to Hurricane, well, in his eyes he’s turned to Gregory Helms.

Michael Cole: Indeed Chavo has been trying to get Hurricane to ditch the superhero routine and find the man underneath it all, one of the best Cruiserweights in the world as Chavo put it, Gregory Helms but Hurricane hasn’t seen the light so to speak. Chavo started to help Hurricane win matches and when Hurricane realised, he pleaded with Chavo to stop, saying he’d do it alone.

Tazz: Yeah but Cole, Hurricane then took on Paul London for the Cruiserweight title and he didn’t get the job done! Chavo told ‘im, if he’d have had Chavo’s help, he could be the new Cruiserweight champion, not Paul London.

Michael Cole: Well I certainly hope that it doesn’t come down to Hurricane and Chavo pulling a fast one on Paul London, that’s for sure. London has stuck by Hurricane and you cant bet that the champion is more than wary of what Chavo Guerrero’s capable of.

Match Four: Singles Match

Paul London vs. Billy Kidman

London and Kidman lock up at the get go before taking turns with right hands and it’s the champion who gets the upper hand, gaining the advantage over the veteran Kidman. London delivers some fast right hands before an Irish whip to Kidman who comes back off the ropes and is met with a perfectly timed dropkick from London. Into an early cover, kick out at two. London is quick to keep up his early offense as he brings Kidman right back up before delivering a forearm that sends Kidman aback. London again with an Irish whip as Kidman heads into the turnbuckle, London comes charging right at him, goes for a clothesline but Kidman sees it coming and gets out of dodge. London rattles against the turnbuckle and Kidman catches him from behind, delivering a beautiful belly to back suplex!

Kidman now scurries over into a cover but the time it took to get there allows London to kick out at one. Kidman gets to his feet and delivers a couple of kicks to London’s mid section before hoisting the Cruiserweight champion up again. Kidman delivers another kick to the gut before looking to pick London up high but London fights it. Kidman continues to look at bringing London up but London resists and delivers an elbow to the temple of Kidman, forcing him to break his grip as London now connects with some kicks to the mid section of his opponent, taking him off balance. London now charges at Kidman and takes him down with a clothesline, Kidman’s right back up but he’s met with another as London looks to build some momentum here.

London then grabs Kidman by the back of his neck before scooping Kidman up and delivering a nice snap suplex which is greeted with a strong cheer from the crowd. London now head up to the top rope, is the Cruiserweight champion gonna look to end it here? The crowd rises as they expect big things from the daredevil. London waits patiently, looking for Kidman to rise. Kidman slowly stumbles to his feet as he turns around, London flies!! Missile dropkick attempt but Kidman gets out of harm’s way, not for the first time tonight as London crashes and burns. Kidman takes a second to regroup himself as London holds his ribs in pain from the fall just taken. Kidman, now refreshed perhaps, heads after London once again as he brings him upright before whipping London across the ring. London though holds on to the ropes as Kidman charges at him and clotheslines London out of the ring and onto the outside!

London lands quite awkwardly on his left shoulder as Kidman heads out after him. The fans rise as they expect some big action in front of them and Kidman tries to kick that off as he grabs London by the top of his head and brings him to his feet. Kidman then holds the left arm of London and whips him across into the ringpost!! London’s shoulder bounces off of it as Kidman looks to try and exploit the possible injury to the champion here. London winces in pain as Kidman is quick to bring him to his feet again before tossing London back inside the ring. Kidman rolls London over and attempts a cover, 1..2..kick out though from London to a decent pop as Kidman appears a little frustrated.

Kidman gets back up and begins to stomp on London’s shoulder, continuing to plug away at the apparent injury here. The veteran then brings London upright once again before grabbing his left arm and twisting and turning it, looking to further exploit the shoulder here as London lets out a cry of pain. Kidman then changes initiative and delivers a kick to the mid section from out of nowhere before using that arm and whipping London across the ring into the turnbuckle. Kidman heads after him but London uses the ropes and picks himself up and jumping over Kidman. Kidman smashes off the turnbuckle as London rolls him up from behind into the cover!! 1..2..3..NO!! Kidman just gets the shoulder up as London holds his shoulder again. London now senses an opportunity to regain a stranglehold in this match as he brings Kidman up, forearm to the face, and again by London. Irish whip now from the champion and Kidman rebounds right into London who delivers a perfectly timed spinning back kick that sends Kidman down!! London though is straight back to work as he brings Kidman up again, kick to the mid section, DDT, NO!! Kidman blocks it and spins London round, swings for London who ducks it himself this time before spinning Kidman round, DDT connects this time!! The fans sense London is close here now as he heads to the top rope, looking to finish this off. Kidman is out of things here before we see London glimpse around at the fans before London FLIES through the sky and drops Kidman with the Shooting Star Press!! Cover, 1..2..3.. It’s over!!

Winner: Paul London(6:17)

Michael Cole: Big victory for the Cruiserweight champion here tonight against a game Billy Kidman!

Tazz: Paul London looking damn sure impressive here tonight Cole and I don’t care whether it’s Chavo, whether it’s Hurricane, it don’t matter who it is, London when he’s puttin’ on performances like that, he ain’t gonna be stopped.

London now has a mic in hand but wait’s a second to catch his breath.

Paul London: For quite a while now, I’ve been sittin’ and watchin’ what’s been goin’ on between Chavo Guerrero and The Hurricane.

London again takes a second, still panting a bit.

Paul London: A lot of people have their opinion on it. Some are comin’ up to me and they’re saying ‘Paul, you gotta watch your back man, Chavo’s gonna sink his claws in on Hurricane and hey, before you know it, Gregory Helms will be the Cruiserweight Champion’.

Boos as London nods.

Paul London: Others? Others are saying ‘Paul, you don’t need to worry about a thing, Hurricane, he wouldn’t do that to you, he’s better than that. Chavo ain’t gonna get his way this time round’.

London again pauses, breathing heavily.

Paul London: And throughout all this, I agreed with those people. I thought to myself that Hurricane, he’s gonna do what’s right, Hurricane will go about wanting this, about chasing this title the right way.

London holds out his title.

Paul London: But now? Now, I’m starting to have some doubts creep in. I’m starting to wonder just whether Hurricane really believes he can chase, whether he really believes he can win this the right way. Chavo’s tryin’ to get inside his head, tryin’ to turn him, supposedly Chavo is trying to ‘help’ Hurricane. Well I’m telling Hurricane right here, right now that he doesn’t need help from ANYBODY.

Decent little pop.

Paul London: Hurricane, he pushed me to my limit a couple weeks back and on another night, he coulda walked out as the Cruiserweight Champion. In my mind, he does deserve another shot at this so I’m gonna lay down the challenge right here and now. Paul London vs. The Hurricane, The Great American Bash for this Cruiserweight title.

Nice pop for that as London holds up his belt.

Paul London: BUT I wanna do this man to man, I wanna do this the right way, fair and square. No Chavo Guerrero, no mind games, just you and me Hurricane in the middle of this ring, may the very best man win. Now I’m gonna let you think about it and by next week I want an answer, I wanna know who you really are. We do this the right way, I’m puttin’ all my trust in you ‘Greg’.

London then drops the mic and exit’s the ring with a really strong look of intensity on his face as the fans give him a nice reception.

Michael Cole: Strong, STRONG words from Paul London here tonight and Tazz can ya really blame him for having his doubts about this whole thing?

Tazz: Not at all Cole. When the Cruiserweight title is on the line, you do whatever it takes and I think Chavo Guerrero has got that, or is close to getting that inside the head of The Hurricane.

Michael Cole: Well next week, Paul London wants an answer, he wants to know just what Hurricane is gonna do and how he’s gonna do it. London vs. Hurricane at The Great American Bash, what’s the answer gonna be?!

We then head off backstage where we see Josh Matthews running, before we see that he’s catching up with the ‘man Beat’ Rhyno.

Josh Matthews: Rhyno! Rhyno, just a second!

Matthews catches him and Rhyno turns around, not looking in the mood.

Josh Matthews: Rhyno last week you shocked everybody when you attacked your friend Booker T, following your loss to Carlito. Tonight, once again you attacked Booker, leaving him laid out with a gore. We all know about your issues with Carlito but the question on everybody’s lips is, why did you attack Booker T both last week and again here tonight?

Rhyno looks pissed about the question.

Rhyno: I thought it’d pretty obvious to everybody just why I did what I did to Booker. This whole thing between me and Booker comes from Carlito. This is all Carlito’s fault, HE is my priority right now and Josh, Booker, he just keeps on getting in my way.

Rhyno flips his hair a bit, looking less than pleased right now.

Rhyno: I’ve realised a whole lot lately that I don’t wanna walk around this place anymore waiting for my chance to come, waiting for my time to shine, helping other people to get in front of me which is exactly what I’ve been doing with Booker T. At Judgment Day, I tried to help Booker, I tried to help him deal with Carlito, after what that guy did to me, I didn‘t want Booker endin’ up the same way, but it didn’t work.

Rhyno shakes his head.

Rhyno: So y’know, I decided that I was gonna try and get my own bit of payback on Carlito. That I was gonna send a message to him, both from me and from Booker. But again, it didn’t work, because Booker just couldn‘t stay outta the picture could he? He could not stay away. Then we get to last week and finally, I finally get my hands on him. Me and Carlito, a No Disqaulification match, the PERFECT environment for a guy like me to get that payback I so badly wanted, the payback that I CRAVED.

Rhyno’s aggression is evident here.

Rhyno: But who cost me Josh? Who cost me? Yeah, yeah you guessed it, Booker T cost me. Who else? Booker T needs to be the centre of his attention, he only thinks about NUMBER ONE! Last week was MY moment, MY chance at retribution and Booker just wouldn’t let me have it.

Heat now for the Man Beast.

Rhyno: When that bell rang and Carlito was announced as the winner, it began to sink in, it began to really hit home. So I did exactly what I needed to do last week and I gave Booker T exactly what he DESERVED. There ain’t NO place for friends around here Josh. Not anymore. Booker T looks after only one thing around here and that’s himself. From now on, I’m doin’ the same damn thing.

Heat again for Rhyno as he heads off and we see a taken aback Josh Matthews.


We return and we head into a pre-recorded video. It’s just set in one room with a purplish background like curtain, but we see the tag team of Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suuzki who are looking on at the camera, Dupree with a slight grin, Suzuki fairly emotionless.

Rene Dupree: Bobby Lashley. Ever since ‘e came to Smackdown, people ‘ave labelled ‘im as unstoppable, as dominant, as a freak of nature.

Suzuki simply nods as Dupree ticks them off the list.

Rene Dupree: As impressive as ‘e is, those labels e ‘as been given are not entirely true. See Bobby Lashley may be a freak of nature, ‘e may be dominant BUT dominance? It always comes to an end. Unstoppable? Ha ha, everybody can be stopped.

Dupree lets out a little smile as Suzuki just keeps looking like one of those nodding dogs.

Rene Dupree: There is always a way to a way to win, believe me, always. As far as a way to deal with someone like Bobby Lashley goes, myself and Kenzo we ‘ave ze answers and that is why we are challenging ‘big’, ‘bad’, Bobby Lashley to a match at ze Great American Bash. Bobby Lashley? ‘is momentum, ‘is run of dominance it’s gonna end.

Dupree again lets out that evil like grin before pointing at he and Kenzo.

Rene Dupree: And when we’re through with Lashley, ‘e will no longer be labelled a freak of nature, ‘e won’t be unstoppable, ‘e won’t be dominant anymore. All Bobby Lashley will be labelled as, is a failure.

Dupree then laughs lightly before leaving and Kenzo looks intently at the camera before delivering a nod and joining his partner in exiting the shot.

Head back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Well that video was recorded earlier on today folks and although Bobby Lashley is not here tonight, we have been informed that Lashley has accepted the challenge and at The Great American Bash, those two men Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki will take on the ‘Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley. No doubting that it’s gonna be one of the biggest tests of Lashley’s young career to date, taking on two very game, very focused, very motivated superstars when we enter Buffalo on July 24th.

Tazz: Lashley’s destroyed everything in his path since comin’ to Smackdown Cole and there ain’t no doubt that it’s gonna be a big ask for him come The Great American Bash but if anybody’s got the tools to take on two men, it’s Bobby Lashley baby.

‘Burn in my Light’

It’s heat from the crowd with the odd cheer as out steps the Legend Killer, Randy Orton, set for our main event

Michael Cole: Well already tonight Randy Orton has made his intentions clear as he wants payback in our main event. Orton is in no doubts that it was Kurt Angle and/or JBL that attacked him backstage last week. Tonight, Orton gets his shot at Angle.

Tazz: This is gonna be a hell of a match up Cole. You got two of the participants in the Fatal-4-Way at The Great American Bash who are gonna wanna send a message, gonna wanna make a statement here tonight and in Randy Orton you got someone who wants to take payback. This is gonna be big.


It’s pretty strong heat for the Wrestling Machine Kurt Angle as he steps out, not taking his eyes off of Orton

Michael Cole: For weeks now Kurt Angle has claimed that John Cena is running scared of him, that John Cena wants absolutely nothing to do with him. Well in just under a months time Kurt Angle will get to prove whether or not his claims are true because John Cena must face Angle as part of that Fatal-4-Way for the WWE championship.

Tazz: Cole we heard from Cena tonight and the champ said himself that he ain’t backing down from anybody and that includes Kurt Angle. I don’t think Cena’s blufffin’ neither. When Cena and Angle come face to face in that Fatal-4-Way it’s gonna be a major collision course.

Main Event: Singles Match

Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle

There’s no waiting around here as Orton is straight on the attack, clearly wanting a big piece of Kurt Angle here tonight. Angle barely has time to breathe as Orton is all over him like a rash with right and left hands from all angles as he lays into the Wrestling Machine, pegging Angle back into the turnbuckle. The referee tries to calm Orton down before beginning a count as Orton borders on getting disqualified here. At the count of three though, Orton backs down and steps off Angle only to be met with a right hand from the Wrestling Machine! Angle now puts Orton on the back foot with right hands of his own before an Irish whip to the Legend Killer who rebounds and Angle catches him with a belly to back suplex, sending Orton flying and his momentum takes him under the ropes and out of the ring! This one is starting a frantic pace as Angle lets out a roar to the crowd with a few cheers but mainly boos as we get a shot of Orton down on the outside.

Angle waits momentarily before dropping to the outside also and going right to work on Orton, delivering a couple of stomps to the fallen Legend Killer before grabbing the back of Orton’s head and bringing him to his feet as Angle again delivers some right hands before whipping Orton into the announce table! Orton’s back smashes against the table as Michael Cole and Tazz rise, wanting nothing to do with this but their fear is shortlived as Angle again picks Orton upright before tossing him back inside of the ring. Angle goes for a surprise cover, 1..kick out at one from Orton as Angle raises an eyebrow to the referee before going to work on the back of Orton’s neck, delivering some clubbing forearm shots as Orton is down and in a bad way right now, perhaps a bit too over zealous heading into this encounter.

Angle now locks Orton into a choke hold as the Wrestling Machine wraps his legs around the neck of Orton before yanking away, applying strong pressure here to the young, cocky superstar. Orton gasps for air, swinging his arms around, not tapping but hoping the ropes are within arms length but it’s to no avail as he’s almost slap, bang in the middle of the ring. Orton still struggles as Angle doesn’t appear to be relenting and the fans take Orton’s side in this one, despite him being a heel, they will Orton on to escape Angle’s clutches and Orton manages to get an arm onto Angle’s left leg, trying, clawing at it to get off of him. Orton’s strength is clear as he almost fights free but Angle decides he’ll end it himself before smashing Orton with a kick to the face, putting him firmly down again.

Angle takes a second before dragging Orton upright once more and Angle looks for a right hand but Orton blocks it and delivers a right of his own, looking for a route back into things. Orton with a nother right hand, followed by another before a stiff looking uppercut takes Angle off balance and Orton connects with a dropkick!! Orton scurries into a cover, 1..2..shoulder up at two from Angle as it’s Orton’s turn now to take control. The Legend Killer gets back to his feet before running the ropes and slowly, methodically dropping a knee right onto the face of Angle who clutches his forehead right after. Orton then delivers a couple more stomps to the head before bringing Angle to his feet. The Legend Killer goes for an Irish whip, reversal by Angle though and Orton hit’s the turnbuckle, Angle comes charging at him, NOBODY HOME! Angle spins round right into a kick to the mid section by Orton who drops Angle with a snap suplex!! Cover again by Orton, 1..2..shoulder up once more from Angle as Orton looks a bit more frustrated now.

Orton takes a moment in the corner, allowing Angle to his knees before heading back onto the mutiple time WWE champion. Orton delivers some hard elbows to the head of Angle before looking to bring him up but he’s met with a shot to the mid section, followed by another as Angle tries to draw his way back into this. Orton is winded now it appears and that allows Angle to strike, delivering some right hands to Orton before a clothesline takes down the youngster. Orton is right back up though and Angle takes him back down once more with a nice arm drag. Angle keeps Orton grounded now with a chinlock applied as he really looks to wear down the Legend Killer. The second hold Angle has applied tonight and Orton needs to find that same strength and power to get out of this as he found earlier on tonight already. Angle tightens his grip furthermore as Orton lets out a cry in pain, again reaching out, hoping to cling onto something, anything to draw him to his feet. Eventually after a long slog, Orton does begin to find an extra ten percent and digs away at Angle with some elbows, getting to his knees slowly before delivering some more elbows as Orton manages to break the grip of the Wrestling Machine.

Orton and Angle are both searching for some breath and it’s Orton who moves first, having broken free, delivering a right to Angle but Angle responds and we have a real battle on our hands now here as both men trade right hands and it’s Orton who gets the better of his opponent, forcing him back before knocking him down with a HUGE right. Angle is right back up again though as Orton delivers an Irish whip, Angle comes off the ropes and Orton takes him down with a nice back elbow. Quick into the cover, kick out at one though from Angle. Orton keeps the pressure on however as he’s straight back to work on Angle, putting a boot right into Angle’s face before the referee breaks things off and Orton decides to try his luck with Angle up to his feet. Orton with an Irish whip slams Angle into the turnbuckle and Orton charges at him, looking for a clothesline but Angle scoops Orton up and over the top down to the outside as Orton eats the floor!

Angle takes a second to catch his breath, still reeling from Orton’s onslaught before heading out to his opponent for the second time here tonight. Angle grabs the neck of the Legend Killer before smashing him face first off the side of the ring, leaving Orton to clutch his nose here. Orton spins around again and is met with a boot to the gut before Angle tosses Orton face first into the ring post!! Orton’s head smashes back off the post and he drops once more as Angle lets out a roar to the crowd who simply boo him. The referee’s count is now at 7, so Angle opts to drag Orton up again, before tossing him back inside the ring and following in pursuit. The Wrestling Machine eyes up Orton, stalking him almost before delivering a kick to the face, followed by another before lifting Orton up again. Orton seems dazed as Angle stands him up and grabs him from behind, ANGLE SLAM TIME!! Orton counters it though and pushes Kurt off of him and into the ropes, Angle comes back at him to be met by an RKO, RKO, NO!! Angle counters this time, pushing Orton away. Orton spins back around into a kick to the mid section before a snap DDT from Angle!! Cover, 1..2..3.. NO!! Orton just about kicks out.

The crowd doesn’t know whether to cheer or groan as Orton holds on and Angle can only look on in frustration that he couldn’t finish off Orton there. The Wrestling Machine now heads to the corner and pulls the straps down on his attire, clearly wanting to finish this off now as Orton gets slowly to his feet. Orton is up again now and Angle catches him from behind, Angle Slam this time, no Orton again slithers away before a schoolboy!! 1..2..3..NO!! Angle just about kicks out this time as Orton almost steals one. Both men are rapidly to their feet and it’s Orton who strikes laying out Angle with a big time dropkick from out of nowhere! Orton now sense it’s his turn to try and finish this off and he drops to the mat, stalking Angle, priming him for an RKO here as the fans get to their feet but there are sudden boos?? We soon see why as JBL comes down the ramp! Layfield hops up onto the apron and distracts the referee’s attention. Orton doesn’t seem to know what’s going on but soon realises the ref is gone and sees JBL on the outside. Orton charges at him but JBL drops down, mouthing insults at the Legend Killer. Orton turns back around to focus on Kurt Angle but Angle is up and connects this time!! Angle connects this time with a thunderous Angle Slam!! Into the cover, 1..2..3..NO, ORTON KICKED OUT!!

Somehow, someway Randy Orton kicks out to the horror of both Angle and JBL. JBL seems devastated and hops up on the apron again but the fans begin to cheer wildly as down comes John Cena!! Cena grabs JBL and tosses him down before unloading on Layfield with right hands before Cena whips JBL into the steel steps!! Angle sees Cena on the outside and motions for him to come inside the ring, Angle seems to say ‘You wanna piece?’, Cena nods and hops on the apron, only to hop back down again and let out a wry smile as Angle mouths ‘What?’ Cena then says ‘Turn around’ and Angle does right into an RKO!! COVER FROM ORTON, 1..2..3..HE GOT HIM!!

Winner: Randy Orton(12:14)

Michael Cole: Randy Orton got him!! John Cena has cost Kurt Angle in a HUGE way here tonight!!

Tazz: Man oh man Cole. Look at Kurt Angle’s face! John Cena has unleashed a whole new side to Kurt Angle, he’s gonna explode!!

We see a fired up look on Angle’s face as he looks about ready to blow before we see Cena on the ramp, not taking his eyes off of Angle, looking dead serious before holding his WWE title up high to a strong pop. We then see a shot of JBL on the outside, holding the back of his head after his hard landing before we see the referee holding Randy Orton’s hand up in victory on the opposite side, he too staring at John Cena before switching his attentions to Angle.

Michael Cole: Four men, one goal. The WWE Championship! But on this night, it is Randy Orton and it is John Cena, it is the champion himself who land the first blow!! Goodnight everybody!!

Date: 24th July 2005
Venue: HSBC Arena; Buffalo, New York

Current card for The Great American Bash:

WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way Match:
John Cena(c) vs John Bradshaw Layfield vs Randy Orton vs Kurt Angle

WWE United States Championship:
Orlando Jordan(c) vs Matt Hardy

Two on One Handicap Match:
Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki vs Bobby Lashley

WWE Tag Team Championships:
(Melina will be banned from ringside; If Van Dam and Mysterio lose they will not receive another title opportunity whilst MNM are champions)
MNM(c) vs Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio
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