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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by HAYLEY AFICIONADO View Post
K, I've been walking to this track that is about 30 minutes give or take from my house since last July. I go sporadically. A few times a week. Used to be everyday when I first began, then the buzz of energy eventually dwindled from the tedious walk. So by the time I get there, I already had a decent amount of cardio for the day. I get there and I do my thing:

Run, walk, run, walk, etc. I proceed to do the run the stairs treatment to give me something more. Do each side 10 times. Then I walk back home.

Now given that I have lost weight since I started. Down to 137 pounds right now. I'm not a tall guy so that might do something with it too. About 5'8. Anyways, should there be more that I incorporate to this to help me shed off the bit of flab I have remaining on me? I'm not very interested in lifting much. My arms have decent definition and they are the part of my body that I'm content with. Not looking to expand more on that. I suppose if a little a day will even out the balance with all the cardio then I could do with that.

I also don't have the most effcient diet out there. I know that HAS to change too. I don't eat much junk food per say, more or less I would have to steer away from the processed foods. I know those aren't gonna be too logical to munch on during this process. As far as liquids go I drink water whenever I run. Then it's usually green tea/vitamin water for me once I'm at home.

Any suggestions? Clearly I'm no pro but I'm looking to be a decently slim lad for right now. Nothing major.
Sorting out your diet should help you the most. Cut down on sugar and "bad fats" and cut out as much processed food as possible. When you go shopping, make sure you read labels constantly. It makes your shopping trip a little longer, but it helps. When you read the ingredients, if you see any E numbers or strange ingredients you don't recognize/look unnatural, don't buy it. Natural wholefoods will keep your body healthy and running right. Oh, and try and stick to lean meat- like chicken and turkey- and fish. Pork, beef, lamb etc are higher in fat and generally less healthy. Incorporate a ton of fruit and vegetables into your diet- make shakes, fresh juices, salads etc etc. Just go shopping, find some natural, unprocessed food and experiment. Food is fun, just go for it. Cutting down your daily calorie intake should help you too. If you eat around 2000 right now, go down to something like 1500.

As far as working out goes, I do most of my exercise at home. Invest in a yoga mat and buy books, DVDs or simply find routines online. Or go to classes if you can. Yoga's great for toning and it has helped me a ton. As well as that, do crunches, squats, lunges etc etc. I do between 50 and 100 of each a day, crunches are great especially for your abdomen. I do empty stomach cardio too which has been great for weightloss and slimming down. Before you eat in the morning and later on in the evening long after you've eaten for the evening.

I think structuring your diet/workout plan is a great idea. It sounds tedious, but writing out a plan of your daily meals (including healthy snacks) and getting a workout plan together can be surprisingly good for your health. Structure in general is really good.

Originally Posted by Rated R™ View Post
Guys any help would be greatly apprciated.

I'm trying to lose my belly, it looks like I'm pregnant, I've been doing pushups for the past 6 months and my arms are pretty big, I'm already focused on my diet but I also have a treadmill that I could workout on but I heard that if you use that you might lose some muscle.

So what can I do to lose my belly fat and in the process keep all my arm muscles?
Crunches! If you can't get to a gym, any abdominal workout should be good. Trying something like a 100 a day, maybe 50 or 75 if you can't. Yoga, as I said above, is fabulous for toning. If you incorporate your arm exercises into it, you shouldn't lose much muscle as a result, at least in my experience I haven't. If you keep at it, it'll really trim you down.



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