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Re: TV Mafia (HYPE)

Night 4:

Following the death of lawls, town were determined to find the rest of the scum. DH was seen walking around and drinking a coffee. The caffeine had made him anxious and hyper-active. He was having a jittery muscle spasm, which left a perfect opportunity for someone to pounce. A man appeared with a gun in his hand ready to shoot, but out of nowhere another man appeared pushed the gun out of his hand and DH was able to run away to safety.

The killer was frustrated that he didn't get his target. His mind was affected. He decided to walk away, but another man appeared and shot him write in the face, leaving him dead.

Bulk was:


Congratulations, you are Anthony ‘Tony’ DiNozzo, Innocent Aligned

Role: You are a streetwise, promiscuous former homicide detective. Your behaviour towards women is occasionally chauvinistic, and throughout most of the series you spend your time flirting with nearly every woman you encounter. However you are a talented detective and an excellent at handling a weapon. Thus you’re the Vigilante. Each night PM a name of the player you want to kill.

The night was not over though. Following the death of Bulk the town was reeling. wes_fr in particular was extremely worried, biting his nails tentively unaware of the presence behind him. A man appeared behind wes, shot him in the neck and left him for dead.

wes was:


Congratulations, you're George Costanza, Innocent Aligned.

You have numerous psychological problems, including: sociopathy, narcissism, habitual lying, low self-esteem, sudden fits of anger, hypochondriasis, impulsive acts of ill-considered cheapness, selfishness, obsessiveness, living in fantasy.

Role: You're the Vengeful townie. When you are lynched, you PM me the name of you who you'd like to be killed with you're one shot ability.

You win when all threats to town have been eliminated.

It is now Day 5, with 12 alive it takes 7 for a lynch.

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