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Re: Mafia Awards 2011

Best Player - Shepard, IMPULSE, Postage, dan_marino, Lostfap, Hiplop, Bulk, Words, sXe, JUPES

Best Game - Scrubs Mafia (SL), Harry Potter Mafia (DH), Mass Effect Mafia (dan_marino), Christmas Mafia 2010 (dan_marino), Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favourites (DH), Historical Figures Mafia (Hohenheim of Light), Mad Men Mafia (CM Dealer), Survivor: All-Stars (DH), WF Mafia (BULK), Resident Evil Mafia (Shepard)

Best Host - dan_marino, DH, Shepard, Hohenheim of Light

Best Newcomer - Shepard, SL, UnDeFeatedKing, WordsWordsWords, Haystacks Calhoun

Trying Too Hard to Become Mafia Mod Award - Leeroy, UnDeFeatedKing, CM Dealer, BULK, Hiplop

Best Aussie - TheLadderMatch, BULK, Rush, Mr. Lawls, sXe, Kiz, Evo, No one (they all suck)

Best Individual Performance - TheLadderMatch in Scrubs Mafia (this is the only one I was around for), Postage in Resident Evil Mafia, Postage in Dexter Mafia, STUFF winning as Jester, IMPULSE faking a rap post restriction, THE BLADE, Kantos in Christmas Mafia, dan_marino in X-Men, SL catching Beer (idk) - this was RE mafia iirc

Worst Game - Lawls' game, Cab00se's game, Kantos' game that never finished (Rellington), Soccer Mafia (Bananas), Pokemon Mafia (Leeroy), Harry Potter Mafia (DH), Supahstah's lolgames, Mad Men Mafia (CM Dealer), Most Hated Americans Mafia (WallaClassic)

Worst Player - Leeroy, Cab00se, JUPES, Kiz, Rush, UnDeFeatedKing, DH, Hiplop, Beef heart

Biggest Douchebag Award - Rush, JUPES, Kiz, UnDeFeatedKing, SL, Rawlin, sXe, CM Dealer, WordsWordsWords

Most Hated Player - Rush, Cab00se, JUPES, Leeroy, UnDeFeatedKing, McQueen

Funniest Moment - Leeroy in general, Idiot Due, Mr. Styles' multiple freakouts in Survivor, Cab00se and Jupes flaming each other, DH counter-claiming Leeroy & getting him lynched in X-Men, sXe fake-claiming as town, STUFF copping miller in two different games, Rising flipping out, Cab00se fucking up his game, JUPES heel turn

DH Award of Self-Achievement (aka Most Improved Player) - IMPULSE, Kiz, Emarosa, Hiplop, Lawls, UnDeFeatedKing, BULK, CM Dealer, King Kenny, Leeroy, Cab00se, Evo

Biggest Sheep (aka 95% of the section) - King Kenny, Lawls, WordsWordsWords, Leeroy, scrilla, Richie (in Survivor), sXe, JUPES, Roy won, 95% of the section, Rising, CamillePunk, Haystacks Calhoun

CM Dealer Award of Excellence (Coolest Player) - CM Dealer, Postage, STUFF, IMPULSE, Alcoholic, Hiplop, Rawlin, Leeroy, King Kenny, Hohenheim of Light, WordsWordsWords, sXe
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