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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

Originally Posted by Segunda Caida View Post
The Clash tag might be one of the best American tags of all time, maybe just behind the Steamboat/Youngblood v Slaughter/Kernodle Final Conflict Steel Cage tag. Its just a perfectly worked style and a master display of crowd control and 4 brilliant workers putting on a sensational match, doesn't hurt that arguably the 2nd greatest tag team FIP is in the match against one of wrestling's best tag team heels either.
I agree with the bolded part.

The underlined part just seems like a massive stretch to me, though.

I mean, I can see the case that it's better than any WWF/E tag ever, even if I think there are a few that are as good or better (although there wouldn't be many). It's definitely one of the best WCW tags of the 90s (arguably the best, although I personally wouldn't argue that). But #2 *all-time*? If I had any sort of motivation to come up with a personal top 20 it'd most likely be in or about there, but top 5 seems like a huge stretch never mind second just behind the Final Conflict tag.
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