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Re: Pro Wrestling Redefined

The show starts off with ring anouncer Larry Legend welcoming the fans to the Pro Wrestling Redefined debut show and says lets not waste anytime and get things started with our opening contest.

PWR Tag title Tounry opening round
American Strong Style (Roderick Strong and Davey Richards) vs The Irish Airborne (Jake & Dave Crist)
Davey and Jake start things off. Davey goes for a right kick to the gut but Jake catches his foot and gives him a dragon screw. Daveys down and Jake stomps on Daveys knee and ankle. He picks him up and takes him to his cornor and tags in his brother Dave. The both irish whip Davey off the ropes and when he comes back Jake lifts him up and flap jacks Davey down across Daves knee. Dave goes for the cover but only gets a 2. He applys a chin lock and the work their way up. Davey with three elbows and runs towards then off the ropes, he cartwheels over Dave who is on his stomach and dropkicks him in the head. He picks Dave up in the side walk slam position and tags in Roderick. Davey gives Dave a backbreaker and holds him across his knee. Roderick comes off the top with a leg drop and gets a 2 count. He picks Dave up and snap suplexes him back down to the canvas. Dave is back up again and Roderick runs up behind him and gives him a half nelson backbreaker and hold him down before lifitng him up and irish whiping him into the cornor. Sick kick in the cornor. Roderick is back up and Dave is stumbeling towards him. Roderick lifts Dave up in a powerbomb and Davey springs board off the top. They hit a lung blower/powerbomb combo. Davey pushes Dave back up with his knees and Roderick underhooks Daves arms and gives him the gibson driver. He almost has the three but Jake comes in and baseball slides Roderick in the side of the head. Davey picks Jake up and tosses him out of the ring but Jake lands on his feet. Davey is now on the apron and goes for his apron run kick but Jake sweeps Daveys foot out causing Davey to spike down onto the apron. In the ring Roderick has Dave in a suplex and tosses him up going for a orange crush bomb and gets the win as Jake is to busy on the outside with Davey.

PWR Tag Title Tounry opening round
The Briscoe Brothers (Mark & Jay Briscoe) vs The Rocknes Monsters (Johnny Yuma & Johnny Goodtime)
Mark and Yuma start things off. They start with a test of strength and Mark drags Yumas hand down to the mat and stomps it. As Yuma comes up Mark hits him with a chop. Yuma is turned aroun and Mark runs up and grabs him around the waist and runs him off the ropes with a okana roll but Yuma kicks out and Mark springs back off the ropes but Yuma ducks down and on the rebound hits a leg lariat on Mark. He tags in Goodtime who hits a standing frog splash for 2. He picks Mark up but out of no where Mark hits a t bone suplex and Goodtime slides to the outside. He turns around and Jay comes off the top with a body splash but Goodtime moves. In the ring Yuma hits a superkick on Mark. Back on the outside Goodtime now has Jay in the eletric chairand turns towards the apron. Yuma hits a doomsday suicide dive on Jay!. They are slaping hands on the outside but they dont see Mark spring boarding off the top rope with a shooting star onto both men. He rolls Goodtime back into the ring and goes for the pin but only gets a 2. He tags in his brother Jay and they give Goodtime a double suplex. Jay yells very mean words and underhooks Goodtimes arms and lifts up in the Jay Driller but Yuma is in and tosses Goodtimes leg down and hits a step up kick on Jay. Mark now in and hits a thunderus forarm on Yuma. But Yuma irish whips Jay intot he cornor and tells Goodtime to stand behind him. Yuma runs towards Jay and gives him a monkey flip but Jay doesnt flip, insted he spears Goodtime in the air. Mark yakuza kicks Yuma out of the ring and yells its over. Mark hits a cut throat driver on Goodtime and Jay follows it up with a Jay Driller. Jay now has Goodtime in the eletric chair position and Mark comes off the top with a cloths line but Goodtime falls backwerds hiting Jay with a reverse rana. Mark lands on his feet but only for Yuma to come off the top with his finisher The Sex Factor. Goodtime rolls Jay over and gets the win for the Rocknes Monsters. They will face Roderick Strong & Davey Richards in the finals later tonight.

PWR Jr Title Tounry opening round.
Jay Lethal vs Adam Cole vs TJP
The match starts with Cole laying across the top ropes in the cornor watching TJP and Lethal lock up. TJP rolls back while still holding the lockup and plants his feet above Lethals knees lifing him into the air, he lts go of the lock up and spins Lethal in the air and catches him in a body lock from the back. Lethal is trying to pry TJP's legs off of him but cant so he rolls back for a pin that only gets 1. He then turns into TJP so Lethal is int he gaurd. He locks TJP's hands into his and pins him again for a 1. Now Lethal springs up while still holding the knuckle locks and Tjp again plants his feet above Lethals legs but Lethal stands and lets go of the knuckle lock as TJP springs off lethals knees and hits a rana. Cole aplauds from the turnbuckle. Lethal sees this and confronts Cole and kicks the top turnbuckle hiting Cole in the ribs. TJP now springs to the apron and runs across nailing Cole in the side of the head with a boot. Cole falls to the floor and Lethal springs over to the apron behind TJP and gives him a reverse DDT on the apron. Lethal jumps back into the ring and jumps right back out with a suicide dive onto Cole. He rolls Cole into the ring and goes for a pin but TJP breaks it up after coming off the top rope with a dropkick to Lethal. He goes to cover Lethal but Lethal rolls out of the ring. Cole runs up behind TJP and hits a bridgeing german for two. He takes small kicks at TJPs Head and turns to taunt at the crowd and Lethal spring back into the ring off the middle rope with an Ace Crusher. Hes up but TJP lifts him onto his shoulders and then tosses him down and hits the Detination Kick for the quick win before Cole can break the cover.

PWR Jr Title Tourny opening round
Johnny Gargano vs AR Fox vs Rich Swann
They start with a 3 way test of strength, Fox and Swann get Gargano down to his knees and Swann and Fox hit sterio chest and back kicks. Gargno rolls out of the ring. Swann runs off the ropes and ducks a clothsline from Fox and on the run back hand springs over a bent over Fox and hits a sauske special on Gargano on the outside. Chants of Fox fill the arena. Fox pumps up the crowd and grips the top rope, Fox with a top rope spring board 450 onto both men. Fox lands on his feet. Fox rolls Swann into the ring but leaves him from the chest up laying on the apron. Fox comes off the top onto Swann. Gargno now on the apron. He runs and hits a front flip plancha onto Fox and rolls him in. Gargano with double knees onto Fox for a 2. Swann is back in and hits a head scissors on Gargano and Gargano shouler tackels the ring post. Swann with a school boy on Gargano for 2. Davey Richards out and distracts the ref. Roderick Strong slips into the ring from the other side and hits a sick kick on Swann when he turns around. He picks up a hurt AR Fox and gives him the orange crush driver. He drags a limp Gargano over Fox and leaves the ring. The ref turns around and his hesitant to make the count but does. Garano gets the win and Davey and Roderick help him to the back.

Non tounry 6 man action
The BLKout & Arik Cannon vs Kevin Steen & The Runaways
Cannon & Steen come out brawling from the enterance way and both mens teams try to seperate them but they toss their partners around and continue brawling around the ring until Kevin bounces Ariks head off the apron and rolls him into the ring then mounts him and bust him open with punches. Ryan Slater of Kevins team trys to pull him off and receives a Steenerlizer for his troubles. Joe in to ask Kevin what the hell hes doing but Kevin gives him a kick to the gut and a package piledriver. Arik attacks from behind and claws at Steens eyes. Alex Colon trys to pull Arik away but Arik hits him with a step up shining wizard. Ruckus helps him to the back. Arik and Steen still brawling and brawl all the way back to the back. The match is ruled a no contest

Finals of the PWR Tag Title tounry
Roderick Strong & Davey Richards vs The Rocknes Monsters
The Monsters are out first but Roderick and Davey blindside them by hoping over the gaurdrail and sneaking up behind the Monsters as their music playd. Davey has a chair in hand. Roderick with a Sick Kick to the back of Yumas head as Davey attacks Goodtimes leg with the chair. The bell hasnt ringed. Roderick picks Yuma up and irish whips him into the turnbuckles with force that it knocks Yuma down. Davey now knelt over Goodtime and has a fis full of his hair and is punching him in the face. Goodtime is now bleeding. Yuma is now on his knees and Davey sees this andsuperkicks him in the head. Roderick opens the chair in the middle of the ring and picks Goodtime up and yells "Hes dead!" Roderick gives Goodtime the Orange Crush bomb through the open chair. He sets Goodtime up now and Davey is on the top turnbuckle. Davey with a SSP and he yells at the ref to ring the bell to start the match. The ref counts 1...2...3 NO! Yuma breaks the pin up and is laying into Davey. Hes fired up but as he turns around he is naild with another Sick Kick from Roderick. Roderick now has him up ina powerbomb and Davey comes running, they hit their powerbomb/lungblower combo and Roderick folds Yuma up for the win for him and Davey Richards to become the first PWR Tag Team champions. They spit on both of the Monsters and leave the ring. Yuma is helpd to the back as Goodtime is taken away on a strecher. But Davey Richards and Roderick Strong come running back and attack the security. The lift Goodtime up who is inplace on the strecher and put him into the ring. Davey comes off the top with another SSP to Goodtime. They leave with their belts raised above their heads

Finals of the PWR Jr Title tounry
TJP vs Johnny Gargano
They lock up but Mike Quackenbush comes over the loud speaker and tells them to stop. He says that this match will now be held under no DQ rules. TJP is still turned around when Gargano fieldgoal kicks him right between the legs. Garano now rolls out of the ring and grabs to chairs and puts them in and goes to put a table in the ring but TJP baseball slides it back into him knocing Gargano into the rail. TJP now press slams Gargano on the rail. He sets the table up on the floor. He turns around and Garagno comes running but is back droped through the table. TJP rolls Garagno into the ring and goes for the cover but only gets a two. He positions one of the chairs inbetween the top and middle turnbuckle and Gargano comes in and dropkicks TJP into the set up chair. He quickly lifts TJP up and gives him a brainbuster but only for 2. Gargano grabs the other chair and nails TJP in the back with it. He opens the chair and places it in the middle of the ring. He goes for the Hurts Do Nut but TJP reverses it with a roll through for 1. Garagno back up on his feet and comes off the ropes but only to get a drop toe hold into the seat of the chair. TJP covers him for a two but TJP turns Gargano straight into the Border City Strech. Garano is about to tap but Roderick Strong runs into the ring and double axe handles TJP. Meanwhile Davey Richards is on the outside and puts another table in the ring and sets it up. Roderick gives TJP the Orange Crush Bomb through the table and Davey hits a standing SSP when he pulls TJP out of the table. They stand TJP up and Garagno gives him the Hurts Do Nut onto the still open chair and covers him for the win to become the first PWR Jr Title champion. He straps the title around his neck and he poses to the crowd with Roderick and Davey and then they leave the ring.

PWR World Title match, 6 way elemination.
Drake Younger vs Eddie Edwards vs Fit Finlay vs Steve Corino vs Sami Callihan vs Michael Elgin
Eddie and Corino start things off with a lockup. Eddie irish whips Corino off the ropes and Corino shoulder blocks Eddie down and he rolls to the outside. He kicks the gaurdrail and when he turns around Corino comes diving through the ropes with a suicide dive. Elgin now in and he springs off the ropes and hits a huge tope onto Corino and Eddie. Drake younger on the top turnbuckle and hits a moonsalt to the outside onto all 3 men. Callihan now climbing to the middle turnbuckle but Finlay forarms him in the back and has him in the firemans carry. He runs off the apron and gives Callihan the Finlay Roll onto all 4 men as the crowd goes crazy. He rolls Younger into the ring and gives him 4 european uppercuts and Drake crumbles to the mat but kicks out of a pin atempt. Finlay now picks Drake up in the tombstone and spikes him down but once again Younger kicks out. Elgin now in from behind and turns Finlay around and kicks him in the gut and lifts him up in a powerbomb and hits the 180 bomb to eliminate Fit Finlay from the match. Elgin is celebrating and doesnt see Corino sneaking back into the ring. When Elgin turns around he is nailed with the old school super kick but is still standing. Drake bends him down and hooks his arms then lifts him up and spikes him onto the back of his head with the Drakes Landing eleminating Elgin. Drake is standing back up but Corino comes form behind again and lifts Drake in the eletric chair position and walks with him to the ring post where Callihan is perched. Callihan goes to grab Younger but Younger punches Callihan in the face and hooks him in a suplex and stands on the middle ropes, Corino turns around and has Younger in the powerbomb position. Top rope superplex bomb eletric chair onto Callihan and Younger. Younger is down and Eddie Edwards comes flying off the other top turnbuckle with a huge frogsplash to pin and eleminate Younger. Eddie rolls out of the ring and hides. Corino and Callihan up and they're tradeing forarms. Callihan stumbles back and then blast Corino with a bicycle kick which turns Corino around. Deadlifts sieto suplex onto Corino from Callihan. He goes for a pin but Edwards slides back into the ring and throws powder into Callihans face which breaks up the pin and Callihan crawls to one of the turnbuckles trying to wipe the powder out of his eyes. Hes up and charges Eddie but Eddie punches Callihan with brass knuckles knocking him out. Eddie places his foot over Callihan and eleminates him. Callihan is carried to the back. Eddie is holding the knucks high above his head but when he turns around is blasted with a Old School superkick from Corino. Eddie knocked down to one knee and Corino comes off the ropes with a huge sliding lariat and pins Edwards to become the first ever PWR World Champion.

After the match Roderick Strong, Davey Richards, and Johnny Gargano hit the ring and lay the boots to Corino. The pick him up and drape him arms over the ropes and pepper him with punches to the body and face, Corino has a crimson mask. Gargano lifts Corino up and gives him the Hurts Do Nut. He stands Corino up again and Roderick turns him inside out with a Sick Kick, he then picks Corino up and Richards gives him the Tiger Driver 98. Edwards now up and is furious. He stands Corino up and slaps him and yells in his face and then drops him on his head with the Die Hard. He has the World Title in his hand and gets down in Corinos face and yells "Next month this is mine, Corino!" He then lays the title over Corino and leaves the ring with Davey, Roderick, and Johnny. Corino is helpd to the back as Larry Legend thanks everyone for coming out to close the show.
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