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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

The Clash tag might be one of the best American tags of all time, maybe just behind the Steamboat/Youngblood v Slaughter/Kernodle Final Conflict Steel Cage tag. Its just a perfectly worked style and a master display of crowd control and 4 brilliant workers putting on a sensational match, doesn't hurt that arguably the 2nd greatest tag team FIP is in the match against one of wrestling's best tag team heels either.

Gibson's whole run in ROH (as well as some hidden WWE stuff, step up v Mysterio Velocity Match which is fucking awesome) is incredible, everything from his arrival up until the Danielson title switch is worth watching, and the Punk saga and Strong match are incredible. I recall enjoying Punk/Aries, but yeah there was some indy pitfalls that definitely stopped the match being in the elite category for me, but with the atmosphere, pre and post match angle I can't fault anyone who looks past that and appreciates the match in a wider context.

Danielson/Strong Vendetta is my favourite ROH match ever, though I consider The 6th Anniversary show match v McGuinness to be ROH's best match ever. Danielson though in this match feels like 80s Ric Flair with how he combines the cowardly/sneaky character that riles the crowd up to the point where we have a clear face/heel dynamic with the crowd demanding Strong be crowned champion and then manages to add so many brilliant exchanges that reinforce his ability as the best in the world and keep up an incredible match. The finishing stretch and post match reaction might also be my favourite ROH finishing stretch, you can literally feel yourself hating Dragon with every sick elbow to Strong and realising just how hard its going to be to see him lose to someone.
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